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  1. Thanks for the replies. No, pressure restrictor not left in. The pipe from the tank runs across the attic space 3m and then down the wall of the cupboard next to the toilet, the ensuite is a lot closer. I have no idea why the pipe was not put in 1st fix direct to toilet. Another question for the plumber. On closer inspection the pipework looks flipping awful. I have attached a picture of the pipe from the header tank (on the left)that goes up and over another pipe. Suspect this is part of the problem.
  2. Good afternoon, could do with some plumbing advice. I have a rainwater harvesting system that feeds the utility room and the second en-suite toilets. It is indirect and the header tank is in the loft space above the utility room, (single storey about 2.2m ceiling height in that area). The plumbing has been in use for about 2months and during that time i have had to clear an airlock in the pipe to the utility toilet about 4 times. This is fine for about 4 days, during which the en-suite also stops filling. I have checked the header tank which has its own control panel and this fills from the outside underground tank no problem. The washing machine feeds directly from the underground tank and has had no problems. The plumber has been less than helpful and is now on holiday for 2 weeks. Is the height of the header tank the problem, have only got this as the pump cycling is reduced and energy use is less but and can easily change the toilets to direct feed from the underground tank. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Morning, as the title suggests I have to make a decision on the guttering, namely the colour as the roof slates are soon to go on and we need to fix the rafter brackets. Looking at coated steel either Roofart or Lindab ( I like the idea of the flexible brackets). Do I go with dark grey 7011 a similar colour to the slate and windows (RAL 7016) or black as a contrast. The old cottage is random stone and the new extension is stone and timber clad. Any help appreciated as have struggled with this for some reason.Cheers Karen. Cottage Design 25-05-16.pdf
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have managed to find 25mm+70mm and also 100mm to go over the frame at sensible prices as they are more of a stock item.Using the frametherm was something I would have considered but the cottage internally is narrow and can't afford to loose any more space to pack enough in to get an acceptable u-value. I am now checking my schedule to see if any other materials are going to cause a problem, if I can spot them. Already picked up the post on here about low expansion foam, very happy I found that one.
  5. The slab has 150mm PIR on top of hardcore etc with concrete 125mm on top,going in at the moment.
  6. Yes 100mm over the frame, thanks for suggestions, time to give him a call.
  7. Hi, Our architect has specified 95mm between our frame and 100mm on top in the cottage. 95mm impossible to get hold of, also 45mm not common so not sure if same problem if I use it with 50mm. Also worried about getting perfect fit with 95x45 stud frame. What problems would I have if I ask him to change to 90mm, easier to source.Any other alternatives. Ta
  8. Thanks for the words of encouragement. MikeSharp01 I have a German Shorthaired Pointer who I would take shooting. It was a small informal syndicate and we would beat one/stand one and eat all our shot birds. She started at a very young age and when she was over excited and forgot her training the usual comment was don't worry she's only a baby. After a while it was here comes the baby bird dog and the name has stuck (she is 11 this year) so l decided it would be easy to remember.
  9. Hi, I too have a kitchen island and need water pipes to sink and dishwasher. My buildup is hardcore/sand/membrane/insulation single layer 150mm PIR/concrete 125mm.I have no underfloor heating. Would i lay the conduit under the insulation or on top at a right angle to the closet wall which will have a service void or do i put it in the hardcore as have done with the soil pipe.This is a last minute panic as the plumber who was to advise on this is ill.Due to laying concrete in 2 goes, old cottage today and then new extension i can sort tomorrow.Thanks
  10. Good afternoon, To explain the title. We bought an old derelict forge/smithy with a 200 year old cottage attached in about an acre some 2 years ago, just a couple of miles from Berwick upon Tweed. During that time we have not forged ahead. At least I have found this forum, it's great that people want to share( warts and all) and already I have picked up some useful info. Planning delays , namely from bats (which we do not have), but our neighbours opposite do. There were problems with concerns about contamination from the forge, to cut a long story short, the building was only ever used to shoe horses but the vendor thought that calling it a forge would give it more appeal and satisfying the guys from environmental health took time. Plus we scaled down the project to a single story with 2 bedrooms mainly to suit our budget but also we decided that the two of us did not need anything bigger, still plenty of space for visitors. We have now removed what remains of the forge (lost count of how much we shifted on that) dug foundations/drains for extension to cottage, gutted the cottage digging out about 100tonnes to allow us to lay our slab which will be finished by the weekend. The plan now is for the joiner to start 1st week of June. It feels like we are finally making progress. Looking forward to reading my way through the posts Cheers Karen