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  1. Unpleasant Discharge!

    thanks Ian ....next job on the list! Well i finally heard back from planning today .... any chance of the ground getting broke in 2 weeks is gone ... I have had to let the builder know Apparently Drainage and site level conditions go through BC, even though the conditions are applied via the planning dept.. BC have at 21 day period ...but it will be more than likely 4-6 weeks currently . And until i get sign off on the preconditions ..NOTHING can be done on the land ...i would start crying, but my polystorm crates wouldnt holld the volume
  2. Unpleasant Discharge!

    on that note ...is there anyone local(ish) to me that could recommend an alternative? I am in Mk/Bucks area
  3. Unpleasant Discharge!

    thanks Temp, i guess i "presumed" that if i used the council BC dept it would in some way be part of planning and it would make things simpler, on reflection I should have looked at it a little more @Ian I suppose i have not REALLY committed to LABC. i DID fill in an application on the website, but that was in error as i was advised thats where i needed to go to clear conditions for my planning application, basically do it online via a BC reg application, so i completed an online form Which i now know to be wrong .. Well, wrong for now, as i cant complete it as I am still waiting for the Frame Builder to give me their bit for building regs I fear I have now entered the "infernal loop"
  4. Unpleasant Discharge!

    I never realised that ...I guess I thought it was like, you know an "agent" or something and by going direct I would save time and money. Well i haven't paid LABC/Council yet, although they are asking for money ...as i filled out an online application without realising what it was as i thought it was the correct way to discharge planning conditions ....mind you i was TOLD to do that by someone on the phone ...so its not ALL my fault. If i choose to go with someone else, would i still need to fill in the same application, or is it done separately (via the company)
  5. Unpleasant Discharge!

    i would have thought so.. ..but then i have never built anything before. Its just the conditions use the term "any building work" and has a LOOOOONG list of what that means, which if you read it means basically anything "including site clearance" but as you say thats from planning the problem i have is the site is currently NOT open, and has no access to the road. So before i do anything i need to clear away a few bushes and make entry over a grass verge "20ft long" to the road. then there is all this talk of EXISTING and FINISHED floor levels. So as the site is basically flat but with a few humpies and bumpies it varies about 70cm at lowest and highest ...so i was hoping to get the machine in and level it out prior to anything else, also finish the hardcore base for the entrance and later traffic, But apparently altering site levels can affect drainage and trees and God knows what else ..so in essence thats BC. Its all very confusing for me (maybe I am naive) ..I dont disagree with ANY of the conditions at all, honestly. I just want to best utilise the time (especially Spring and Summer) to get the job done ...I left my job in Manchester, and the plan was to focus on this project and then once almost finished get a job again ... ..I woefully underestimated the amount of waiting and thumb-twiddling involved, though, and the different information i would get when asking the same question. If it wasn't for the BH Forum, i think I would be back on the happy pills!
  6. Site insurance sorted

    who were you with Dreamer?
  7. Unpleasant Discharge!

    Thanks Ian, but isn't there a DOWNSIDE of not using the councils own ? I am thinking of price communications delays not to forget the old "blame game" I am no expert with buildings, but i find the more reds in the way of anything in life ...makes it harder to pot the black as Hurricane Higgins once said (perhaps, in a lucid moment he would have)
  8. Unpleasant Discharge!

