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  1. Ok, I wasn’t thinking of Class Q but along the other route of garage conversion as that’s what it’s current use is. the idea is still in flux anyway, like most of my current plans, thanks for the contribution
  2. @ToughButterCup so does that mean it’s more straightforward to convert to say, office space or an art studio for example?
  3. @ToughButterCup thanks for the link I’ve already been through the planning portal and as it’s not an extension I think the garage conversion rules are more applicable? in which case yes, building regs will apply, no problem with that so presumably I’d need plans drawn up. I’d like to make two new openings too, one for french doors another for small window. That’s interesting about your eaves height, I’d hate to get caught out on a technicality like that so if you do have time I’d be grateful for more details. if conversion to living space was unacceptable then it would still be useful as office space as I do work from home.
  4. Ancillary accommodation to the main house so I was under the impression I’d not need planning
  5. While I’m waiting for other things to happen I’m looking at converting a small stone barn, 50m2, pointed outside with lime mortar. I have some questions about insulation and moisture management. One side of the pitched roof is slated and has a bitumin type felt underneath all in good condition. The other side is wriggly tin so needs doing. The floor is 6” slab with 75mm of kingspan type under with dpm. Can anyone advise on the best strategy for insulating the walls and roof bearing in mind I want it to breathe? hiw much of a problem is it that one side of roof is not (I assume) breathable because of the felt? if I use insulated lime plaster on the walls and a breathable insulation/membrane in the new half of the roof I don’t want to create a moisture trap on the non-breathable side. I intend to use MVHR and a small wood burner and fit good double glazed doors and windows. comments/criticism welcomed.
  6. Yet another idea of mine... is it possible to reclaim VAT on a small stable conversion if the accommodation is ancillary to the main house and not a dwelling house in its own right? I’ve read this form but I’m still unclear, planning permission is not required, just building regs https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vat-refunds-for-diy-housebuilders-claim-form-and-notes-for-conversions-vat431c
  7. @AliMcLeod fair point. 4” drain from neighbour actually runs across the site so if it’s not at capacity further downstream, connection should be straightforward. I realise this isn’t a given though and might be looking at private treatment so if I can save £8k on architect fees then great. water is in the lane, again, if not at capacity then should be ok. elec poles run along the edge of field not far from substation so unless the transformer’s on its limit it should be ok. I’ll be applying for connection quotes as soon as I get the pre-app back, all being well.
  8. Thanks @SteamyTea that’s exactly the right approach. Nothing flash. Spend the budget on the fabric not the finish, that can be improved as time goes by. I’m not sure the builder is aware how cheap he is but he’s quite young but damn good and has built about 10 houses locally recently.
  9. @ProDave land already owned, services very nearby. I think the builder is very good but cheap, see his rough estimate above on a recent house he’s just done, that’s 3 men laying block/stone and 1 labourer. That’s the going rate round here, works out about £20 per hour excluding the labourer.
  10. Ok I realise I was being optimistic. looks like I’ll have to compromise somewhere, question is where? Size? Insulated foundation? local builder has quoted £35k for labour on an 8x8m house in block and stone over 12 weeks.
  11. NE Cumbria, well I’d like 160m2 but others have told me that’s not doable on my budget