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Decking joists

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I’m looking to build a 3mx5.7m deck and wondering what is the minimum height of C16 joists I can get away with that will safely support the structure? 


The reason being, I’d like to keep it as low as possible due to it being the highest point of the garden already.


Thanks in advance!

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Unless it's high off the ground, which you don't want, you can give the joists as many intermediate supports as you like, and 4*2 would do nicely.

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Really depends on how solid you want it to feel and how they are supported and the span they have stretch across. Outs is off the ground so attached to ground in a limited way via pillars.


Most of ours are in in either 47x225 or 47x175 on 400mm centres. The 175mm can span about 3m or so and the 225mm 4m+.


If on the ground mounted as other responders have noted.

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