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What's this called!?


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Hello all

I'm looking for replacements for the threaded rod + nut combos (they are one piece).  Can't think what they're called to search for them.


They're in brass and used for connecting through bulkheads in this case.  


hopefully the hive mind will come up with something!


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The device is an electrode for a salt water chlorine generator for a pool.  It's home made by me.  I can't remember where I got the original nut/bolt combo nor what it is called though.  I keep thinking of a barrel nut but that is something a little different. 

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It does look a bit like a tie rod type thing yes!  I wonder whether I could get one of those eye rods that you linked to and put a thread on the inside.  I'd have to find a brass or titanium version to prevent corrosion. 


At least I've something to search on now.  Thanks!


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14 minutes ago, Alan Ambrose said:

Or stainless, lots of yacht parts made like that in stainless.

I don't think stainless steel likes chlorine gas too much.  


Brass suffers less and titanium is ok 

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