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  1. JSHarris

    Heating Off But Radiators Warm

    By the same token, one of the early problems with the old Sunamp PV was that the pump over run time (essential to stop the water heater tube from over-heating from heat soak and tripping the over-temp switch) was too short. That system used to run at around 65 deg C or so normally, but with the short pump over run time the water heater tube would trip a 90 deg C resettable switch a minute or two after the heater shut down.
  2. JSHarris

    PPI claim

    I can remember always being pestered to take out PPI every time I had a bank loan. I'd patiently explain that my employer covered me on full pay for six months sickness, plus had a generous pension/ill health early retirement scheme, so PPI was pointless, but lenders insisted on pushing this insurance really hard. The only reason I know that I never had PPI was because I always fought hard to reject it, on the three or four occasions when I took out a loan.
  3. JSHarris

    Sunamp container bulging

    There are two important differences between yours and mine. Mine has tie rods running front to back to stop the sides bulging, and my lid has a flange all around, so that it sits like a biscuit tin lid on the top. If you look at this photo you can see the screws holding the tie rods across the top of the cell and the flange on the lid: It seems clear that Sunamp are making incremental improvements to address the bulging issue, and with one or two minor changes I think they will have solved it. Mine now has a flat top after trimming more of the insulation out and pre-bending the lid to a slight curve in the opposite direction in order to push the centre of the neoprene insulation down first, so it can spread outwards as it compresses. You have the older style lid that mine was supplied with, but which was replaced free of charge by Sunamp a couple of days after my unit was delivered.
  4. JSHarris


    I honestly can't remember, other than that they were brass four port ones that came with 15mm pipe fittings. I thought I bought them from Screwfix, but they don't seem to list them now. I know they weren't very expensive.
  5. Whilst clearing out the old house I came across my old laminated weather plotting chart, complete with arrows and bars from the last time I sat listening to the shipping forecast and jotting down wind direction, speed and barometric pressure. Surprising how good a picture you can build up by doing this. I also found my old Lowe HF receiver, which I used to connect to a serial adapter and download weather charts (very, very, slowly) to my old 386, black and white screen, laptop (which is going to the tip this afternoon).
  6. JSHarris


    Yes, @Pete is right. I plumbed the whole house in plastic wherever pipes were behind plasterboard or under floors, so that I would run a continuous length of pipe without joins out to every point. I used copper for all the stuff from the ends of the plastic runs to everywhere else, especially where it might be seen, as plastic tends to look a bit untidy (unless you're @PeterStarck...). The thermal store (green thing) in that photo has gone, and there's a Sunamp sat there now, and the feeds to the ends of the manifolds are 22mm copper. All the pipes are insulated now, too, you can get a glimpse of them at the right hand side of this photo: The DHW mixer valve is fitted directly to the end of the hot manifold now, with the hot water from the Sunamp coming up at the base of it and the cold mix water coming in the top.
  7. JSHarris


    This is one taken before I insulated the pipes and when we still had the big thermal store fitted, rather than the Sunamp (hot manifold is at the top, cold at the bottom, and there are no flexi pipes on them any more, they were a temporary bodge to get water on quickly for testing):
  8. Sadly the TV weather forecasts are getting even dumber and less accurate since the BBC stopped using the Met Office. Doing away with synoptic charts was a serious error, IMHO, as they were the only thing of value on the TV forecast.
  9. JSHarris

    Sunamp container bulging

    In my case the "internals" haven't moved at all, there is no "expansion and contraction" causing this, AFAICS. It's a dead simple case of the insulation (which is closed cell neoprene foam) being too tight for the available space. Not at all sure where "chineese involvement" comes in with regard to this either, as the construction method and insulation looks to be very similar to that of the Sunamp PV, with regard to the insulation, cell design etc. The difference is that the Sunamp PV insulation wasn't such a tight fit in the case.
  10. In part it was the inaccuracy of local weather data that created our slight overheating problem, and our significantly lower heating requirement. Our nearest weather station is at Boscombe Down, on top of an exposed plateau 400ft above sea level on Salisbury Plain. As a consequence, our local weather forecast tends to be colder and windier than we get down in the valley, with the spring-fed stream that tends to keep things bit warmer in winter.
  11. That's a heck of a lot better than I expected. To have the phone able to be on standby and able to receive calls for 10 to 15 days is probably just about OK, although three weeks would be better, as we're often away on holiday, sometimes without the ability to charge a phone, for that long. The Nokias we have used to last around 6 weeks turned on on standby but that's been dropping as the batteries age. I keep meaning to get some new battery packs for them, as decent BL5s are only three or four pounds or so each.
  12. But how long will any smartphone battery last on standby? The Nokias we have will easily sit switched on in standby for three or four weeks when we're away on holiday. As I understand it, the very best smartphones manage two or three days on standby before they need a charge, which for us, would be a significant additional hassle, as we only want something to receive and make 'phone calls.
  13. But we can't get a mobile signal at home, never have been able to (since we left Scotland in 1997) so would be reliant on the landline, anyway. If we succeed in getting FTTP, then I may ditch the landline and switch to VOIP, but at the moment it's unclear as to whether we can succeed in getting FTTP for a reasonable cost.
  14. Just to put this into perspective. I turn my mobile 'phone on around once a week, if that. I have no good reason to ever feel the need to turn it on more often than that, nd it often sits in the glovebox of my car for several weeks without being turned on. I have no real need for it, apart from emergencies when out and about. From what I've read, no smartphone has a battery life that exceed a day or two, which is frankly ludicrous. My Nokia easily lasts at least a month between charges, sometimes a lot longer. Why should I buy something extra, that I don't need or want, get another SIM card, put up with charging the damned thing every day or two, just to be able to use online banking? It just doesn't make any sense to have all this extra hassle just to be able to set up a payment to someone every now and again.
  15. The snag is that neither of us have any use for one, other than to enable online banking to work. We'd still keep our old Nokias, as the long battery life is a really big plus point as an emergency only phone in the car.