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Another annoying error: cut, hide ignore?

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After recently bemoaning the absence of sockets, here's the opposite problem - but caused by the same fundamental error.

Changing plans. Arghhhhh.


Looky here ....



I'm ashamed almost to post this image: count the errors: shelf not level, tile needing to be cut, loop of spare wire over a kitchen worktop.

On the other hand, I've had a long stint on the Naughty Step  - and chastised myself thoroughly -  for long enough. Every day for a couple of years I've looked at it and winced.


Now, please help me dig my way out of this one.


The best I can come up with is to tape the spare wire under the stainless steel shelf. But in a kitchen, that's not too clever an idea. It's wired into the same circuit as the kitchen lights, so I can't isolate the circuit at the consumer unit.


And there's no way I'll get this through Part P is there.....


Please help.

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We could start a thread of ‘things which ought to be hidden whilst we ‘think about it’. ‘


I think an under shelf light is a good idea tho! Better my first thought of threading it through a hole in the shelf and jug….

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Oh this is easy .

” Hide the problem , hide the shame “


Here’s my ceiling ; look at all that shite I’m gonna hide .


For you ? Simples ! . Stick an open laptop on the worktop

infront - thank me later 👍




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