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  1. As a bit of a noob 😉 could you direct me to the correct connection please and I'll give it a go.
  2. Thanks guys. Probably outside my skill level. I'll contact our plumber.
  3. We're renovating our house. Kitchen needs a lot of work. It has a relatively new boiler but we can't work out what this vertical pipe does and why it's not complete fixed/sealed securely into the horizontal pipe. There also seems to be a slight drains whiff coming from it. Especially when say the dishwasher or washing machine's been on. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. We'll probably be ripping it up in 5yrs I'd say. Hopefully sooner.
  5. Hi, We've just had out garden landscaped and had some Brazilian slate put down for a path and a patio for the annexe at the bottom of the garden. We have a small old patio at the main house, concrete blocks, that doesn't match the slate (obviously). Long term plan is to extend the kitchen over that so we didn't want to waste money slabbing the old section. So we were thinking as a quick fix/spruce up is there a hardy patio paint we could use to paint them in a similar shade to the slate? A lot of the patio will be covered in planters, outdoor furniture so there shouldn't be too much on show.
  6. Managed to sort it with an old chisel and a hand plane is it was only 8 blocks. Thanks for all the help
  7. Cheers folks. This forum is flipping great for advice.
  8. Unfortunately I don't own one.
  9. Thanks. Good plan. The only issue is the backs/underneath are covered in rock hard bitchumen. Just got to work out how to get that stuff off.
  10. Possibly. Yes, it's only a one block width strip into each room comprising of 11 blocks. I just want that strip flush with the rest of the floor.
  11. Hi, We have parquet throughout our downstairs room (front, back and entrance/hall). It needs some sanding but in-between each room there's a room of the oak that is raised up. I'm trying to fathom why it would be like this. Is it a design feature or has something happened to make them raise up? Also, what would be the best solution to getting them level with the rest of the floor so it looks flush and stops being a trip hazard? Would it be sand the tops or pull them out and dig out what's underneath then put re set them?
  12. That's what I'm thinking. I know there are plastic membrane barriers on the market but not sure how effective they are.
  13. Have you put any root barriers underneath?
  14. Hi folks. Just to resurrect this thread. Our annexe is now built and we're looking to screen the horrible concrete wall behind it and also add screening from neighbours now conifers have gone. The garden is on a slope and pretty moist in the area we want planting. We were thinking maybe some kind of drainage in front of the annexe running down the side to end up behind the annexe so something that loves moist conditions would be good. This is why I was initially thinking bamboo.
  15. Cheers guys, once again this site has proved invaluable. 👍🏻 On another note, does anyone have any advice on creating a slate/slab path that will join a wide path/patio that'll sit in front of the annexe pictured above? I'm no builder but happy to get involved as long as I know what I'm doing.