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  1. I'm a bit tight on time and wondering what the minimum time a new UFH system should run for before any floor coverings go down? Specifically LVT and porcelain tile. Floor is extra strength liquid screed mostly 40mm but some areas 50mm. Screed went down end of September. Thanks
  2. Hi, my installer wants me to put down a concrete base for the ASHP. I'd rather it goes on the paving slabs that will form the paths and patio but he seems reluctant. Do you guys all have your ASHP's on a concrete base?
  3. Yes they finished the job and yes it filled a skip. Such a waste really, must be £500 worth at least plus the environmental impact. I told them to chuck a load of the off cuts behind the dwarf walls which they did and still all this waste. No wonder they ran out of insulation! The contract doesn't mention waste. As far as I'm concerned this is all his property so he can come and remove it if he wants paying. Will see how this goes down...
  4. My insulators let me down recently. They ran out of insulation and this resulted in me having to postpone plasterers. I wasn't that bothered but I didn't get an apology from the boss which I thought was a bit poor. He's now emailed me his invoice for several thousand £'s and he's left behind one hell of a mess. I spent the day loading off cuts of Kingspan and it has filled a skip. If someone supplies and fits then surely all of this leftover crap belongs to him? I'm debating whether to email him and tell him I'll pay him after he's collected his materials (off cuts) or at least knock off £200 for the skip. What do you think?
  5. Can anyone who's installed one of these shed any light on the following? The instructions say: So I have a tile air vent meaning I need to vent the tank independently. I guess this just means connecting a drainage pipe and vent to the vent hole on the tank? Does the blower hose connect through the same vent hole on the tank? Are building control ok not to have any admittance valves/durgos? When they say they don't want tile vents to be the sole drainage ventilation facility what exactly do they want?
  6. I don't want to have a door between the kitchen and a hall way, I just want a walk through. I recall mentioning this to a BC officer a while back and he said technically you don't need to have any internal doors on any rooms at all. Or maybe he said only bathrooms are mandated to have a door, I can't recall exactly. Just wondered if anyone knows the rules as my architect disagrees and I can't get hold of building control until Monday. Thanks
  7. I've just been quoted the following today from a recommended tiler: "£40m2 ceramic and porcelain. £50m2 natural stone. That includes adhesive and grout. Extras would be laying tiling board to tongue and groove floors. Laying crack suppression membrane to ground floor. Trims to edge of wall tiles. "
  8. Being half way through a brick and block build I'd have thought TF pros would be: Less ordering and co-ordinating of deliveries of endless bricks, blocks, sand and cement. Carpenters are messy but I much prefer cleaning up after them than brickies! Less difficult waste to dispose of... excess timber can be burned, cut blocks can't Less time watching the skies and praying it doesn't rain Less money spent on scaffolding but I guess this is negated if TF is much more expensive than brick and block
  9. Anyone have a recommendation for a filter of some kind that that connects to the incoming mains and reduces limescale build up in the house? Preferably a small unit that doesn't require electricity. Thanks
  10. Would it be a really bad idea to put the water tank in the master bedroom? I'm struggling to find somewhere to put the tank due to its height. The 1st floor is attic truss/sloped ceilings so a near 2m tall tank has to be virtually in the middle of a first floor room. The bedrooms are downstairs and the master has a huge wardrobe area. I'm thinking half wardrobe half airing cupboard. I'm guessing most of the replies will be don't do it! Too hot/noisy for a bedroom?
  11. I'm in Cambridge. The MCS guy is essentially charging £3k to install it and do the RHI paperwork. I'd have thought £1500 would be more than reasonable. I don't have a firm RHI expected figure yet.
  12. So I could buy the HP you linked to myself and get an MCS guy to fit it and qualify for RHI? Or do I have to buy the HP from the MCS installer? Thanks
  13. Any suggestions of better quality for not much more money? Thanks
  14. Just curious but what would make an ASHP not qualify for RHI?