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Black bath


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46 minutes ago, PeterW said:

Yes why..? 

Because they don’t give the dimensions at the base for the trap . But in the general install instructions they cut a slot in the floor - which I can’t do . So hoping for the best but assuming the worse ...

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4 minutes ago, PeterW said:

Measure from the top edge to the base of the bath and then the outer side and subtract ..? Will have 15-20mm of acrylic / board / GRP but should have space. How far have you got to go ..??

Not far - probably worrying over nothing . From trap to marine ply ( and hence can do whatever maybe 30cm ) 

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1 hour ago, pocster said:

The white bath arrived .

Noticed a crack on it .

Today it was collected . As he loads it on the van he says “ Bit small for you isn’t it ? “ ? . I’m a fat (expletive deleted) like everyone else now !


You missed a comeback there!


"Sitz bath mate!



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On 12/11/2020 at 19:14, Bored Shopper said:

We went for a Japanese soaking bathtub (I was very opposed at first, but...), and I SOOO love it! It's roomy. It's exceptionally easy to get in and out (with problem knee that's important). It actually covers you up to the neck with no bits sticking out and getting cold.


Will never go again for a standard long bath in my life :) black or white :)


@Bored Shopper love this bathroom.  If you don't mind me asking, what size bath did you go for? and does it work ok without having a shower screen?

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