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  1. This is a better sketch
  2. This is ground floor. There is no SVP anywhere near those two bathrooms. And there is no connections for sinks and showers.
  3. Hello everyone, We are building two new bathrooms in the middle of the house and we have passed a soil pipe to serve both of them as in the diagram, which shows where the two toilets will go. It has just dawned on me that there is no allowance for sinks and shower trays waste pipes. I am also not sure about connecting two toilets on the same waste pipe. Could someone please advise me how this waste pipe system should be done?
  4. I did ask very, very politely, but the portaloo company refused, after, "I need to ask my manager". I suppose they want to avoid any remotely possible trouble and there is nothing in it for them. Maybe ask their bank to freeze their account?
  5. Hello everyone, I am signing with a different name to avoid any potential issues. We live in the south east, south west of London. Last July we employeed a builder to build us a significant house extension. The builder has taken our money and has disappeared. We have gone to our legal advice team for help and we are building a case of letters, emails, invoices etc to send to the lawyers so they can tell us if they want to pursue the case. In the mean time I am now taking control of the site and today I had the portaloo replaced. The driver who delivered said only last week he collected from a young couple in a nearby area who had also been stung by the same builders and lot a lot of money. The driver also mentioned another handful of similar cases with the same builders in the past few months. I asked the driver to pass on my details to them. The portaloo company, who are also owed money, refused to pass me those client details or to pass my details onto them. This is where we are now, hoping I will somehow find who those other clients who have also been defrauded are, so we can move together. Any advice will be most welcome! Many thanks shares