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  1. It won't have a door but will I get the SE to look at it. It does have steel wall starters, a cavity and block the other side with wall ties on every course if that makes any difference. And surely the 3inch timber wall plate spreads some of the load? Bottom line is BC's looked at it, warranty co has looked at it and now SE will look at it. If they're ok with it then... shrug
  2. I'll ask the SE to visit as he only lives 5 mins away
  3. Just spoke to him...he's knocking the wall down and re-building it ?
  4. I'm struggling to work out how that'll make it straight? I've got 100mm facing brick/100mm cavity/100mm inner block
  5. Looking at his drawing's he's specced 100mm and had the roof design i.e knew the truss layout. I've got a tonne of steel in there including bigger steels on larger openings, countless wind posts etc so I'd have said he was quite fussy. I can only go off what the SE provides Having just measured it that particular bearing is 122mm so I'm not going to lose sleep over it
  6. Tbf that's an HD steel cavity lintel as specced by the SE. Warranty guy looked at it not that it means anything
  7. Would it not drive you nuts? The brickie boss was very embarrassed and wants to knock it down but I can't see how he can fix it, as it's the subsctructure bay that's wrong. One end is 100mm in compared to the other end. I think I'll just have to live with it but bloody annoying. It's the front entrance
  8. Once you see it you can't un-see it! Ultimately it's on me as I'm the PM but jesus!
  9. I found someone on 'people per hour' to do mine for £800 ish if I remember correctly. He's RIBA and is in Northern Ireland so cheaper than where I am in Cambridgeshire.
  10. Thanks. I did try them and they can't do anything until end of Aug IIRC. I'm sure most companies are in the same boat but there's always one who'll be able to do it!
  11. Does anyone have any roof truss manufacturer's they can recommend as mine has let me down at the last minute. I'm after some rather large attic trusses in Cambridgeshire, so someone who delivers nationally or is within an hour or so of Cambridge. I know the price of timber has gone nuts but it's rather sobering to have the same roof quote that was £9k a year ago now come back at £18k ? That's not the reason he's let me down, I need the trusses on site in July and he's now saying September. I'm fully aware that I'll have to swallow the price increases. Thanks
  12. Yes, they are excellent. Gave me a fantastic income multiple. Slowest part of the whole process was getting a telephone appointment. So contact them early on. Should be everyone's first port of call for self build finance.
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