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Concrete for steel gate posts


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15 hours ago, saveasteading said:

you don't need anything special, so forget 40N.

neither do you need readymix unless there are several m3.


yes to postcrete, or any diy mix.

Each steel post will have to withstand the weight of a >50kg heavy driveway gate leaf, 1640mm wide and tongue&groove construction (sail effect in gales). 

That's why considered strong concrete approx 450 x 500mm & depth 700mm. With additional resistance to deflection of post using buried 500mm rebar rods in tripod configuration, to act as buttresses. (plan view attached)

Would something other than 40N concrete do the job better? (approx 0.7 cum concrete for 2 driveway gateposts).
And is dpm lining of the hole advisable to reduce rapid drying and shrinkage of the concrete?


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Tks to all. Done the deed in half hour, with 40N readymix after all. Labourer could go on to other tasks, which helps claw back some of the readymix cost.


Thin rebar buried without fixing to posts, just to reduce the risk of concrete buttresses cracking. Yes, ducting embedded in concrete to facilitate automation later.

Ditched the dpm idea as being further overkill.

Will report following gale.

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