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  1. +1 on themodernhouse.com love having a nosey at the listings, some beautifully put together houses and interiors
  2. @Temp thanks for this, I think I’ll give this a go before approaching the builder.
  3. Just checked the BC drawings and it clearly states “install proprietary cavity tray to existing cavity” So looks like a conversation with the builder it is then.
  4. Thanks for all the replies, its very much appreciated. If it’s the general consensus that a retrofit cavity wall tray is needed how to I approach this with the builder? Is this a detail he should have picked up on or that the architect should have specified on the BC drawings? Relationship is good with the builder and don’t want to get into a blame game just want an amicable solution for all parties to get the issue fixed.
  5. It was plaster straight onto the old render no battens or plaster board. As for how quickly it appears I’d say definitely within a hour or so and not days but it has to be an almighty lashing on the gable wall which unfortunately we haven’t had in a while. Has taken me 2 months to even get a plasterer to come out and look at the job as the guy that plastered our extension is tied up for the foreseeable doing 14 apartments.
  6. thanks for the quick replies gents and close up (just looks a bead of silicone has been run along where they chased the wall) and wide photo attached. Doesn't look like a tray has been installed if my understanding of them is right, the lead was just chased into the wall by the looks of it
  7. Hoping the buildhub hive mind can help on this one. 🤞 Our single storey wrap around extension was finished late last year but on taking heavy rain to the gable wall we’re ending up with damp patches in our new utility room. Flashing looks ok to my untrained eye but we do have a decent crack in the render above the utility room which could be culprit for water ingress. The problem is after just having a plasterer out to quote for the render repair he didn’t think it was the crack and the leak was down to the flashing. The render needs repaired which I’m happy to do as it was an existing crack but I’m conscious if that doesn’t fix the issue what is my angle for going back to builder regarding him coming back to look at the flashing and making sure the issue is sorted. apologies for multiple posts but couldn’t get the pictures up in one go due to file sizes.
  8. Just my 2 cents worth. Ral 7016 inside and out on ours for both set of sliders and kitchen window. We loved the contrast between the grey and crisp white.
  9. This is how mine has been set up and these guys https://www.led-lighthouse.co.uk advised on what was needed and is all working well. 1st pic dimmable driver connected to circuit 2nd pic plaster in profile with 4 meter led strip dimmer switch controls it with varilight vpro modules
  10. @Andehh our build started about 6 weeks ago and we found a builder who suggested a few design changes that reduced the amount of structural steel and support work work needed for the back of the house while still getting the 95% of what we want to achieve, we're doing a few things ourselves such as painting and 2nd fix joinery and have had to postpone the patio area and fencing until next year to come in on budget and we can work on replenishing our savings. Our total budget has now creeped up to £90k.
  11. Picked one of those up not too long ago to get the tiles up in preparation for our extension, impressed me (doesnt take much) and made short work of it and got them up relatively cleanly.
  12. thanks all for the invaluable input and advice, it’s very much appreciated. @AliG 👍 our plan is to have a plain white wall with the light washing down but will definitely update with pictures once it’s sorted. @Onoff Bathroom looks good!
  13. @AliG your lighting looks great! The bottom picture is exactly the sort of thing we’re trying to achieve.