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  1. Slightly corroded the pipe 0.01mm within a few weeks then stopped and is only cosmetic now
  2. You can clean off the green with scourer and cleaning solution suggest new washers and ptfe tape on the olives when remaking joints or leave til taps are changed then do it
  3. Yes , ok in deluge but should normally not
  4. Try it and see if it ever fills up and overflows.probably be ok but it is poor
  5. But probably no cert here yet
  6. Yes but I think they have been discontinued now I won’t ever use metal wall ties again, mainly as I have retired though I do Still offer advice
  7. No need to repoint, possible touching in locally with colour matched mortar, not for me yet 25 yrs time may be.
  8. Poorly rubbed up brickwork typical of stubbiest on a price unlikely to leak none the less to eliminate water penetration I a fix a sheet of poly over the brick wall in question I often find flashings leak in or junctions between bricks and balcony waterproof layer.
  9. Stainless steel conducts less than steel wire and can be thinner but it is a metal and is highly conductive - I stopped using metal ties in the 90’s preferring nylon bit ocd but every little helps
  10. I used basalt fibre wall ties with my 300 wide cavities, mega strong very low thermal bridging, best laid as you go, 6 courses bricks, 2 courses blocks, insulation, ties, 2 more block courses, 6 courses of bricks, insulation, ties, 6 more courses of bricks etc
  11. 300mm deep is NOT OK 760 is the norm and will be required bt the water company, take photos or better dont backfill, they would normally inspect
  12. I would add a binder and some hangers , generally old ceilings sag as joists were undersized and without intermediate structure
  13. Compare the half the price of my merchant and good quality
  14. Ridge beam to span 7m would be huge eg 450mm deep gluelam or 300mm steel depending on type of tiles and roof covering if ties you can use rods or wire ropes etc they don’t need to be wood
  15. If you want soundproof use dense materials, concrete planks and recycled aggregate blocks seal all air paths