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  1. hi folks, We've had a timber frame annexe build in the back of our garden. It's been built on ground screws. When it was installed they recommended that at least 3 sides have an air flow all the way around. My concern is that it's open for any animals who may fancy making it their home. Does anyone have any suggestions of something I can put in the gap that will allow air flow but protect from unwanted visitors? Thanks
  2. Yeah, I've seen these. Don't mind something more minimal and simple (cheaper) as we've got 8 doors to find door knobs for.
  3. Hi guys, We're currently doing up a 1930's semi. We've had the internal doors stripped and want to fit some new door handles to them as the original ones (we don't currently have) are way too expensive. Finding it a right pain to work out what to do with them. Has anyone got any experience with this?
  4. Good luck. I'm told this is good stuff but only to carry out the work if required.
  5. We have an old block paving driveway that runs on a slight gradient down towards our newly constructed shed. It was always the intention to get our landscaper to install an aco drain in front of the shed to prevent water draining through the shed. We have a drain to the right of the shed. I'm having difficulties pinning him down so wondered if it was the type of job to DIY and if anyone has any tips on installation?
  6. As a bit of a noob 😉 could you direct me to the correct connection please and I'll give it a go.
  7. Thanks guys. Probably outside my skill level. I'll contact our plumber.
  8. We're renovating our house. Kitchen needs a lot of work. It has a relatively new boiler but we can't work out what this vertical pipe does and why it's not complete fixed/sealed securely into the horizontal pipe. There also seems to be a slight drains whiff coming from it. Especially when say the dishwasher or washing machine's been on. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. We'll probably be ripping it up in 5yrs I'd say. Hopefully sooner.
  10. Hi, We've just had out garden landscaped and had some Brazilian slate put down for a path and a patio for the annexe at the bottom of the garden. We have a small old patio at the main house, concrete blocks, that doesn't match the slate (obviously). Long term plan is to extend the kitchen over that so we didn't want to waste money slabbing the old section. So we were thinking as a quick fix/spruce up is there a hardy patio paint we could use to paint them in a similar shade to the slate? A lot of the patio will be covered in planters, outdoor furniture so there shouldn't be too much on show.
  11. Managed to sort it with an old chisel and a hand plane is it was only 8 blocks. Thanks for all the help
  12. Cheers folks. This forum is flipping great for advice.
  13. Unfortunately I don't own one.
  14. Thanks. Good plan. The only issue is the backs/underneath are covered in rock hard bitchumen. Just got to work out how to get that stuff off.