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  1. I'd say give it 9 months to get paid. You'd think they'd be quicker doing things when working from home, with no constant tea breaks and chat. I bet they're all doing sod all!
  2. Are Fibolites aerated? I used them on a previous build and had one or two cracks but nothing major
  3. I just kept all of the receipts and mailed them to HMRC, they then mailed them back to me. I started taking photos of each receipt, to keep on file, but gave up as it would have taken too long. Maybe if you do it as you go along it's not so bad. Cannot claim VAT on labour or hire. Hire won't be zero rated, you just have to pay the VAT unfortunately
  4. Actually on second thoughts I think it'll just say there is a covenant and nothing more on the £3 service. Which I'm guessing you've already discovered. Sorry
  5. Yes, details of the covenant will be on the deed that you can buy online for £3 if I recall.
  6. Hi, any idea how long ecology take to approve an application? It's taken 3 weeks just to get a telephone appointment, I know all banks are slow but that seems a long time. I'm all ready to go and I just wondered the likely timescales if I have everything in place.
  7. I only just saw this message. All I submitted concerning VAT was the HMRC letter confirming they had received my VAT claim, not that it was successful (attached). This was accepted by my local authority. Even got a nice response: Dear Thank you for submitting the completion documents in respect of xxxxxxxxx. I am happy to confirm these are acceptable to comply with the CIL regulations under which you were granted self build relief. Our official acknowledgement is attached for your records - please note the requirement to supply further evidence at three years occupation. I hope you are enjoying our new house - no doubt you have plenty to keep you occupied during this lockdown period! Many thanks Angela
  8. Finally received back the receipts and acceptance from HMRC that the balance of the vat reclaim (30%) will be paid. So the time from when they received my claim to when they had finished evaluating it was almost 8 months. I almost built the house quicker than that! Anything to do with government is an absolute disaster.
  9. Purchased a load of concrete blocks recently from Ridgeons 98p+vat each, building sand £31.20 and 25kg cement £3.95. Those OP prices seem insane and I'm in Cambridge which is pricey.
  10. Are you sure your amtico is 5mm as most are 2.5mm I think... From memory the laytex screed was only a couple of mm but best to ask your fitter as I'm not certain. The prices you're quoting are if you buy it from an Amtico approved shop. IIRC they sell it for £40+ per sqm and maybe £30 sqm to fit it. I bought it online for £25 per sqm I think and £19 to fit it inc screed etc so quite a difference although not basket weave.
  11. Yeah I'm happy with it. Hasn't come up which is the main thing! Ours is Amtico eden oak and I'm pretty sure it's the genuine article, but I also believe our fitter so maybe it's slight seconds. Did you consider laying it at 45 degree angle? Bit more interesting than straight plank IMO.
  12. If it goes wrong he'll blame it on the flooring you supplied, that's the usual get out for fit only jobs.
  13. I'd get him to do it anyway as LVT is so thin it will show up any imperfection in the screed. If he says he normally does it he wont mind doing yours as well for the same price 😉
  14. I got ours from Lifestyle. We wanted a herringbone pattern but our installer insisted it couldn't be done on the day of the job as the tiles were not all the exact same length...I'm talking tiny fractions out. We ended up going with a 45 degree install which looks good but would have preferred herringbone. I'll never know if the installer just wanted an easier time or was right, but there must be a reason why Lifestyle are so cheap (and not the reasons they state).
  15. Laytex screed is an additional screed that goes on top of the screed you have. It gives a super smooth finish ready for the LVT.