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  1. OK thanks, so a bit more then. Heating will be by ASHP and UFH. Really struggling to get my head around this SAP calculation carry on!
  2. Thanks. So about £40 - £50 per year for a 175 sq M floor area 2 story house, at a guess? I'm keen to use Frametherm as it is cheaper and easier to fit. I'll look into using the Protect 200 thermo and also an internal layer of 25mm PIR.
  3. Sorry to jump in, still trying to sort our insulation! So, out of interest, how much more thermally efficient is a wall with a U value of, say, 0.19, compared to one at 0.22? Are we talking a few ££s a year in heating costs or a lot more? I'm still trying to get U values calculated for mine, based on 140mm Frametherm between the studs and 25mm PIR inside. Also, is there a thermal membrane that can go on the outside of the kit that may help?
  4. I'm not kidding on I have a clue when it comes to this. Just going by what the architect and company that did the SAP calc came up with!
  5. No PV, just ASHP with UF heating. Our SAP is passing with 100mm plus 25mm of PIR, but would obviously like to improve on that.
  6. I presume you are talking from experience? 😂 Just pinged her now to make her Saturday! Actually, hoping if we don't change the make up, just use the 140mm of ThrameTherm or similar instead of the 100m of PIR, it can just go through as an amendment to warrant at the end. Obviously, will need a new SAP calculation.
  7. I do actually. I'm lucky in that I have secured the services of a local builder on an advisory basis. I'm doing some fencing for him as a trade off! He is also going to mark out and supervise the foundations. Thanks for all your advise. I'm just going to email my architect and get her take on it all.
  8. Would there be an issue with air tightness using minerwool 35?
  9. Interesting. Thanks for this. Where do you get the extra 20mm wall thickness? If I put 140mm of mineral wool 35 in instead of 100mm PIR, that could work. Here is the build make up.
  10. Going to have a few amendments to warrant anyway, so that shouldn't be a problem! Yes, architects do tend to over spec things and I'm sure they have shares in Kingspan!
  11. I'll look into that, thanks. As long as I don't have to go back to the architect again, it shouldn't be a problem! Is the Glasswool 35 cheaper than PIR insulation? And what site did you use for the calculations please? My local supplier of PIR has just quoted me for IKO Enertherm and Recticel boards, and has said there will be a 17% price increase on 1st April!
  12. Absolutely Dave. I'll report back comparisons on here wen I get a quote from the spray company. Not looking like much in it at the moment.
  13. Just going by what the architect specified to reach the required U-value. Will almost certainly go to 120mm or possibly 140mm if budget allows.
  14. So their prices haven't moved since I first talked to them at Self Build Scotland show a couple of years ago. Basically £20 per square M for 100mm plus £1 for every extra 10mm.
  15. I have all the carcassing for the timber frame which I got hold of before the January price rise, and it's 145mm. With the 100mm + 25mm insulation, the walls are showing a U value of 0.21, and the roof 0.15. Was planning on beefing the walls up anyway to at least 120, if not 140mm, which should help matters. I'll phone a couple of the Icynene installers and see what they say.