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Hairline crack in bath

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Does anyone have any views on fixing this crack in the bath. I can buy this cracked bath that retails for £2k for £100. Could save a fortune but don’t want to run into any issues later that end up costing more!



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Possible ideas: chaise it out a bit and fill with epoxy, then sand down starting all the way down to 2000 grit. Tape off and spray matching white. Wet sand down again, another coast or 2, wet sand down , tape off again and then lacquer spray and wet sand and then compound polish. 
Basically like you would do a repair spray job in a fibreglass car/boat. It would be 100% invisible. 
if I needed a bath like that and had plenty of free time I’d do it. 

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I repaired our acrylic bath a few weeks ago using an epoxy kit that I bought online for about £30, after it was cracked and chipped in several places by the glass shower screen falling into it. The repairs are almost invisible, and the bath seems to be absolutely fine. Top tip is to make a v shaped groove along the crack to better allow the epoxy into it.


I'm now absolutely up for picking up a fancy looking but massively reduced price bath in need of repair, for our new house.


I used one from www.bathtubrepair.co.uk (other brands are available!)

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