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We have a wasps nest in our loft 

I can see them coming in and out of the the soffit 

I have three choices 

Send my wife up a ladder with a powder 


or smoke bomb on a fireproof surface through the loft hatch 

and get out for three hours 

The later sounds the safest 

Anyone any experience of wasps   


Those wasps didn't stand stand a chance 


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Last year we had a huge cloud of wasps coming out of the soffit in a hard to reach place. I drove miles to purchase several cans of wasp killer intending to rig up something on a pole. Got a can tapped to the end of the pole and discovered....the wasps had buggered off on their own. Wasted about three hours. 

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I dealt with one on the "squirt and run" principle last year,  Run up the ladder, long squirt in the hole, quickly down the ladder and hide for a while.  


Once squirted, it seemed to deter the returning wasps from going back in.


I previously dealt with one by dressing up in all my motorbike hear including helmet and gloves, then taping all the joints and going in to do the squirting.

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18 minutes ago, Temp said:

Google says do it at night as they are less aggressive then. Use a red cloth over your torch to stop them heading for your light.


16 minutes ago, JSHarris said:

I made a gadget to blow powder into a wasp nest entry hole, whilst standing a safe distance away.  Works really well:



Ingenious JS

Ive seen worse on the dragons den 

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Pity you're the other end of the country, as you'd be welcome to borrow it.  I just used a compressor with the tyre inflater hose to blow air into the base, which blows the powder deep into the nest.  Takes a couple of seconds, and if done in the late evening is pretty safe.  Still a good idea to run away as quickly as possible,  though, as the little buggers get mighty angry, very quickly.

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yearly problem here --they are always trying to build a nests soemewhere-in soffits --in bushes  in a old dustbin 

I eventually went to EBAY and bought one of those wasp powder pump things --it works well --but so will @JSHarris gadget 

plenty of powder and on anything they stand on to crawl up the wall to get in --once they have it on their feet --they are done--same as ant powder.#

Ihad one upstairs in my workshop in a storage area a few years ago --they came in through a hole inthe metal cladding ,where the old LPG pipe used to come ,but had not been blocked

I thin it was more than one year --cos  when i moved plies of packing to find it was the size of an armchair --

quick exit _lots of wasp killer /nest disolver purchased-hit it whilst wearing spray suit and air fed mask  -- within a couple of day all gone ---

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