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  1. Thank you so much. We looked few places and one builded did put the board out side and other no there is no one else to talk probably we went in wrong time. Could I know which place did you looked for your home.
  2. Hi could you all please recommend me any reliable self builder to construct a new build near Melksham(wiltshire- near to bath and chippenham)As I am new to this place so not know many people around so looking for recommendations. I am looking to hire main contractor route. Please recommend some reliable self build companies. thanks.
  3. Thanks for advise. Do we really need any indemnity insurance
  4. Thank you. It is coming 1 hr from where he is located but will ask him if he can do it early next year.
  5. Thank you so much for reference. Have you got quotes after submitting building regulations or did you got any tweaked drawings from architect before it self for less price. Is the builder is referenced by any one or did you researched any other way
  6. HiDan i am glad your house is nearly getting ready. Could You share who is the new build builder you hired as we are looking to start build our home next year summer near to melksham so thought of asking and thought to take your experience as I am just started searching for my house.
  7. We are looking to start our new build house for that we are looking to hire a main contractor. But Could any one please help giving some information that what type of insurances do I need for self build home project
  8. We are looking to submit planning application with attic rooms under PD
  9. Thanks. We are looking to plan for loft space with PD drawing so that can have 2 bed rooms on top which is the reason said 150sqm but not sure creating loft space into bedrooms will cost how much more.
  10. £300k is for everything including services and end to end or just cost to construct shell of house.
  11. Thanks for advise. Is there any website to get this approx quote.
  12. I have temporary structure in that space which needs to be knock down and build new one. I don’t have any services in site. For drain and water i would be expecting around 10k but again not sure which is reasonable or not as i don’t have any experience in build stuff which is the reason looking to know whether this house is in my budjet or not as for 150sqm my budjet is around £200k and i really can’t do much work other than painting the house.
  13. Could I know what is how much self build i do is that means i my self doing plumbing or installing bathrooms, plastering like that. I don’t have any knowledge of doing building stuff other than just painting.☹️
  14. Thanks for your reply. i am not entirely looking for turnkey if it is expensive rather hiring the main contractor. I was looking to hire main contractor and probably will look for others to hire my self for kitchen installation, bathrooms and flooring. When I looked in forum many said they got for £1500 per square meter so just wanting to know is £1500 is shell cost or including everything.