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Joists reinforcement


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Reading online about joist spans and 6x2 timber limit. I was thinking about putting flat bar between two bits of timber maybe 4x2 and using them as support to prevent the sag. Would that work? 

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4 minutes ago, Russell griffiths said:

Can you not use a deeper joist, your way will use double the timber, plus the steel, plus the bolts

this will make the whole idea very expensive. 

And the steel will make it almost impossible to pass cables and pipes through the joists.  (not an issue with posi joists)

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We still need more information 

is this a roof over a garden pergola 

a first floor of a house

or the floor of a nightclub with 100 ravers bouncing up and down 


5m is getting near the limits of a lot of solid timber and your looking for an engineered solution. 

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