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  1. Thanks onoff I knew the alkaline protected I didn't realise it only lasts so long. Some art deco buildings are still sound. My comment was about the base that had steel square plates set into the concrete, I didn't watch all the videos. I just wanted to see how he anchored it to the ground, looked quite effective. I agree insulation board and Osb is nothing like as good as a Sip and cold bridging unnecessarily is a sin in my eyes.
  2. The flow through each individual circuit is only dependant on the pump at each manifold, the thermostatic blending valve is a sort of an automatic bypass. I found this needs to be set to the highest temperature while bleeding the air out as I had similar problems when I first installed mine 5 years ago. I hope this helps
  3. Steel set in concrete doesn't rust it has protective qualities, they never protect re-bar in building foundations. The more feet the more the load is spread. I would say he has done this before and will work fine.
  4. ASHPs take heat from the air and move it to water so wet is the only option using ashp. Electric underfloor heating is very expensive to run unless you only use it when sunny and have a massive solar array. Not really viable in the UK unless you have money to burn
  5. I built my own from bits from ebay around £500 for pipes spreader plates, 8 port manifold and blender. But if I factor in my time a lot more edit: this was 8 years ago and doesn't include a whole lot of insulation
  6. Just been reading up on it and Denso and Stiebel Eltron are bringing a CO2 heat-pump out for residential use. As far as I can see it is only available in Japan at the moment. Hopefully it will see a revival but how long until available here?
  7. Maybe there are other reasons why they aren't using CO2, how effective is it and at what cost?
  8. I would look for an inverter driven monoblock one of the latest ones that run on the more environmentally friendly R32 COP, size and noise levels are important factors. Price so depends on your needs, preferences and expectations. I think underfloor heating is a no brainer in a self build, I know it is a lot harder to retro fit. Good luck
  9. I forgot to mention I have one already, s Solic unit that heats the hot water only which does all our hot water 9 months of the year the ASHP does the rest. I have read through a few of the posts here on the sunamp it seems it may not be worth the investment. I love the idea but need something reliable and compatible as I prepare for retirement.
  10. Thank you Thorfun and Declan I have a 4kw array on a carport I built from joists (no south facing roof was available) and a 7kw Husky ASHP. Heat calculations were done by Husky when fitted 7 years ago as 4.4kw. Worked great until cylinder leaked just about when Husky went bust. I have re-plumbed the whole thing using a 75litre buffer and 180 litre hot water tank. Apart from a water pump failure in the outside unit (monoblock) which I canged for a Wilo it has been working well since. I am considering a Sunamp as it seems the losses would be much less in the cold loft and PV diverter could be used. My concerns are charging the sunamp when excess pv not available. ASHP will go to 60 at expense of cop but I doubt that is enough to melt the PCM
  11. Just joined I have a 3 bed house with solar and ashp Anyone have a sunamp and ashp setup?