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  1. So a quite a few months on and I still haven't taken the plunge had a new quote for £2800 with Protek which includes 2 visits the roof is on now , I am getting the impression it is a waste of money but you don;t know what is round the corner we don't intend to move in the next 10 years but you never know, if retrospective is only a few hundred quid more I am tempted to take the risk and leave it , one of my concerns is if there is a problem with the structure etc but I am assuming once complete a standard building insurance policy will cover any defects etc is this correct? I'm really struggling to part with my money on this one as you have probably guessed, plus someone else has mentioned about an extra charge for CDM .
  2. it took 2 days with the telehandler they fitted the big ones as they went up but then got the rest up to the following day, to be honest half a day was taken up organising etc the can't wait to get the scaffold down just waiting for them to collect it
  3. Hi yes it was a replacement dwelling
  4. Hi can anyone recommend a where I can get a good deal on 120mm celotex insulation for the roof please ?
  5. All went well thanks everyone next lets hope it continues, although having a nightmare trying to get the structural warranty sorted bit late in the day I know
  6. Thanks everyone you have all been really helpful, we have decided to go with the telehandler gonna cost £400 plus vat for the week plus a driver £100 a day plus insurance £78 the height is 12 metres but as its on a hill it will be more the trusses are 12.5 metres wide and there is quite a few of them , keeping everything crossed it all goes up by the end of the week with no drama but i'm not holding my breath, as we have had floods , storms, rain and now the virus which has held up the trusses for a good few weeks .
  7. Hi Peter I am told about 9-10 metres the house is on a hill which doesn't help matters
  8. We have just had quite a lot of very large trusses delivered and have been advised we are going to need a crane to move them in place we are in Wigan area any recommendations or advise please would be appreciated ?
  9. Hi We had drainage installed back in August , been a nightmare to say the least, the contractors we used employed someone who wasn't too sure what he was doing (he no longer works for them ) , as they went on their hols and left him to it,.It is still not quite right, the main problem being it wasn't installed to a acceptable depth to allow for stone and paving on top so it was too high. They have blamed the building inspector as they was told to lift the height of the foul drainage as she didn't think there was enough fall to the outfall chamber, this caused the surface water line to be raised too much to have enough cover for paving, which apparently the building inspector then passed not realising the proposed height of FFL as no outer skin of brickwork to work to (these are his words not ours) . From day one they have had the drawings as they did the footings which were fine and my husband made a wooden structure as a guide to various level which when we have been to site it always comes out as he is very particular about his levels as you would be . Some of the gullies are still too high , they have been back and rectified most of it but charged us 2 days work at £620 per day , we haven't paid them for anything they last came out the end of October , I am now thinking we could do with some sort of warranty /guarantee from them , hes pressing for his money now but not sure how to work it any advise would be appreciated . Hope this makes sense ! I know I'm female but surely everyone needs a level to work to ? He is also charging us £1500 vat which will be another argument, as he charged us £600 for the footings so that will be coming off this bill .
  10. Hi I've had a structural warranty quote for £2600 does this sound about right ? someone else has mentioned an Architect certificate but my Architect doesn't seem to know much about these? I need to finalise something soon but a bit reluctant to pay the £2600 but obviously if we do end up moving with in 10 years we will need it , can't seem to find out about a retrospective structural warranty ins ?
  11. Hi just had price for site insurance of £742 for 12 mths with buildzone doesn't include any extras such as plant , work cabins etc, and structural warranty of £2600 for 400m2 house is this about right or can I get it cheaper, also thought about retrospective structural warranty but not sure how difficult this will be, we have just had the footings dug and concrete poured, any advise?
  12. Its just for site insurance not doing the warranty as we don't intend to sell and I've looked into that and equally if not more of a nightmare, we are doing a lot ourselves but getting someone to do the ground work and a brickie for the build .
  13. Thanks all, Ive been on Sennocke website it directs me to self build zone who are asking all the questions, I'm also waiting to see what protek require