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  1. We were looking into all the options including rendered block and rendered cement board. We have now decided to go with Cedral cement render cladding, as putting a decent coloured render system onto either of the other options was going to be expensive. As my engineer friend keeps telling me, the strength is in the kit. Block work is just a skin!
  2. This is our new calculation for predicted CO2 figures using an ASHP . Target Carbon Dioxide Emission Rate (TER) 23.15 kg/m² Dwelling Carbon Dioxide Emission Rate (DER) 21.19 kg/m² Pass This was the one using a gas boiler and radiators Target Carbon Dioxide Emission Rate (TER) 11.91 kg/m² Dwelling Carbon Dioxide Emission Rate (DER) 17.98 kg/m² Fail Just doesn't make any sense to me at all I'm afraid and am totally stumped as to what to do now. The SAP man is suggesting keeping the gas system and putting in a solar PV. Just can't see the benefit of that over on ASHP in the West of Scotland, beside ticking boxes!
  3. Well we decided to go with an ASHP. The SAP calc man did his stuff, and our predicted energy efficiency has now dropped from 84 (band B) to 76 (band C) , and our CO2 emissions have increased! But apparently it's a pass!! 😖 Totally baffled now!! Anyone shed any light on to this?
  4. Dave, can you give me a ballpark figure please per square metre for that sort of render system? K - rend on block I've been told to expect £45-£50 over here, which seems a lot. Hence why I'm looking at Cedral cladding! JS I hear what you are saying. Decisions to be made! I've just discovered that Ecology BS don't need a warranty certificate, which might be a game changer!
  5. Yes but do the mortgage companies and warranty companies accept it? ECAP could go straight on the kit, but my architect isn't happy as any potential water ingress would cause rot. Was that brought up in your case? I'd also be interested to know a ballpark figure per metre for the rendering. I presume it is a K rend type system you used?
  6. ProDave, it's called ECAP and is imported by a local company. Basically has the first coat and mesh embedded, so it can be rendered straight on to it without a base coat. The problem is that my architect (and she says building control) wont accept an unventilated cavity with the ECAP on ply, so the insulation in the board is worthless. The only way round this is to have a layer of cement board below the ECAP, which pushes the price up. I know someone building using this system, but he doesn't need a mortgage or warranty, so can pretty much do what he wants! I'm currently pricing up Cedral Click as an option.
  7. That's what I am looking at now. We have a gas engineer / plumber in the family which would save us a lot if we went for a gas system, but I could probably do a lot of the UFH pipework myself. The Nu-Heat Clippaplate system looks interesting for upstairs, and maybe radiators in the bedrooms downstairs? U values wise, we are still working on it! The house will be timber frame and am looking at the Cedral cladding system instead of block. Our original plan using an insulated render board on the outside has hit a snag, so having to rethink.
  8. Would love to use gas. In fact I was hoping we would get away with a gas system with radiators, but that isn't going to happen without major extra insulation and other measures which could end up dearer than a PV or ASHP. Can't afford both unfortunately. If our house wasn't upside down, we would go with a heat pump and underfloor heating. We actually have plenty of room for a GSHP, but again cost could be prohibitive. Regarding PV, I balk at paying out £5000 or so to save £100 per year now there is no FIT. Decisions, decisions!
  9. Evening all. Trying to decide on the best route to take and am hoping for advice! We have been told we need either a 2.5KW PV system or an air source heat pump to pass the SAPS test. Our CO2 estimate is currently 50% above the maximum on our current build make up. To complicate things slightly, we are building an upside down house in the West of Scotland, approx 160 sq M. We have mains gas right outside the property. Any thoughts or other solutions please?
  10. Brilliant! Think I'll give that a miss though! I'm wanting to do a lot of the work myself, hence wanting to go down the cladding route, but I hear what you are saying.
  11. Still looking for help / advice on this. The ECAP system is proving complicated due to the ventilated gap being inside the insulation, so will gain no benefit from it (it will just basically be a carrier board). Architect isn't happy with an unventilated gap or no gap at all, unless we use a cement board under the ECAP. Now looking at using Cedral for exterior cladding. Could anyone recommend a build make up using this system? At the moment, my architect says we will need a 2.5kw solar PV system which we are trying to avoid. Was thinking 140mm frame with 120mm Kingspan, and another external layer of insulation outside the OSB board. This can then be battened for the Cedral boards (or cement boards if planning don't accept Cedral). Any input much appreciated as this is starting to do my head in! A concrete block skin is looking more likely!
  12. Hi folks. We are building an "upside down" house, timber frame with cement render cladding. We were planning on beam and block on the ground floor (there is quite a lot of under build), but not planning on underfloor heating as it will be the bedrooms downstairs. Our architect is suggesting timber ground floor joists as they will be cheaper, quicker and with not having underfloor heating, all we need. My idea was to get the foundations, under build and beam and block done before the winter, with a solid base ready for the kit in the spring. Anyone have any thoughts and ideas of price difference? Our footprint is approx 80 square metres, maximum 7m width. Mrs is still keen on underfloor heating. Is there a good way of fitting this upstairs in the living area when we have timber joists? So many decisions to make ... Thanks.
  13. Hi folks. Looking for advice / opinion on exterior cladding systems for a 2 storey timber frame house on the west coast of Scotland. I know someone who is using this http://www.gti-direct.com/category-details.php?id=698 on top of sarking which is fixed on 50mm battens to give a cavity. They will then render directly on to the board. I like the look of this as it is something I could do a lot of the work on, plus you get an extra layer of insulation so hopefully should need less in the kit. Just waiting to hear back from the mortgage company as to whether they will lend on it! Another option I have been looking at is the Knauf Aquapanel system, but this looks expensive. Has anyone had experience with either of these systems or similar? Really looking for comparisons with a standard concrete block and render system and to whether the figures will stack up. Thanks!