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  1. Thanks ! 10mm in for a porch , I often use 100mm lead
  2. Also consider maintenance- tarmac often zero, block paving a nightmare for weeds, printed concrete near impossible to repair
  3. Insulate better then design heating if still needed i did once consult on ufh for existing flat over garage, did ufh above an insulated and soundproofed ceiling from underneath, everyone said it wouldn’t work but it did brilliantly
  4. I hate blinding, I live vb in floors
  5. Plus plenty more on heating bills for evermore if dot and dabbing and literal cold feet too
  6. Not advice but I would ignore other neighbour - lots of people don’t even know about PWA
  7. Slightly taller wooden skirting, some stick carpet on with a nice trim on top as an alternative
  8. Wrong! DPC can be flush or poking out
  9. Mechanical fixing for me I built a peg (150mm long steel dowel into the reveal 50mm poking out to sit the window on ) for wide windows a centre support from structure below. Window reveals fixed in my case to ro the structure I hate the idea of combining insulation with structure, a mistake in my book
  10. I would like to see a lead saddle under the ridge tile that abuts the brickwork.
  11. For me comfort was more important than payback. I like your levels of insulation and wish others would do similar. energy is only ever going to get more expensive and so payback calculations will go out the window and lots including the regulators will regret that they didn’t go further with hindsight.
  12. If you are worried you can paint it with “blackjack” to 75mm below dpc making contact with it. Then simply overlap the dpm on that plenty of people don’t🙂
  13. Simple and cheapest will be a post at the corner. Otherwise an expensive skyhook agree about overheating, that can be ugly, building physics model will likely suggest reducing west facing glass and shading to south glazing