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  1. That's interesting that the engineers didn't specify this as they have been OTT with almost everything else! It's timber frame, so a timber load bearing wall. Maybe the calculations were OK for it? I guess the beams will be spreading the load anyway.
  2. It's a load bearing partition running the length of the house. Directly above a spine wall, on top of the beam and block.
  3. Looking for ideas on how to prevent this please. I'm looking at Marmox Thermoblocks, but they seem to be hard to come by and expensive. Any cheaper easier to come by solutions? Our floor is suspended beam and block if that makes a difference.
  4. We are removing one of the windows on our new build. It is not road facing or seen easily from other properties. Will that count as a NMA or will we have to resubmit our plans? Located in Scotland. I would ask the planners, but have been waiting 2 months for an answer! (We have a new planner, and I think he has taken a leaf out of the building control officer's book - see my other post!)
  5. I can't get hold of my BC officer. I've emailed and left messages, but he is rarely in his office and doesn't give out his mobile. We are starting the kit and think we are due an inspection. Just going to crack on and take lots of photos as don't know what else we can do? Any advice? Been trying him for weeks now, as has my builder on a different matter.
  6. Going to use the TF200. I've had bigger problems to deal with this week that will save me more money! Build up is Cedral or Hardie cladding, TF200, 9mm OSB, 140mm PIR between studs and 30mm PIR over the top.
  7. This is what they say about the Protect TF200 thermo. https://glidevaleprotect.com/product/protect-tf200-thermo-insulating-breather-membrane/ Had it recommended to me, so thought I would put it out there. Is the VP400 not a roofing membrane? Or doesn't that matter? Architect has specified foil faced, so not sure how strict I need to be!
  8. Ok thanks. What I have found is that it's obvious that the architect or engineer isn't paying for the build as they seem to specify hi end stuff. (Mine originally had marine grade ply down for the sarking. Soon got that changed!) So the reflex seems to be the most expensive Tyvek as opposed to say the housewrap. Every £ is a prisoner with the way things have gone, so if anyone can come up with a cheaper option that is just as good, that would be great thanks!
  9. Yes but surely it all helps? That's why I was asking about the TF200.
  10. Hi folks. Our architect has specified Tyvek reflex breathable membrane for our kit. Just wondering if anyone has any other options that are possibly more thermally efficient? Was thinking possibly Protect TF200? We are using Cedral or Hardie planks cladding if that makes a difference. Thanks.
  11. Was concerned about thermal bridging. How do we deal with that Russell with the structural wall? Thanks.
  12. Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but here goes! We are stick building our timber frame. The ground floor is beam and block with probably 100mm insulation and 90mm screed with UF heating. My builder wants to put up all the partitions first (only 1 is load bearing) before the insulation and screed goes down due to perceived risk of hitting a UF pipe. I would imagine this would lead to thermal loss as well as using extra timber. I can understand the load bearing wall having to be done this way (or does it?). Just looking for advice please. He isn't being hard and fast about it by the way.
  13. Thanks. Makie what clips are you using? Roofer is concerned that they have their own clips as ones I was quoted for may not be compatible.
  14. I've just been offered Northstone Donard tiles as an alternative to Marley Modern (supply issues!). My roofer has never heard of them, so just wondering if anyone has used them and if so were they OK? They are about 20p per tile cheaper by the way. Thanks.
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