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  1. Finally received back the receipts and acceptance from HMRC that the balance of the vat reclaim (30%) will be paid. So the time from when they received my claim to when they had finished evaluating it was almost 8 months. I almost built the house quicker than that! Anything to do with government is an absolute disaster.
  2. Purchased a load of concrete blocks recently from Ridgeons 98p+vat each, building sand £31.20 and 25kg cement £3.95. Those OP prices seem insane and I'm in Cambridge which is pricey.
  3. Are you sure your amtico is 5mm as most are 2.5mm I think... From memory the laytex screed was only a couple of mm but best to ask your fitter as I'm not certain. The prices you're quoting are if you buy it from an Amtico approved shop. IIRC they sell it for £40+ per sqm and maybe £30 sqm to fit it. I bought it online for £25 per sqm I think and £19 to fit it inc screed etc so quite a difference although not basket weave.
  4. Yeah I'm happy with it. Hasn't come up which is the main thing! Ours is Amtico eden oak and I'm pretty sure it's the genuine article, but I also believe our fitter so maybe it's slight seconds. Did you consider laying it at 45 degree angle? Bit more interesting than straight plank IMO.
  5. If it goes wrong he'll blame it on the flooring you supplied, that's the usual get out for fit only jobs.
  6. I'd get him to do it anyway as LVT is so thin it will show up any imperfection in the screed. If he says he normally does it he wont mind doing yours as well for the same price 😉
  7. I got ours from Lifestyle. We wanted a herringbone pattern but our installer insisted it couldn't be done on the day of the job as the tiles were not all the exact same length...I'm talking tiny fractions out. We ended up going with a 45 degree install which looks good but would have preferred herringbone. I'll never know if the installer just wanted an easier time or was right, but there must be a reason why Lifestyle are so cheap (and not the reasons they state).
  8. Laytex screed is an additional screed that goes on top of the screed you have. It gives a super smooth finish ready for the LVT.
  9. Did you just have single skin block walls? I'm not concerned about having insulation so was wondering if single skin is ok as it makes the internals a bit bigger and obviously reduces costs.
  10. Have you had the floor diamond disc sanded? LVT will likely come up if you don't. I was originally planning to have my floor tiled and the tiler offered to sand it. He used a conventional floor sander and about 30 sand paper discs and it barely touched the laitance. I switched to wanting LVT and the LVT installer told me to get it done properly so I went back to the screeding company who used a diamond disc sander and the difference was chalk and cheese. Just looked up the LVT installer's invoice: Supply & Apply 120m2 Primer Supply & apply 120m2 Laytex Screed Fit only 120m2 of Amtico flooring - (Amtico Supplied by customer) Price includes all adhesives All levelling materials and adhesives are gypsum-based and compatible with gypsum-based floors with underfloor heating. £2,280
  11. HMRC is so full of crap. I submitted claim 1st April and received the 70%. I called up about the 30% balance last week and someone said they are still processing March's claims which is clearly untrue given you submitted in July!
  12. You were never going to get a positive answer from asking HMRC, your best hope was to try and sneak it through. The 50% seemed like a generous offer tbh.
  13. I'd take the 50% offer from the kitchen co as you could be waiting 6 months to get a vat reclaim from HMRC and they could refuse the hob all together.
  14. But wouldn't that insulating sleeve block up the vents and negate the effectiveness of the ventilated flue plate?
  15. From a google search it seems that it is a vent and not just for looks: The Shieldmaster Ventilated firestop plate should be used when passing through a ceiling. The slots cut out of the plate allow for cool air to ventilate between the floors of the property whilst preventing the spread of fire. For compliance with the building regulations, a ventilated plate must be used.