    Well today I had ANOTHER call from the Council, this time the Building Control. Basically they wanted £800 for the application and periodic checks (which i expected) But then it got very twisty-turny I told them I had put in for some discharges already with planning so that I can start work.. .......apparently thats a different issue, different department etc ..this is for the Building Regs. I told them I had everything in hand, except the bundle from the Timber frame architect ...which COULD take another month. .......At which point they informed me UNTIL, these were filed i could do NO WORK AT ALL. I said, yes apart from the work i asked for under the 4 conditions i have paid £116 for yesterday. .......And again they said if it involved DIGGING at all then it is a building control issue and you would need to have paid and submitted FULL plans I said so what have i paid for £116 .......Apparently, thats a different department and so they cannot comment So I cant actually do ANYTHING for another Month .......No, longer, Building regs can take up to 2 months to be fully approved, and so until initial admin and first inspection has been done Nothing can be back filled in So it could take another 8-9 weeks until i can get a frame erected, regardless of anything else .......Exactly Apparently I have filled in a FULL application and not a "building notice" and this requires the full fee and the period to process ( i may have done) Apparently I also filled in asking for no 2 month extension or partial approval ( i may have done) I said I wasn't an expert and just completed what i was advised by planning on the phone .......Well that was a different department Sir I thought I was certainly smart enough to be able to do this myself ....but now I am having doubts. Should it be THIS DIFFICULT, or should i say CONFUSING for the layman? I should stick to configuring e-commerce transaction servers and databases ....at least they kind of make sense
  9. hmmm..possible because many people dont' have the luxury or inclination to go deeper if they don't have to ! Well the verdict is is ! 2 companies came today, poked a camera down various manholes, including neighbours while they were out (ssshh) and both came up with the same answers 1. Ask your neighbours to let you connect on their land 2. connect to the main sewer at 2.6m and don't expect any change from £10k+ 3. you MAY have a spur, (which will probably be in a buried manhole on your drive (thats news) but we cant see it, could be capped, benched over ... so our advice would be to a) Wallop the ground with a 10ib Sledge and listen for sound variations and then start digging b) Hope the lid is metal (as next doors is) and use a Metal Detector to find it c) just hope its there regardless and dig a 3ft trench across the driveway at the same place as the neighbours is PS ..Over the last 40 years the driveway appears to have been resurfaced at least twice, possible 4 times As i suspected I would be ...I am down £150 and still in the dark(ish)
  10. Its Quite possible, and SOME of the neighbours (who have been here from the get go) seem to recall that houses had "spurs" but they are not sure and the ones that have been here longest are now very long retired in most cases, and see no need to come off their cesspits. The 2 questions I have, taking into account what you say is 1. If there WERE spurs originally (put in in the 80's) then how come the houses built between say 85-95 did not connect to them, at least not until recently...and only THEN because they were being sold at the time ...presumable as next buyers would not like the idea of the "pits" 2. If there is a private drain running down the lane, and bearing in mind that to the north of my image until it was build up int he last say 7-10 years there was literally a handful of cottages just up the road, presumably ALL still on pits. The church does not have any toilets at all ...and thats literally at the top of the road...So if there WAS one put in later say ...in the 80's why would they appear to have fitted it in a contraflow way ?! Even older maps seem to show the sewer in that position and following the line of the "brook" towards the main road (off to the left) ...which makes sense (sigh) hopefully today the mystery will be cracked by a man, a rod, and a camera ....
  11. Site insurance sorted

    that is EXACTLY what I was looking for ...Thanks a lot Herb
  12. Site insurance sorted

    Thanks again. I have been trying to suss out what Zurich actually call their self-build Insurance "site insurance" As i am not taking out any 10 year warranty thingy ...I just want to make sure the site and workers etc are covered .....do they have a "name" of this policy ...I am sure it must differ from standard public liability ?
  13. Well as i said i have a new "expert" coming tomorrow... I think what has them all flummoxed is that if you LOOK at my neighbours manhole it is set up to travel AWAY from where we all think it should (red arrow shows direction of waste in manhole) I am correct in thinking that the Anglian water "arrows" shows direction of the drain and not source? surely that would be nuts LOL !?!? So why oh why would a person lay a drain (or lateral) that points AGAINST the flow ?..it is DEFFO going up the footpath and it appears ....(which would be insane) is heading roughly to 6901.. although none of them have "lifted" that yet as they say it is not possible that they would connect to that one.. ...which TBH i seem to agree with. I mean these manholes are NOT new, and could be there since the road was extended in the 80's at the latest early 90's and the neighbours manhole has for SURE gone in in the last 7 years
  14. Unpleasant Discharge!

    Just my Luck Ferdy ! ...story of my life ,,, As Mike Harding once said "..so unlucky that if he fell into a barrel of t*ts ...he would come up sucking his thumb"
  15. Unpleasant Discharge!

    hmmm..I think I will argue "retrospectively" as I am in a bit of a rush. I have been give a "groundworker start date" of the 5th March ! and to be honest I won't be able to let them start UNTIL i get these signed off... To be honest I think I am already "urinating into the breeze" dreaming it can happen in time. But the alternative is to get the new "work window" in about 8 weeks ..so the site stands still and by this time I will have ALL the documents in place to put in for building regs ! anyway But what a WASTE of 2 months .....(sigh)