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  1. It seems in split units this is actually the case, at least this is what it says in some Hitachi ASHP documentation: But as others have pointed out insulated pipe can be used instead which seems a lot simpler.
  2. I guess when circumstances dictate that the outside unit needs to be placed a distance from the property. If this condition can be satisfied with a monobloc design without a significant loss of efficiency then great. That was the basic requirement outlined in the first post.
  3. sorry @joth should’ve been clearer. Both basement slab and ground floor slab are 200mm concrete and both actually have 120mm rigid insulation board then UFH and flooring on top.
  4. Thanks @simon45089 - I was actually watching a few of those videos yesterday but not sure I saw the one year on video. That’s a big unit installed there, seemed to be quite noisy so not surprised it was located where it was.
  5. Very timely advice @Nickfromwales as the basement slab is going to be poured on Thursday. Will definitely look into this, thanks.
  6. fantastic info, thanks @simon45089 I’ll be looking into this solution and seeing if it’s also valid for a split unit in which (I think) just the refrigerant is cycled between the outside and inside unit. But this now has me thinking that I could maybe just go for a monobloc unit and this pipe solution... hmmm...
  7. Thanks for relaying you’re experiences @zoothorn sounds like this unit is definitely one to avoid. That said, as mentioned earlier. my indoor unit will be in a basement with 200mm solid concrete, 100mm insulation, UFH board, UFH and then flooring in top. I doubt noise would actually be an issue in this case with a decent unit that has been correctly installed. Interestingly both Daikin and LG do quote sound levels for their indoor units, both at 28dB. No idea whether this is what is achieved in real world usage though.
  8. If this is the case can anyone explain why manufacturers state that their monoblock units must be placed close to the property but that their split alternatives can have the fan unit placed up to 50m (for example LG) away from the building?
  9. Thanks @DamonHD - were both of them split ASHPs or were they monoblock units?
  10. I would love to know! But it may be more than a few metres, in my ideal world it would be more like 20m. I know some of the LG split units say that they can be sited up to 50m from the property, but they don’t seem to tell you if there are any implications to that 😞 What exactly is important here in your opinion? I think in our instance we can just lay a duct if required and have it entering basement wall at a suitable location with the Internal ASHP unit and UVC etc nearby. thanks for your input!
  11. Thanks @puntloos that link is really helpful and does as you say suggest that there’s going to be a further transition, but looks as though duty will still apply but on the UKGT tariff which is generally more favourable but just as incomprehensible! Still don’t feel like chancing it so am going to try and get any big ticket items I need for my build in the country before the deadline if I can.
  12. Thanks @Nickfromwales - this could be an issue. The unit will definitely be in the basement with the ground floor being 200mm concrete slab then 100mm celotex, the ufh then flooring so likely to be okay from floor above. Issue is that the adjoining basement room may be used from time to time, not sure what as yet though. Am I right in thinking that a monoblock unit needs to be within 6m of the house, preferably as a close as possible?
  13. @A_L thanks... by split ASHP I mean one that has the fan unit outside and another unit (compressor?) inside. I understand with these the fan unit can be placed some distance away.
  14. @A_L that’s interesting thanks, especially what you say about not being able to do DHW. I was sure I’ve seen some split Daikin units (Altherma?) that do both heating and DHW.
  15. I am coming to the conclusion that despite my site having mains gas I’m going to go the ASHP route for UFH and DHW. This is primarily driven by the seeming faff of installing a gas boiler in the basement plant room - flue routing is a nightmare in our instance. Likely I’ll want to add solar PV at some point in the future too which I understand can be more advantageous in an ASHP system. However, for aesthetic reasons I’d like to hide the ASHP somewhere - the house is built into a bank so I can’t easily stick it around the back out of site. This leads me to the conclusion that I need to go for a split ASHP but I’d love to understand what drawbacks, if any, this type of system brings. Could anyone provide their experiences or links to some good units? Still not sure what size I need but I’m guessing around the 8 - 12kW range. many thanks.