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  1. The thought has occurred to me, as this is a method sometimes used in Scotland and seems to work well. If we get several people this week who I judge to be serious buyers (always the hard part) then I think instead of negotiating I'll just ask for sealed bids by, say, next week. Not sure how to organise this, though. In Scotland the sealed bids are handled by the agent/lawyer, with the seller choosing to accept the bid (not necessarily the highest one, either). I can't see a problem in running a sealed bid system myself - I'm quite prepared to just make my viewing diary public, with the names of the viewers blurred out, as evidence that there is a great deal of serious interest (the viewing diary shows the status of each viewer, in terms of being a cash buyer, sold subject to contract, house on the market, or house not yet on the market).
  2. JSHarris

    Sometimes nightmares have echoes.

    Sometimes it's better to remember the lessons learned from incidents like this but not look back at images. I made the mistake when clearing out loads of stuff a week o so ago of looking though an old photo of a very nasty car accident, where I came close to killing a pedestrian, but left him with seriously life-changing injuries. I was daft enough to look through all the accident scene photos before throwing them all away. It led to a couple of nights of troubled sleep.
  3. JSHarris

    Slab edge thickening

    IIRC, our ring beam had four rebars that were around 10mm to 12mm dia running around it, all set inside the 200mm x 200mm ring beam section. These were tied to the fabric running across the centre of the slab with loads of 10mm to 12mm diameter bent bars, as in the photo below (not all the steels are tied in yet in this photo - there's loads more wire tying to be done before the pour):
  4. And another one has just come in for a viewing on Wednesday, whose house is sold subject to contract... In effect it looks like we're going to have most viewings tomorrow and Wednesday, with most being cash buyers or house sold subject to contract. That'll probably work a bit like an open house, I think, except I be repeating myself a lot. We have no viewings booked after Friday (so far) so if we get a reasonable offer out of the fairly big group looking at the house over the next couple of days then we'll push hard to try and seal a deal as quickly as we can. One advantage of the appointment diary system is that buyers can tell when appointment slots are taken - we've just had one switch an appointment from Wednesday to tomorrow, taking advantage of the one remaining appointment slot tomorrow, and I suspect that may well be because they've seen the level of interest. Clearly we've priced the house to sell, and that's probably making a fair difference, but as long as we get a quick sale and enough money back to top up our depleted savings pot then that's we really want anyway.
  5. This is getting silly. In the last fifteen minutes I've got four more viewing requests. Looks like all I'm going to be doing this week is showing people around the house...
  6. Thanks for all the tips, they are much appreciated. I think I have all bases covered, and have copies of every document regarding the house that I think might be needed by any prospective buyer (Land Registry Title Plan, warranties, gas safety inspection, etc, plus I can get an EICR done very quickly if needed) and of the three bookings for viewings we have taken so far, one has a house already sold subject to contract, one has a house on the market but not yet sold and one is a cash buyer (I suspect a landlord - there is a high demand for rented property in our local area). With regard to our local area we have a distorted market. The Army are moving many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of soldiers here; all those brought back from BAOR, plus those relocated to Andover, which is now HQ Land Command (20 mins away), my former employer (1 mile up the road from our old house) is in the process of relocating a few hundred staff from Kent to Porton Down, and generally the market here is quite buoyant. Staff being relocated (including some military personnel that own their own homes) will be on a relocation package that means they have no chain and are cash buyers, which may be good news. Fingers crossed to see what will happen...
  7. Thanks, seems to be working. Third viewing just booked and the advert only went live around midday today. FWIW, Purple Bricks give you a pretty good breakdown of stats from Zoopla, Purple Bricks and RightMove. They give you the number of unique page views from each of the three sites, the number of individuals who have looked at/downloaded the online brochure (so one layer deeper than just a page view) and the number of emailed individuals to whom the details have been sent because they match the house types/area/price range they are looking at. The control panel allows me to change the order of photos any time I like, so I may well try switching them around every week or so. So far, all three viewings have come via RightMove and RightMove is also far and away the most popular site. The least popular at the moment seems to be Zoopla.
  8. The snag may be that when people view they may realise that the photos are slightly optimistic!
  9. That's a bit of a difference from our experience. Our chap turned up with a Nikon D7500 plus tripod and fill-in flash. He seems to have used the 18mm lens for all the indoor shots and I really can't fault them, they are a heck of a lot better than anything I could have shot with my Panasonic DMC-TZ70. Bearing in mind that our old house is pretty dire, here's a link to the advert on RightMovet: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-66568030.html I'm happy with it. We've had 43 advert views as of ten minutes ago and have two viewings booked this week, one a cash buyer, the other sold subject to contract. I'm under no illusions that this is very early days, and things could turn sour, but so far I have to say I'm pretty damned impressed. I suspect that a lot depends on the local agent that handles your initial data gathering and puts the ad together, but you do have the option via the control panel to take your own photos and edit any of the advert text. The principle seems to be that they put you in control, but give you advice when requested, and for me that seems an ideal approach, but I accept that it won't suit everyone
  10. One advantage of the way Purple Bricks (and I suspect the other on-line agencies) work is that they put the seller in the driving seat for these decisions. My intention is to evaluate how realistic a prospect any buyer is myself, as I want to be able to decide whether to take a risk on someone who hasn't yet marketed their house myself, rather than have them filtered out automatically by the agent. All that the online agencies do is give the seller all the information they have about any prospective buyer, and leave it up to the seller to make the decision. They do provide a lot of help and advice, but ultimately it's only the seller who drives the control panel and makes the decisions. There are, in my view, advantages in being put in the driving seat, and not having an agent acting as a buffer, but there's also the slight downside of needing to do more work. As a seller you can choose to may a bit more and have the online agency manage the whole sale process for you if you wish, including running viewings, but as I have time on my hands I didn't see the point in paying for something I could do pretty easily.
  11. JSHarris

