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Timber Frame arrival & erection!



The timber frame arrived this week from the factory. There was a large crane onsite all day yesterday. Got decent weather, no wind and only a bit wet in the morning. The lads have the walls fully up, 1st floor done and a ridge beam in place. They are starting cutting the roof today as that is built in situ. Really surprising walking around the rooms after looking at drawings for years! The window openings are a LOT bigger than I ever thought though, huge would be the description! Had a lodger arrive already - neighbours cat performing 1st inspection! 

Thanks to everyone on BuildHub for their support, advice and inspiration from their own experiences to help me get this project off the ground after SO long!! 










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What's the steel structure in picture 7 that looks to be framing some form of internal bay window?

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Yes, saw in a magazine - it overlooks the internal open plan area and is big enough to act as a perch when you want to read a book and get away from it all!! 

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Looking good :)  

Timber frame is deliciously quick isn’t it. 
What’s the plan for insulation and AT?

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A lot of people think that without internal walls, houses look much larger than they imagine.

Was that your experience.

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All my internal walls are in place but the windows and door openings look huge!!

Lots of insulation! 360mm worth. Just a long wait for windows and doors so wondering about covering openings with plastic or OSB and getting started on that if things seem dry inside. Have Solitex WA on the outside for weather protection and full roof will be on soon but water ingress is still possible and could damage any work done. Would save a month though! 

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The size of the windows was the biggest surprise for us too! Progress is looking good! Love the window seat idea 

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On 15/03/2024 at 09:45, SteamyTea said:

A lot of people think that without internal walls, houses look much larger than they imagine.

Was that your experience.

I think that without a roof everything look bigger and brighter!! Never got to see it without internal walls though, arrived after everything was put up! Roof currently going on and trying to get windows ordered before they go on holidays over Easter for a week! 

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A local company called TimberTech up the road from me in Ireland - run by two brothers. You know its good when all the trades know them and can't recommend them enough! Did want MBC back in 2016 but just didn't get my act together fast enough! They moved to the UK! Don't have twin wall stud and cellulose but did get Kore passive raft and have decent Architects drawings for insulation and other details to get the performance I'm after. Just picked up today some Gutex woodfibre board I'm thinking of using and Bosig Phonotherm for around the inside of the window openings. Waiting on a date for window measuring, a quote for the brick/blockwork, brise soleil bracket details to send onto my structural engineer and dozens of other details I've to talk to TimberTech about tomorrow as they finish in a week! Roof is on and felt/batons next week, tiles after Easter. The Velux rooflights arrived too and are big and heavy. Another Blog post coming soon I think! 

If anyone is in Ireland and wants to check them out they are here: 



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