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  1. I found someone on 'people per hour' to do mine for £800 ish if I remember correctly. He's RIBA and is in Northern Ireland so cheaper than where I am in Cambridgeshire.
  2. Thanks. I did try them and they can't do anything until end of Aug IIRC. I'm sure most companies are in the same boat but there's always one who'll be able to do it!
  3. Does anyone have any roof truss manufacturer's they can recommend as mine has let me down at the last minute. I'm after some rather large attic trusses in Cambridgeshire, so someone who delivers nationally or is within an hour or so of Cambridge. I know the price of timber has gone nuts but it's rather sobering to have the same roof quote that was £9k a year ago now come back at £18k 😫 That's not the reason he's let me down, I need the trusses on site in July and he's now saying September. I'm fully aware that I'll have to swallow the price increases. Thanks
  4. Yes, they are excellent. Gave me a fantastic income multiple. Slowest part of the whole process was getting a telephone appointment. So contact them early on. Should be everyone's first port of call for self build finance.
  5. Thanks! Would you put 50mm or 100mm sound bloc in a 100mm cavity?
  6. Hi, what would be be the better option sound wise for an internal wall: 300mm trench blocks or 100mm block/50mm sound insulation slab/100mm block? Quick answer would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. I have the same view on future proofing but not sure it's worth paying £8k. I've already paid £5k to UK Power to get power to the plot. Estimated house value will be £750k so it's not a huge %. Still not sure
  8. I haven't really looked into it, my solar guy just said if you can get 3 phase you should. I guess you're possibly restricted with single phase if you want to consume a lot of power all at once eg car charger, heat pump etc. I don't think there are any cons other than cost.
  9. So jealous! UKPower want an extra £8k for 3 phase as they have to upgrade a transformer
  10. What did you guys fill this gap with? Foam? Thanks
  11. Just resurrecting this... I was planning on using 3.6N Fibolite's for all walls including load bearing. From the Plasmoor web site I think this seems to be fine. Do you think otherwise? Thanks
  12. I'd say give it 9 months to get paid. You'd think they'd be quicker doing things when working from home, with no constant tea breaks and chat. I bet they're all doing sod all!
  13. Are Fibolites aerated? I used them on a previous build and had one or two cracks but nothing major
  14. I just kept all of the receipts and mailed them to HMRC, they then mailed them back to me. I started taking photos of each receipt, to keep on file, but gave up as it would have taken too long. Maybe if you do it as you go along it's not so bad. Cannot claim VAT on labour or hire. Hire won't be zero rated, you just have to pay the VAT unfortunately