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If they just allowed the current deemed/metered export payments for all new installations, without the MCS premium (which adds nothing worthwhile, IMHO) then it would be a bit fairer. 


We generate around 6,000 kWh/year, and don't have metered export (although I'd have no problem with an export meter being fitted) so receive the deemed export figure of 50% of generation (as recorded on the generation meter). 


Ignoring the FiT subsidy, the 3,000 kWh of deemed export that we receive payment for gives us about £157/year, which seems reasonable to me.  Added to the value of the 3,000 kWh that we generate and use gives a net annual saving of around £600 a year, so not to be sniffed at.  I particularly like being able to charge my car for free for more than half the year.

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39 minutes ago, gc100 said:

What kind of draw (16A/32A) for the EV car is needed?


Varies between 6 A and 32 A.  My (home made) charge point can be switched to "solar mode" where it varies the max current available control pilot signal to the car so that the charge rate  tries to match the amount of excess PV generation.  It can't go below 6 A, because that's the minimum that the car will accept.  The unit has a threshold for switch on, so it doesn't start charging the car until PV export exceeds 1500 W.  It then maintains the charge to the car, allowing it to use more power if the PV system is still trying to export to the grid. 


It never gets as high as the 32 A maximum in this mode, as maximum from the PV system is only around 25 A or so.  The unit can also be switched to fast charge mode (32 A) if I need to charge the car quickly and am not concerned about using excess PV.  This fast charge mode can also be set on a timer, so that the car fast charges overnight, during the E7 off peak period.

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