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Quote from electrician to connect up temporary building supply - thoughts?

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Got the following schedule of works to be carried out to connect up our temporary building supply so that we can start using power on site:


  • Install 1 x 2-way distribution board in the meter cupboard completed with 1 x RCD & 2 x MCV's & connect it to the pre-installed energy suppliers isolator.
  • Install 1 x circuit from the distribution board to 2 x double 13A IP rated socket outlets.
  • Install 1 x circuit from the distribution board to 1 x 16A caravan hook-up point complete with 1 x isolator switch.
  • Install an 'Earth Rod' next to the meter box to separate the earth from the distributors supply converting the earthing arrangement to a TT system.
  • Test + inspect the new installation & supply 1 x domestic electrical installation certificate.


Quoted £589 inclusive of all labour & parts. No VAT. 


Is that a reasonable price for everything?

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Dread to think what he will charge you to do the full house electrics.


About a hours work or should be.  Price the bits on Screwfix, but doesn't look to be much on the face of it.

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Does the latest regs still allow a AC rcb to be used in a temp supply such as this? Just checking if the one on screwfix I foundi s suitable. 

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