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  1. I do not use cooling, and it is kwh of electricity used for all heating and hot water.
  2. I have a LG 7 kw Therma v. I have had it for just over 1 year. The total kw used from 19th Dec 2020 to 19th Dec 2021 was 4058kw. We use the heating all day in winter as we are retired and like to be warm. I have had no problems with the heat pump and it has just had it`s first service. It has been set at AI +1 and this seems to keep the temperature at 21.5 deg. I occasionally have to change the setting to +2 when it is a bit warmer outside as the temperature for some reason can fall to 19.5 and not come back on. No doubt this is to do with settings which (for me) are very confusing. No problem at all with hot water set for 50 deg. Just watch the size of your hot water cylinder as i only have 150 litre due to available space. Hope this helps.
  3. I toyed last winter with installing a fan assisted hi level heater for our kitchen, as the kitchen was not warm enough and due to wall space available could not fit a bigger radiator. Just before winter i bought a Myson RC 10-6 high level fan convector, and now i am happy with it. As far as noise is concerned, it is acceptable in a kitchen but would not be in a living area. I have set the dip sws so it only operates in the 2 lowest speeds and even in lowest it is noticeable. It uses the second speed until it is within 1 deg of the target temperature then switches to the lowest. I am not sure if my thinking is correct, but i assume a high level heater will require a higher speed, as it is trying to drive the heat to floor level. I knew the heat output of the existing radiator was low as it was shown in the initial survey before the heat pump was installed. One other thing that may be of interest, i am only 3 days away from the first full year of using a heat pump and the total KW used today is 3948 kw. The house is 2 bedroom ex council built in 1937. with a total of 8 radiators, 2 towel rails. I hope you all have a good Christmas and please stay safe.
  4. I have just noticed this thread and will give you my experience with this scheme. I applied for funding for a LG ASHP on the morning the scheme opened. My voucher was issued on the 27th November 2020. My supplier gave me 5/1/21 as the install date which was then changed to 15th December. Commissioned on the 19th dec. Supplier was paid on the 5th February 2021. It would look as if i was lucky after reading some of the posts. I made sure everything that was asked for was complied with and i had my quotes long before the start date for applications. As a matter of interest, it was a relatively small company i used and they were very good and i have had no problems with the installation.
  5. / I don`t know if the following settings are the installers or if I have changed any of them, so here they are. Low water temp for auto mode min 34 max 46 Outdoor temp for auto mode min -7 max 21 You can be sure if I changed any of the settings I had no idea what I was doing.
  6. I thought the AI settings were in degrees, but that really was a guess. This controller really does try my patience. There is so much that i read that confuses me even more. I see you say THINK, so that makes me feel a bit better. Perhaps when winter comes i will know a bit more about it and be able to use the settings to control things better.
  7. I don`t know if this is relevant or not, but if i leave the heating on all the time, AI setting at -5 the heating does not come on. The circulating pump does continue to work, on for a minute or two then off for the same time. The buffer tank is always cold, showing 25 deg flow and return. I assume this is monitoring the AI settings. I now keep the controller off as the hot water continues as normal on the timer settings and the pump does not run. The buffer tank as far as i can see is always cold.
  8. Surely using this element to heat the buffer tank would be a step backwards., unless you were having problems getting up to the required temperature due to extreme cold. Out of interest, now that the heating is no longer required, i am using roughly 10 kw a day for hot water, cooking and all the other things plugged in 24/7. Is this what you expect for 2 people in house.
  9. From what i can see of your cylinder it looks identical to mine. Perhaps they sell the same thing under different brand names. I can only see a small portion of yours in the picture you uploaded.
  10. Hi, I had a 7kw LG heat pump installed by this company in December 2020. They are a small company, and i had no problems with them. Jamie the owner could always answer my questions correctly, and even when i managed to stop the system working when changing things in the programming, was able to fix it over the phone in a matter of seconds. I did cast a plinth so there was no time wasted when they started, and lifted all the floor boards as i needed the micro bore changed for the heat pump. I am located near Durham. They are worth contacting, and you can form your own opinion of them. The company is Lucans ltd located in Tyne and Wear.
  11. My house was built in 1937 ex council and was used for many years by miners. It has cavity wall and attic insulation, double glazing and nothing much else. Small 2 bed with 2 pensioners. House is all electric and heat pump was installed just before last Christmas. 17 Feb to 8 may 81 days, total bill 203.42. This is comparable with the combi boiler we had. I am far from being an expert on heat pumps, but it works fine for me. At no time has the house been cold always around 20 / 21 deg. The heat pump is a LG Therma V 7 kw.
  12. The cylinder is a world heat 150 L superflow The biggest I could get into the available space.
  13. I think you are correct with your statement. I am the first to say I am at times bamboozled with what a lot of the settings do, or are meant to do. I am old so at least I have an excuse. I am hoping when winter comes around, I will be able to run AI mode and perhaps be able to run the system constantly, at reasonable cost and comfort level.
  14. I have been trying to upload a pic of the heat pump and tank with no luck. I will try this time using my phone
  15. I have checked my settings and are as follows: Outdoor temp for auto mode min -7 max 21 LWT for auto mode min 34 max 46 Some of these settings were changed by me and were left as i set them as they did not appear to make any difference. I really need to wait for winter now as i understand more about the system now than i did. I have been using the AI setting the past few weeks and when it comes on at 07.45 it heats the house up to about 19.5 deg and does not come back on all day. I assume there is very little heat loss. I have been spending a bit of time trying to analyze my octopus go account.and one thing stands out. My in home display is showing the daily spend far in excess of the actual from octopus. The IHD was showing as much as nearly £6 a day when very cold, but the max from octopus was £3 a day. This makes a big difference to my perceived dailly costs which were at times alarming. I could not check this during the winter as the first account from Octopus was for a 3 month period. I only moved to Octopus in February and the way they breakdown the account is the best i have seen. Each day has a graph and consumption reading every half hour. There is little doubt in my mind that i will be very close to the same costs as i had using the combi boiler. Time will tell, and i will update this next year !!!!!!!