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  1. Anyone have any issues getting upc downpipes in the 7016? And more so brackets in that colour? Need brackets that are close to the wall (as no fascia) and trying to avoid an s bend between the gutter and the downpipe. Any help appreciated .
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    also, happy customer here
  3. yes, me and my woman did it. still need to adjust the flow rates but waiting for the plumber and spark to connect the drain and electricity before i can do that. (trying to get them to do it this week)
  4. i went with BPC (as did many on here) and gave them my plans and they drew up the ducting plan for me and gave me a price for the parts required-> MHRV unit, ducting etc. They calculated the flow rate for supply or extract needed for each room. it needs balanced (as far as i am aware) so the total supply matched the total extact. i think the exast and intake ducts that enter/exit your property need to be at least a certain distance apart (maybe 1.5m but i'd need to check) and preferable on the same side of the building (unlike yours in your sketch). i think if they are on different sides the wind can affect it. BPC didnt charge for the plan they gave me. (wouild highly recommend them as a company)
  5. A copy would be great thanks (even if you uploaded to your mayfly website as i did look there first - sure i seen a copy before but couldnt find it when i seached(maybe it was on ebuild)). and i'll have a read through the link too. thanks
  6. Although i dont think i'll need a report, would anyone have a template of a report i could use just in case asked (plan on balancing mine in a few weeks) (for Northern Ireland regs if possible) i do have the flow rates that BPC gave me which i would copy and paste over some elses. thanks
  7. yes, i think we may need to raise the budget slighlty or get a more regular tile such as 60 x 60. i've been told that it can cost more to fit a bigger tile (and i'd presumme theres more potential for wastage) any pictures? i'm not too sure what a concrete tile is. I'll give it a google.
  8. Alright Anyone any good recommendations on good places to get floor tiles in NI? Looking at tiles around the 75cm+ size though its hard to find places that sell many in that size We’re looking a more modern type tile probably in a light grey and the missus says it has to be matt as she dosnt want to be cleaning a gloss tile continually. Hoping to not spend more than around £30 + VAT per sq metre and have found a few around that price. Seen a lovely 90cm x 90cm which was very nice though the price quoted was £54 per sq metre. thanks
  9. sorry, i'm not sure what you mean here? (probably me being a numpty) do you mean why sand/cement as opposed to a liquid screed? or do you mean why 100m and not 75mm?
  10. Well clearly I've been ripped off. Mine was £12.50 a square metre which equates to about £36 a 125mm board. Think we got about 3% off that which brings it to about £35 a board. Don't know if seconds and co deliver to NI. Too late for me though as sadly i already have it waiting to be installed.
  11. Cheers for the comments. I never even thought too ask the BM to cut it for us. Great idea. @PeterW the 0.13 u value relates to the walls which in the plans are 150mm PIR. Think it equates to 0.1348 u value or something along them lines - just under 0.135 u value. The floor in the plans is 125mm PIR and i think its around 0.17 u value but that's just from memory and i could be slightly wrong.
  12. @A_L no, the insulation is between a block and the floor screed - to reduce the thermal bridge (the cold coming from below - through the blocks) my question is more if it makes a difference if the piece of insulation is placed on top of the other insulation or if it is ok beling wedged in (the yellow bits in the attached picture). in my head it seems ok, just in case anyone has tried it and there is a practical reason why it may not work.
  13. Hi I am in the middle of a block build and about lay the floor insulation. We will have under floor pipes on top of this and then a 100mm sand/cement screed. There will be a 25mm wide piece of insulation at the side of the sand/cement at all the walls of the rooms (which I guess is there to reduce the thermal bridging). In the plans it is just 100mm high resting on the top of the insulation but I was thinking I could make it the depth of the insulation and the depth of the screed and wedge it against the wall. More so to make it easier when the guys are coming to do the sand/cement screed? Anyone see any problems with doing this? I have attached a picture to try and explain what I am taking about. The first one being the way it is in the plans and the second being the way I am suggesting. thanks
  14. I can also pass on the number of the rep for the Antrim area, if at any stage someone wants it.
  15. Thought I’d write a quick review of my experience with Baskil windows (NI) As I already had my windows for the house all I was ordering was an external fire door (with an FD30 fire rating) for between our joined garage and the house After I confirmed I wanted someone to call out and measure up the opening, someone was out in 2 days time. Then as soon as I paid a 50% deposit, the door would start to be made. After my initial payment I was told that the door would be ready to be installed in 2-3 weeks later. After about a week and a half to about 2 weeks (can’t remember exactly), I got a call to see when it would suit me for the installation guys to come out and install the door. I agreed on a day and on that day I rang up the salesman to get a more exact time which was given to me. He rang me back an hour later to let me know they were running half an hour behind which is fine (I get annoyed when companies tell you a time and you are waiting and they don’t let you know they are running an hour or 2 late). Although I wasn’t there, I was told the door was installed in less than half an hour and the installation team were friendly. About 3 or 4 days after the installation, someone from their quality control team came round to check the door and make sure the install went ok Overall, I am happy with the door and the service. Just thought I’d write a quick review as in the past I’d heard about them having a bad customer service which is the opposite of what I found (although obviously mine was a small order) Going to write a few other reviews for other companies I have dealt with during my build process though waiting until I have received everything from them and made my final payments to them. If anyone has any questions, feel free to post up or pm me.