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  1. I'd say so... professional fees seem to be huge. £3,500 for building reg plans + £1250 structural engineer for a not very fancy house. This is after you've already spent thousands on plans to obtain planning permission. £700 to test soil?? You can test blood for a tenth of that! £1,000 for someone to walk around for 30 mins looking for bats and then supply a copy and paste report saying there aren't any. It's one long gravy train. Had a guy quote to move a 30m post and rail fence, no concrete involved in the posts just pull up old fence and position it somewhere else. He told me it was a days work and wanted £550. So no materials and he wants £550. People must be paying these fees because these people are booked up weeks or months in advance.
  2. Wagas

    Treatment plant discharge to ditch

    Stupid question but I'm guessing the reason you can't discharge directly into a dry ditch is because of smell?
  3. How do you go about getting permission to discharge directly to ditch? Do you even need permission? My LA has referred me to Anglian Water who in turn have referred me to the Enviro Agency but I was wondering if anyone here knows. Thanks
  4. If the planning permission and CIL exemption is in joint names (Mr and Mrs) but Mr is in poor health and might not see out the build what would you suggest for the future VAT reclaim? Build hasn't started yet. Get all invoices in the wife's name and pay for everything from her bank acc and hope she doesn't get hit by a bus Get all invoices in joint names and pay from joint bank acc If the invoices are in joint names or wife's name but husband pays and dies before completion it is that ok? I presume dead people can't claim back VAT so I guess this could be relevant to every husband and wife self builder if one spouse were to get hit by a bus.
  5. Wagas

    Sewage SOS

    What's he charging as a day rate out of interest?
  6. Wagas

    Electric mains connection costings

    Funnily enough I just found that page. Thanks
  7. Wagas

    Electric mains connection costings

    Interesting, thanks Christine. Well done you! My quote is nothing like yours...£6,200. It's mostly the cable which is £44 per meter and I need 100m of it. Sounds like expensive cable to me but then I don't know much!
  8. Wagas

    Electric mains connection costings

    In peoples experience are the independent connection companies any cheaper?
  9. Wagas

    Electric mains connection costings

    Were you able to get the cost of the mains cable down? My biggest cost is 100m of mains cable which UK Power is charging £45 per meter for
  10. Indeed. If I had a wife, kids, full time office job I wouldn't consider it. Cost of mistakes is an interesting thought.
  11. Thanks for the responses. 20 quotes seems to be causing a stir and it I think I exaggerated. In reality it would have been more like 5-10 and having read your responses I'll get 5 max.
  12. Hello Mainly due to budget constraints I'm looking at buying most of the materials and managing the build myself. I also live 5 mins from the plot and work flexible hours from home and my work involves organising/negotiating/patience so I feel I'm well suited to PM...famous last words! I feel I'm in a good position to negotiate with labour as I'm not in a rush, I'm thinking the build will take up to 2 years. For example I'm thinking of calling say 20 local groundwork companies to get quotes for the groundworks/foundations/soakaway and just simply saying they can do it whenever they want, but in return I want rock bottom price. It's a nice plot with off road parking, water, electricity and toilet and I have PP for 3 further dwellings for the future which I'd dangle as a carrot to the companies I use for constructing the first dwelling. I feel the tide has turned in my area (Cambs) and projects are starting to be shelved due to Brexit. I've had a main contractor already tell me he's had a development cancelled on him this month for this reason. I think conditions for negotiating on price are better this year than last but of course things can change quickly. Keen to hear what others have done. Did you use groundworks company for the foundations and then hire bricklayers. Or did you get the groundworks done and then get a builder to get it to roof level and then hire roofing contractors etc. Any advice welcome especially the breakdown of stages you did everything
  13. I was just planning to get the warranty before starting any works
  14. Hello For various reasons I'd like to make a start on a self build using some of my savings. I own the land outright and I'd like to at least get the services and groundworks/foundations in place ASAP. I'd then like to get finance to finish the build maybe one year from now. Does anyone know how lenders feel about this? Do they prefer to lend at the beginning of a project or are they prepared to lend half way through for example? I'd make sure I have a warranty from day 1.