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  1. I have rung council several times (>4) and after much "let me just put you on hold while I check with a colleague" I get fobbed off and told to contact the VOA. Ive sent an email CC'd to everyone I can think of who might be vaguely connected with this and things seems to be moving now....
  2. Hmmn. I've called building control (who have issued a completion certificate) several times and they don't seem to know about this
  3. I have been bounced between planning/building control at the local council and the VOA I have called the VAO twice today and they say haven't had notification of registration of the address, which they say they need a report to confirm registration of the address before allocating an officer to value it.They say this comes from building control or planning, (they don't know which) I called the planning/building regs dept twice today who didn't seem to know anything about the Billing Authority Report" mentioned below. They think the VOA should be sorting it. The address was registered by streetnamenumbering service in April (they don't have phone number) I wouldn't care but I need a council tax banding and certificate to apply for CIL exemption. No-one seems to know what the process is and who is responsible for what. I keep getting fobbed off by people who don't seem to understand what should happen. Is this a self build problem? ie relatively unfamiliar? Any advice?
  4. Actually it looks like I need a council tax bill or certificate to send off with the CIL self build exemption form, so I'm actually going to need to push for this. Groans have to ring the council again..
  5. Well it's a year and you're right. It kind of fizzled out without incident. I did apply to a separate part of the council (partly as a joke) for permission to remove the relevant trees which was granted. I suppose this would have undermined their insistence on root protection but either way nothing came of it. One of the stresses with self build is that you don't know until afterwards which bits are very important and which seem like they might be, but turn out not to. A bit like life, I suppose...
  6. Council haven't done anything about valuation/banding for council tax. BC is signed off as are planning conditions and presumably they know this. Is the ball in there court or is it my responsibility to chase this? I'm not trying to avoid paying but not inclined to do boring admin if it's their job. My anxiety is they belatedly get around to it and then bill us for ages in hindsight. Can they do this?
  7. Agree, it's nonsense Mine also advised solar water heating, though I have this via a sunamp + PV's, again "does not compute"
  8. I have had one done now (about £130, online, sent them loads of specs, u-values etc, you need an SAP and an EPC for a new build it turns out) I turns out the form doesn't recognise the concept of a passive house and you can;'t enter "nothing" in the space heating section. He advised I say have electric panel heaters. The final cert also says there's a "space heating requirement" of >2000kWh/year. It might be OK to use this jut to get building regs signed of, but it rankles a bit that it's so inaccurate. I have queried it with the provider. Any other passive house owners encountered this?
  9. Hi Jeremy, I thought this might be the case
  10. I don't know the answer to this. There are plenty of online suppliers who quote £50-60 (though this I assume isn't aimed at energy efficient newbuilds, it doesn't specifically exclude them). Does it require a site visit or could it be a paper exercise done from supplied documents and specs?
  11. I need an EPC for building reg sign off. First quote I've had is £210 (was expecting around £60). Is it peoples experience that a passive house will have a higher cost (as there's more unfamiliar stuff for the EPC provider to engage with)? Seems a bit ironic, and unfair to penalise best practice in this way, especially for an energy performance assessment!
  12. I'm planning to order/install a sunamp UniQ shortly but having second thoughts now Is there a simple workaround for the switching off procedure? For folk who've already purchesed one is there an argument for compensation/refund under the consumer rights act 2015 if the unit isn't fit for purpose and this problem wasn't explicitly mentioned in the bumph ? https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-rights-act I wouldn't normally advocate this kind of hardball to a struggling new technology, but if they aren't fixing it or replying to queries...
  13. Th ebuilding insepctor was pretty clear you needed one for any run over 22m. Could you provide a link? I've just looked at table 13 part H it isn't very obvious what applies to me. It mentions 22 and 45m https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/442889/BR_PDF_AD_H_2015.pdf
  14. Hi Jeremy, thanks. That last one looks like a possibility if they are building regs passable. Yes otherwise the offset option squeezed in might work, though you'd have to chop a bit out to accommodate the uninspected pipe
  15. I have a long (55m) run from house to mains sewer in road We laid 110mm pipes with appropriate drops (for foul and surface/roof water) next to each other in trench. Building inspector checked and said fine. Called next day and said " by the way you need an inspection chamber every 22m" (therefore 2 and need to include both pipes). This is going to be very fiddly to retrofit (builder hadn't done a run this far before and didn't know of this rule) Also inspection chambers all seem to have radial pipe entrance. I need one 300-500mm accross with 2 parallel pipes in the bottom. I cant find such a thing online. Is the only option building one out of blocks or something??