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  1. the problem is around here there is SOOO much building going on ..its unreal, i have heard mention of 650-700 per thousand ! ... its like Auf Wiedersein pet all over again LOL Not wanting to drift too far off topic though .....but i just had a little suprise. I went tout to site, before they tidied for the day and I was looking for where the "padstones"? are going ...these are under the beams to support the BIG wooden posts that basically hold the house up. Now on the plans they look quite substantial ...sort of 500x500 set on the concrete footing But i asked the lads what were those trench blocks (singles) underneath the beam ...and they said thats pad-stones where the FEET of the timber-frame go/rest Am i being anal here or are they a little "under-engineered" ..I mean these trench blocks are really crumbly too
  2. well they have already approved the ones she wants Peter...I was hoping that I could find a close match. ..same but different brand....but alas...not yet. ..but I think I need to source harder the original brick
  3. thanks . not sure what thats translates to in terms of per 1000 exactly but it sounds a lot cheaper than 10k for 6000 bricks
  4. Well i have spoke to a few that are ...and want the work But I am getting prices in excess of £10k for labour ONLY its 6,000 bricks I know ....still...... online estimates say that is too high ....but i know the real world can differ (sigh)
  5. thanks peeps good ideas there i have asked them have they got enough .....as i hear others like TP and Jewson are waiting for stock Just out of curiousity ....I have had a quote from 3 different brickies What would you think is a fair price to lay about 6,000 bricks (and build a fireplace) I am not sure if this is considered a "tricky" job just so you can see it ..(ignore the colours but)
  6. Well, I have tried to make sure i get my bricks on time ....The bricklayer is expecting to start as soon as the frame is up .....so in about 6 weeks (give or take) ...I was told originally that lead time on these bricks Wienberger Jasmine blend was 3-4 weeks and so rather than crowd a small site up ..i left them until now. Only to be told today that they have gone into shortage as they are "imported" and given a possible ? delivery date of mid November (groan) ....the only people holding stock in the UK have gone all "Dick Turpin" and want more that £2 a brick now . to me they are just like a pale reclaim (see image below of a house built with them) ...to my wife they are the bees knees however ... Has anyone seen anything like them ?
  7. Ed_MK

    Path of least resistance !

    I think you may be correct ....I Googled some info after i posted and apparently Gas under buildings is a major no-no. The thing I am thinking is 1. I want to save as much as i can and do the trenches and pipe laying on our own land 2. later get them to inspect and connect me up But I am troubled by the LONG run ...40metres from my meters to the boundary (on parents house front) Will this matter to them ? Can i just run some "ducts" and later they put the pipe through ? There is talk about gas only "allowed to turn on a "90 deg angle" ... how does this make pipe laying and later "threading" easy? I have tried reading all the PDF online...but there is so much conflicting info
  8. Ed_MK

    Path of least resistance !

    I have had some thoughts on the Gas/Elec/Water/Telecom connections as these too will need to go to the "other side" of the house ..see above pic. Wouldn't it be a lot easier if they run UNDER the beam and block ...or is this not allowed/conventional? Otherwide there is going to be even MORE pipes running around the place to get to the opening at the bottom
  9. Ed_MK

    Path of least resistance !

    Think you may be right about that rainwater might get another one planned for that corner coming into B-C Been thinking about sunroom also ...should thee be one on either side ?
  10. Ed_MK

    Path of least resistance !

    Well I was hoping to get them all in the utility room ....marked with arrow. So the meters will be at that side. I think the wife will want some gates though! ...sooner or later. So not sure how that will work. the house is about 10m from the entrance, and the entrance is 7m from the road (as it crosses a large grass verge (council land) hmmm by the way ..the actual driveway is at the top left..thats where the road access is
  11. Ed_MK

    Path of least resistance !

    Well with the trench blocks in its time to sort out my services and stuff for drainage and waste i basically COPIED the paths from an identical house but as I am doing the pipework and paths myself (as much as i can anyway) I wouldn't mind a bit of the usual good advice from the sages on here ! In your guys (or girls) honest opinion 1. does the waste and rainwater make sense ? ....do you think i need to add anymore feeds for RW at the top left? 2. The services (sadly) enter the house on the wrong side (see blue arrow) ...I have to get virtually EVERYTHING to the Blue cross as this trench carries it all 30m to the road Sewage, Water, Electric, Gas and Telecoms (too possibly) How would you lot do it ? ..as in what way? I have some pics below that could help you visualise it a) planned water paths b) roofscape ( the bit on the right is a single storey sunroom c) example of identical house built a few years ago any advice is appreciated
  12. Ed_MK

    Driveway to Distraction !

    Well, to be honest ..it doesn't get me down ...its just STRANGE. And I AM doing everything I am asked by Authorities ....so .. I dont think the lads like it on site ....LOL un-nerving
  13. For those that know about my aggro with a neighbour across the rd (the one that wanted to buy our land to build on, but we wouldn't sell it and then when we put in planning application wrote an 8 page letter objecting and tried to get neighbours to do the same ) ...yeah him! Well anyway ...have been working on site for a few weeks, and the beam and block is about to come in and a "Highways Official" turns up and says he has been "told" we are making an illegal access (sigh) Well we have already MADE it it has been dug out and hardcored !! I explained that when we applied for PP, and asked the council about the 278, we were advised by Traffic and Planning that (as they had now ADOPTED it) we were to a) mark the area on the plans (even though it wasn't ours, so it gets done a t the same time) b) fill in something called a "FORM A" ...which is a one page thingy with details of the work on and send a copy of BOTH the application and this form to the Highways Department at the same time we submitted our planning this was in September last year. We can all guess who is behind this malicious complaining, as the ground-workers have told me that they have been "filmed" from a window ....no I am serious! Does anyone have any advice ,please
  14. Ed_MK

    Seeing Red with Chartwell Green

    Its all Wood but we have decided that as there are only 2 materials 1. the PVC windows and doors which ARE Chartwell green. 2. and the outside woodwork, beams and gutter backs etc ....we would do these in a Dulux Weathershield CLOSE match mix I am hoping different materials and stuff wont show a HUGE variance
  15. Ed_MK

    Seeing Red with Chartwell Green

    I Bet! its the "colour of the moment" ...everybody wants it Bit like Sea Bass was the only fish you could eat 5 years ago and back in the 70's when a teasmade was a bedroom necessity in 5 years i can hear ..."Her indoors" saying ....when am i going to sort out that "snotty" paint <sigh>