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  1. i liked that one ... but my all-time favourite has to be,,,
  2. Thanks Ferdy ....wise words (as usual) The Soil Study is LONG ..I mean its in 2 parts for a start ! ..possible close to 100 pages total. It seems to give me the option of a) Having the soil / gas tested (£3k and a 12 week delay) b) Putting in Gas Barriers and also digging out any soft plant areas (£2k and whatever premium topsoil to replace costs ....BUT no delay) I think thats what it boils down to .. I did ask the chap (nice man, by the way) ...would it be possible to "skirt around" or even swerve certain sections that i didn't like the look of ... but he said it would be basically "glaring by omission" <sigh> so they have to stay (i guess) However I DID happen to poke around on planning and i found the ORIGINAL documents for several houses that are built directly ON TOP of the landfill ..I am at least 100+m away from the EDGE of it And what do you know ...?? They had their reports there too handy! now these were built in 2012, and the reports date to 2011, do you think they are any good for my case ? ...maybe later I have attached it (ts public domain ..so i dont suppose i am breaking any laws sharing it ..anyone can download it ....its FINDING it thats a bit hard Analysis_Report.pdf
  3. Heritage statement

    i suppose so ..it would make sense ... probably my fault for trying to get my "cross-posting" badge ..sorry
  4. Heritage statement

    As I prepare to finish my submission for planning ...I noticed one of the "REQUIRED" docs is a "heritage statement" Now I know I am on the edge of a conservation area...this was discussed at Pre-Planning ..and they say due to the lands location they didn't have an "issue" with it ...But i suppose i better also submit the heritage thingy ? Has anyone done one before?
  5. Don't make me panic even more !! I just read the soil report <it just landed in my inbox> and if I am reading correctly.. as well as a gas membrane (methane etc) .....dt to being within a 250m landfill buffer (1970's) I might also need to "scrape 600mm off any soft landscaping or lawn and replace with CERTIFIED topsoil" I mean its a meadow ....its always been a meadow (or part of one) ...I have eaten fruit and veg from it, the grass is lovely and green. But I am expected to throw away 100 tonnes of great soil? (see pic) ..the moles LOVE it too !!! <alternative being> to go down a route of test pits, pipes in the ground, 4 months of testing, send stuff to labs.....OH and fork out £3-£5k I must have been a bad man in a past life
  6. You are showing your Age Ferdy! I still remember my dad hunched over spot the ball, putting tiny X's on there. Of course that was the dark ages ! ...these days we have online Gaming, fixed odds machines and Lottery.. now you can lose your hard-earned in seconds ! with no FUN at all ..
  7. Thanks! I guess the issue here is the ONLY Architect so far is the guy (at Potton) who gave me the house plans. The rest I have tried to do myself ...I dont have an independent architect or surveyor or the like to "lean on" ..its not that i don;t VALUE them ...But since we started this venture and the prices we had wrote down so, so many months ago .....are starting to solidify now into quotes ..which due to time have increased (to say the least) ..hence the need to save where i can
  8. OS Maps 1:1250 or 1:2500

    thanks guys the problem is the 1:200 and 1:500 don't have that much distance detail ...and it might be a little obvious
  9. Damn ! I realised that the maps i bought online are 1:200 and 1:500, and i already had these and so didn't need to reorder and now i find the application ACTUALLY requires a 1:1250 or a 1:2500 version. I am loathe to fork out £25 again ...is there another way to get them ? Ps I know its my fault ..i should have checked the right box at checkout and yes i have tried t contact the company and of course i havent had a response
  10. Thanks, I will . did you send me a link to yours RA? Sorry I am useless at finding stuff in messages etc
  11. <gulp> I am close to terrified ! ...you must have nerves of steel !!! Well I am still struggling with my D&A / Planning Statement ..I did get examples from here ,,which HELPED. But I am still thinking that there MAY be stuff that they would be EXPECTING that I would miss ...or that I would not FORMAT it correctly. Sorry to be a forum pest ...Its just i keep reading how this document ALONE could well SWING it one way or another .. I still of course have my Pre-App advice letter, and I am presuming this would be the best guide for what they are looking for. So I have attached it, in hope someone could give me a steer or some examples or guidance ..or anything! I am sorry ..but I had to redact some of the personal info (as its in the public domain) ..but of course as I have spoken to a lot of regular good guys on here ..I have no issue with letting you know anything via PM PS I have also included my visibility Splay and Parking/Turning Plan. The road I am accessing has no footpath as you can see, Pavement and lay-bys are all on the OPPOSITE side (sadly). It is a VERY long access across their verge ...23 ft if i recall, most of this being grass. but i KNOW they don't want to hear about vehicles "backing out" regardless of view ..even though the road is VERY quiet and 30mph You can see by the Pre-App, for some reason this has caused them to FOCUS on this aspect of the plan ....And I am looking about the best way to mitigate. I have already had the house footprint "narrowed" to fit on the land ..and as you can see "shunting" it further back is not really possible ..its not a big house, but i don't want it to be narrow like a submarine..as i cant even watch Das Boot ...without feeling panicky ! Pre-Planning_Advice_Done.pdf Visibility_and_Parking Model_Forum_Example.pdf
  12. Lot of Great Advice and examples ..Thanks !..I should get it all in before the end of the week. I have noticed that on some D&A Statements ...the writers ..(and I am presuming architects here?) seem to have a LOT of references to one Planning Act or another Town and Coutry this, sustainable housing that, Guidance for Conservation plan, such and the like ...Subclause 5, line 6, amendment so and so (i think you get the picture) So as i REALLY don't know any of these documents ..but of course i could read them all (and still be none the wiser) IS there a need, or indeed a requirement for a lot of this "legalese"? Would it make the app look better? ..more professional?
  13. Those documents were VERY informative, and to be honest (from others I have read online) are very clear and detailed. Its no wonder they gave it to you !
  14. Block and Beam Quote

    not sure it was "dictating" basically they disagreed with the first stage of planning consultation as they felt that the removal of 3 hawthorn bushes (see above pic) would be a real detriment to the areas "character" or something like that ....I mean i have about 30 of them ALL along my land border ...(on the road side) ...but i needed to basically apply to cut 3 down as without this ...I wouldn't have a DRIVEWAY in ..so kind of essential . dont get me wrong ..I am not a "tree hater" and i tried to enter into dialogue to get guidance ..but the reply was plain and simple ....basically in simple terms it said " i am against the development because i don't think we should be cutting these 3 bushes" ...thats it. I was hoping for some guidance or advice ...but I am afraid if you need to trim a few trees around here you feel as welcome as Salman Rushdie at in IS Birthday Party. OUCH