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  1. I think that there should be a total ban on coal, wood and biomas combustion in all towns, cities and schools for health and air quality reasons All those activities also release CO2 into the atmosphere
  2. This is quite interesting - watch it from 45 minutes. bit scientific but good down to earth and understandable with a lot of good explanations. Children get a mention at 1hr 3.5mins
  3. Not sure that there is a way to stop it no matter how serious we are. It is out there and moving. Can be carried with no symptoms, passed on apparently quite easily, even by testing everyone we wouldn’t be able to stop it, it is here and likely to stay. 🙁
  4. It is coming our way and can’t be stopped, it is likely to become endemic It didn’t start in December
  5. About 17% of china’s population is children under 14 , 8.5% ish under 7
  6. Aerosol evaporation rates depend on humidity, they are tiny , invisible to the human eye unlike droplets
  7. Re aerosols, these are sub microscopic tiny droplets that get breathed out by everyone, go through masks both ways, can carry viruses, re cruise ship, difficult to explain a lot of infections without evoking aerosols. next is the whole disease is way too advanced in its spread to have only started in December any up for explaining why only 1% of infections are children>
  8. Droplets don’t travel very far, a few meters, the distance aerosols can travel depends on humidity but can be quite far. not seen anyone saying that it is not transmitted via aerosols. Would be good news but very unlikely
  9. They used to think that there were two modes of pass colds and flu, droplets and physical including hand to face and vv to things, handrail cash, etc now these only account for max 50% of transmissions with the rest being due to aerosols, — these are difficult or impossible to stop, unknown how far the can travel or how potent.
  10. As I explained earlier there are three modes of transmission droplets, contact and aerosols, masks help with 1 and 2 but aerosols go straight through, the proportions are thought to be 25%, 25% and 50% min in that order. I heard you need to be in the same room as an infected person to have a good chance of catching it.
  11. I think official figures are for confirmed cases but the death rate should include all infected vs those that die., not confirmed infected vs deaths, no? There are a lot more infected and many will not be showing any symptoms, with huge numbers staying at home.
  12. I think that they needed better decisions, early action, a far better grip on what they should do and had learned lessons from SARS they need help still but have made it very very difficult, if not impossible to deal with, there will be political, social and economic consequences. the illness has spread widely and crept out into neighbouring countries, 😩