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  1. Is it frowned upon to put the UFH down and screed before the central heating is connected? I guess the ideal scenario is to be able to turn on the UFH once it's been screeded to dry it out but our power supply likely wont be ready for a couple of months so I'd like to get on with laying the floor so things don't get delayed.
  2. But if ASHP costs £10k more to install than LPG the savings will take 10 years to pay back no?
  3. I'm going to have to big a big hole for a sewage treatment plant so another hole isn't going to make much difference to cost. Plus there's lots of outside space.
  4. New build. I was told I'd need a 12 kw ASHP and looking online the Samsung for example + tank is £7.5k. Plus the inconvenience of trying to find a place to put the tank (no utility room unfortunately).
  5. I'm struggling to get a mains gas supply so am looking at alternatives. ASHP seems very expensive at about £10k. I believe Calor sell an LPG underground tank for £1250 + £100 rent per year. What are the downsides? LPG is more expensive than conventional gas but what else am I missing? We don't have a utility room so having a gas combi boiler and no water tank would be attractive to us compared to an ASHP set up. Do regular gas cookers, UFH etc all work with LPG? Just looking for any negatives of LPG from people. Thanks
  6. Ok, I thought so. Will aim for 6x6. Thanks
  7. Would you say 5.6mx5.6m internal dimensions of a double garage is a bit snug?
  8. I'm trying to fit the MVHR unit in a loft but have been told the Vent Axia units and similar are too big and will make changing the filters etc too difficult. Can anyone recommend some slimmer but perhaps longer units they've put in loft space? Thanks
  9. Nope, think I'll scrap the tile vent search
  10. No I need 17,000 minimum free airflow area and this is 10,000. I guess maybe I could use two of them? Think I need to speak with a few mvhr installers
  11. I'm struggling to find a roof tile compatible vent that can be fitted alongside the pantiles we are having. The tile manufacturer doesn't make one and BPC's universal Klober vent is not compatible with pantiles - doesn't sound very universal to me! Any ideas?
  12. @RedoctoberThanks for the pics Where would you guys put the manifolds if you don't have a utility room? The UFH designer suggested under the stairs but the stair area is small and will have a large glass window so I'm thinking not to congest/clutter this area. I was thinking about having some large cupboards where the red arrow is in the kitchen and putting boiler/UFH there. Any thoughts appreciated
  13. I guess the downside of doing it before plastering walls is the manifold is installed onto a section of bare block wall?
  14. I'm not certain what the floor finishes will be, does it matter?