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  1. Thanks to you all!

    Phew! thanks Peter
  2. Thanks to you all!

    hmmm.. Never been asked that before Peter , and never heard it mentioned either. I just did some FAST reading and I cannot find many references to it under the councils site having a skim over it (Gov site) ...could it be that we are exempt due to the size of dwelling? I think i read 100 m2 + somewhere
  3. Thanks to you all!

    Actually, i think I will share the list of conditions with you guys... I am working through them ....but if there any pitfalls in there..I hope you can spot the ones i don't thanks In advance Planning Conditions 301117.pdf
  4. Thanks to you all!

    eek! battery acid, copper sulphate ...I can see the guy at the hardware now !! If i was to look at the pressure cookers for the wife (while there) they would have me in a small room at MI5
  5. Thanks to you all!

    ah... the trees. they love the trees in MK. we are surrounded by some beasts. hundreds of years old...but thankfully these are 100m plus away and on other land. I mean I do LOVE them. but it is awash with TPO around here....even to be seen near one of them with with a lopper will probably get you 6 months !!!
  6. Thanks to you all!

    I am indeed MK10. Sadly the local is a harvester. . food is a little bland...but the beer is fine. but according to the wife .....I am too busy to visit it these days LOL
  7. Thanks to you all!

    Well, I know I have been quiet the last 4 weeks or so... ..been biting my nails and waiting... BUT..A few days ago we got APPROVAL of our 3 Bed Home !! Thanks to all that helped me with advice and sent me samples and guides to look over for the statement and gave me other advice Special thanks to Forum powerhouses ... Ferdinand and Jack I now have to get these conditions signed off for building reg I guess...so maybe I will be bothering you lot again soon regards Ed
  8. Well the Planning application went in yesterday ! (shake shake) Keep your fingers crossed for me guys! and thanks for ALL your help and examples ...If it sails through it will be 50% down to the help on here ... ...now......the wait
  9. Screws driving us screwy

    Had many fun times with Plyboard and screws! I just wish THESE were a little ....cheaper I find them excellent and virtually indestructible at high torque. The 500 trade packs also come with a Torx-bit for your drill (if i recall) https://www.spax.com/uk/planners-und-architects/screw-finder but they are German ...so perhaps die-hard Anglophiles will steer clear
  10. i liked that one ... but my all-time favourite has to be,,,
  11. Thanks Ferdy ....wise words (as usual) The Soil Study is LONG ..I mean its in 2 parts for a start ! ..possible close to 100 pages total. It seems to give me the option of a) Having the soil / gas tested (£3k and a 12 week delay) b) Putting in Gas Barriers and also digging out any soft plant areas (£2k and whatever premium topsoil to replace costs ....BUT no delay) I think thats what it boils down to .. I did ask the chap (nice man, by the way) ...would it be possible to "skirt around" or even swerve certain sections that i didn't like the look of ... but he said it would be basically "glaring by omission" <sigh> so they have to stay (i guess) However I DID happen to poke around on planning and i found the ORIGINAL documents for several houses that are built directly ON TOP of the landfill ..I am at least 100+m away from the EDGE of it And what do you know ...?? They had their reports there too handy! now these were built in 2012, and the reports date to 2011, do you think they are any good for my case ? ...maybe later I have attached it (ts public domain ..so i dont suppose i am breaking any laws sharing it ..anyone can download it ....its FINDING it thats a bit hard Analysis_Report.pdf
  12. Heritage statement

    i suppose so ..it would make sense ... probably my fault for trying to get my "cross-posting" badge ..sorry
  13. Heritage statement

    As I prepare to finish my submission for planning ...I noticed one of the "REQUIRED" docs is a "heritage statement" Now I know I am on the edge of a conservation area...this was discussed at Pre-Planning ..and they say due to the lands location they didn't have an "issue" with it ...But i suppose i better also submit the heritage thingy ? Has anyone done one before?
  14. Don't make me panic even more !! I just read the soil report <it just landed in my inbox> and if I am reading correctly.. as well as a gas membrane (methane etc) .....dt to being within a 250m landfill buffer (1970's) I might also need to "scrape 600mm off any soft landscaping or lawn and replace with CERTIFIED topsoil" I mean its a meadow ....its always been a meadow (or part of one) ...I have eaten fruit and veg from it, the grass is lovely and green. But I am expected to throw away 100 tonnes of great soil? (see pic) ..the moles LOVE it too !!! <alternative being> to go down a route of test pits, pipes in the ground, 4 months of testing, send stuff to labs.....OH and fork out £3-£5k I must have been a bad man in a past life