    Ok - who stole my bubble.

    Me too, it seems that 90mm x 15mm diameter ones are like hen's teeth...
  12. OK, time for another update on progress. We had reasons for holding off on getting the photos taken for the sale advert (like me panicking to get the drive refurbished, clearing out junk, making things look half way presentable, etc) and that happened to coincide with our Purple Bricks chap having a few days off, so the timing, from our point of view, worked perfectly. We had the joke EPC done, the floor plan done and then yesterday morning the Purple Bricks chap came around to take some photos and double check the descriptions etc. Given how much of a mess things were in the photos haven't come out too badly (I just love the magic "Estate Agent" camera that makes rooms look massive...). So, around lunchtime today we received the advert details for approval, with the option for us to edit any of the text, add some of our own photos if we wished, etc. As it happens all looked fine to me, no exaggeration, just accurate descriptive text, so I clicked the "submit" button on our Purple Bricks control panel page. Within seconds the advert was up on Purple Bricks, Zoopla and RightMove. Within the first hour of the advert going live the control panel was telling me that our ad had been viewed 20 times. Three hours after the ad going live we had our first viewing request, for Tuesday lunchtime (they wanted to view tomorrow, but I'm getting some fencing put up at the new place), from a potential cash buyer (no mortgage required). The info that you are fed from the Purple Bricks system is pretty useful, as it tells you a fair bit about the identity and buying status of the potential purchaser, so you can, if you wish, choose to filter out people you think may be time wasters, or that haven't yet put their own house on the market, so are a long way away from being in a position to make an offer. Whilst typing this another viewing request email has just arrived, so it looks as if I may have to do another update later. My initial view is that this method of selling a house is a heck of a lot easier than using a conventional estate agent, with the proviso that you need some time to get to grips with the way the online booking and availability system works (I've already made an error by not having filled in our viewing availability diary - I hadn't realised how important that is to the way the system works. I'll try and keep this thread updated with progress, in the hope that it might shed some light on how selling via an online agency works that might be helpful for others.
  13. JSHarris

    Ok - who stole my bubble.

    Thanks, another good find, but still £35 plus shipping and import charges, so the first link looks marginally cheaper. Given the fragility of these things I'm surprised they aren't easier to buy here as spares - they seem easy to buy in the US.
  14. JSHarris

    Ok - who stole my bubble.

    Well found! I've been searching for at least and hour to no avail. I found a UK supplier but the price was well over £40 plus VAT and delivery, so that looks cheaper. Bearing in mind that a new 12" Starrett/Rabone Chesterman level is around £150 or more and the price for the vial doesn't look so steep. I have found a complete second hand level that's identical to mine, except it doesn't seem to come with the wooden storage case, for £48 here: http://www.gandmtools.co.uk/shop/rabone-12-engineers-precision-level-80205536/ which has me wondering if it's not better to just buy that and keep my old one for spares.
  15. JSHarris

    Ok - who stole my bubble.

    Not easy finding a 90mm long, 15mm diameter, hi-res vial. The level is a Rabone Chesterman 12" cast iron engineers level, essentially absolutely identical to the Starrett (I suspect Rabone Chesterman and Starrett may be connected somehow, as I can'r see the difference between them, other than my Rabone Chesterman is clearly stamped "Made in England").