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  1. davejura

    Floor joists

    Hi folks. We are building an "upside down" house, timber frame with cement render cladding. We were planning on beam and block on the ground floor (there is quite a lot of under build), but not planning on underfloor heating as it will be the bedrooms downstairs. Our architect is suggesting timber ground floor joists as they will be cheaper, quicker and with not having underfloor heating, all we need. My idea was to get the foundations, under build and beam and block done before the winter, with a solid base ready for the kit in the spring. Anyone have any thoughts and ideas of price difference? Our footprint is approx 80 square metres, maximum 7m width. Mrs is still keen on underfloor heating. Is there a good way of fitting this upstairs in the living area when we have timber joists? So many decisions to make ... Thanks.
  2. davejura

    Exterior cladding

    Hi folks. Looking for advice / opinion on exterior cladding systems for a 2 storey timber frame house on the west coast of Scotland. I know someone who is using this http://www.gti-direct.com/category-details.php?id=698 on top of sarking which is fixed on 50mm battens to give a cavity. They will then render directly on to the board. I like the look of this as it is something I could do a lot of the work on, plus you get an extra layer of insulation so hopefully should need less in the kit. Just waiting to hear back from the mortgage company as to whether they will lend on it! Another option I have been looking at is the Knauf Aquapanel system, but this looks expensive. Has anyone had experience with either of these systems or similar? Really looking for comparisons with a standard concrete block and render system and to whether the figures will stack up. Thanks!