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  1. I would say step up into the new bit or raise floor level. I would replace it in plastic , any manholes outdoors
  2. Yes but coloured, it seems quite glassy to me, most likely to be local and probably as dug.
  3. Mix looks like with grey sand mix ratios 4:1 and 5:1 and 6:1 then when close to correct colour try 5.5 etc
  4. Mix sand and cement using teaspoon dry, there are a few choices of local sand and darker or lighter cements, 4, 5 or 6 and 1then 4.5, 5.5 etc. Once it looks good dry mix wet. Put in airing cupboard shaped, and rubbed to dry, check match the next day
  5. Needs a fall, I would want to see min 1:30, I like lead and it will need to be code 6 min, this determines the lengths of the bays. I would say it looks too narrow and too flat, mun exit width 180mm , this plus the min fall and steps at 50mm will mean it it gets quite wide
  6. I prefer wider to deeper, ideally no organic under concrete 3 or 400mm should be ok for depth 600 wide stops it falling over 450 is ok too definitely no throwing stuff under the concrete please
  7. I am worrying about draughts coming in through the beam and block floor 😢 and through the blockwork walls, could you beg or borrow a thermal imaging camera some local authority’s have then for loan. Or hire one. Check what is going on, where draughts are coming in.
  8. Block up fans/ fan ducts, i.e. try to make them air tight, window tv’s should be air tight when closed, I would foam them up permanently 🙂 Best plan is get it ready the day before and get the biggest fan you can borrow and depressurise the building and go round listening and looking for infiltration, under window boards, under skirtings, behind archutraves, through sockets and light fittings, ducts, consumer unit pipes and wires, airing cbd, under bath, under thresholds. Rectify, reenergise fan and look again then do the test
  9. Cut in a water bar, vertical metal strip that is recesses into the sill and into the window. what sill will the new window have? I have very nice European style folded ali sills with end caps
  10. Fault on ring main, still there with solar off, they told us wrong