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  1. Hello again, I joined this forum some time ago as I made my first planning application. Two years on, after much frustration, we have our planning permission. In the intervening time I have gone from traditional construction to SIPs and now looking at timber frame. We are looking to be as close as we can to Passivhaus with ASHP, PV panels, MVHR. What are the relative merits, pitfalls and costs of the two systems. And peoples experiences in construction and in use. I have attached a couple of drawings to help inform your suggestions Thanks06A PROPOSED PLANS.pdf07A PROPOSED ELEVATIONS.pdf
  2. I have just come across Sunflare Powerfit 20 thin flexible solar panels. Designed to sit between the seams on standing seam roofs. Has anyone any experience with these? They are America so not sure if available in UK
  3. Have you thought of creating a shadow line? I would be worried that the plaster would start to fail with the movement of the door in your sketch. I have seen it done like this - and I am planning using this to do away with architraves
  4. Thanks for that. I can now just use a backdrop at the point nearest the connection to the main to shorten the deep digging.
  5. What is the maximum slope allowed on foul drainage lines? I have a sloping site with >2m fall. House at the top and connection to main sewer at the bottom. I am guessing a back drop(s) will be required somewhere.
  6. @jack is your cladding on to SIPs? I am considering vertical timber cladding onto SIPs and finding it difficult to find details on suitable product, on fixing method and general arrangement.
  7. Has anyone used/got experience of thin film solar cells? I am getting resistance form HWMBO that PV panels are ugly "I'm not having those on my nice new house!" The plan, at the moment, is for raised seam metal roofing and I understand this works well with TFSP and I might get it past the design guru!! TIA
  8. I understand I should be keeping it out, but we love the outdoors and we have fabulous views. So how do I make best use of the PV generated power other than AC on the hot days? PCM heat store, MVHR, ASHP, ? Is it worth having an old fashion immersion heater for DHW? As you can see I am might confused at the moment and trying to absorb as much info as I can.
  9. This would seem a good thread to ask this question:- I have concerns about over-heating due to glass and aspect and solar gain. Now, if the sun is shining to warm the house would it not be a good idea to run AC from PV array to cool it for free? Sounds too simple
  10. Still at planning stage.... As we are on sloping site we are planning to have the living area on first floor and bedrooms beneath. I had it in my head that we would have a pot & beam floor as we are looking at UFH from ASHP. What about bedrooms? I have read elsewhere on here that upstairs bedrooms require little or no heat as heat comes up from heated rooms below. We won't have that. There will be a far amount of solar gain, in fact I am concerned about over heating, so will probably have MVHR system. Could this be utilised. Ideas please.
  11. I am a new member at the planning stage of a new build house for our retirement and looking to make it as comfortable, efficient and maintenance free as possible. I am trying to get my head round the many and various heating options – things have changed beyond recognition since we built our current house 35 years ago. The plan is that we will have one large room incorporating living/kitchen/dining. This will be on the first floor with ceiling at roof height and extensive glass to S & W to maximise the views. I know this isn't ideal, but we love the outdoors and the views are spectacular. Bedrooms all ground floor. My current thinking is to have wet UFH in concrete screed floors on both levels; either GSHP or ASHP (current preference). Can the ASHP be located in an outbuilding to avoid noise issues? My main concern is solar gain:- Can I utilise this free energy to heat the lower floors/DHW in winter (MVHR)?? How do I keep it cool as we experience the ever warm summers we are promised? (MVHR/AC/??) Thanks in advance
  12. I'm Roger and we have just secured an option to purchase a plot in East Lancs. We foresee some issues with planning as it is outside the urban boundary, so fingers crossed. This is our second self-build: we are leaving the first after 35 years to down size but only moving 150m. Joined the site to get up to speed with latest materials and methods.
  13. Does anyone know what the roof beams/insulation was on Plot 2? Used under steel sheet roofing. They looked extremely light! All I heard was that the came from Ireland?