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  1. I can see sips sagging, even breaking 😢
  2. m2 of wall minus openings x60 +10% some brickies are very wasteful, I make them use both halves of cut bricks and turn broken bricks into cuts ot halves. Seen 20% waste on big sites blocks same but probably have to order whole packs of both bricks and blocks
  3. I did mine before wet plastering and at the end still found a few problems on the final test
  4. Oversized joists at 300mm c/c 28mm wdp ply, fail safe low edge detail, drainage layer on top of torch on felt poor soil, sedum plugs water first year and if very dry second year my one still there on someone else’s house 30 years later , fall was 12 degrees though
  5. I would worry about noise from plant room, cylinder will likely leak at some point in the future so better sited on the g/f in my opinion which often differs from architects I don’t like beam and block, potential air leakages due to gaps and cracks, both initially and opening up over time. now is the time to build in insulation, very cheap compared to retrofitting it. If you add sufficient you won’t need ufh upstairs
  6. Yea! But spend your time wisely, decide on what u-value you want and your airtightness target. Design from there. it is always possible to keep costs down and to reduce costs, how fixed on ICF are you?
  7. Where is the outlet? Is there a sluice in case it blocks? puddles on flat roofs are in my opinion unacceptable
  8. flashing.JPG?dl=0
  9. Two acros under ridge lift back into position add some ties
  10. Dirt and dust runoff clean with soap and water, vert carefully scrape paint off using the point of a Stanley blade, if difficult boiling water on a cloth and dab but it will spread
  11. Are you sure that the condensation is on the inside, I get it on the outside at this time of the year, How do you ventilate the house?
  12. I like top filters on supply, extract can have more basic filters, summer bypass is useful, I take my heat exchanger out and replace it with a dummy box. 0 to 100% speed control for each fan is good , programmable is nice and I use mine which has four preset speeds including boost, lots of time slots. noise attenuation, I have EAHP but very low power 60W input, no humidistat and zero humidity problems,
  13. Never penetrate a flat roof, it will leak, actually all flat roofs are destined to leak