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  1. @Andehh our build started about 6 weeks ago and we found a builder who suggested a few design changes that reduced the amount of structural steel and support work work needed for the back of the house while still getting the 95% of what we want to achieve, we're doing a few things ourselves such as painting and 2nd fix joinery and have had to postpone the patio area and fencing until next year to come in on budget and we can work on replenishing our savings. Our total budget has now creeped up to £90k.
  2. Picked one of those up not too long ago to get the tiles up in preparation for our extension, impressed me (doesnt take much) and made short work of it and got them up relatively cleanly.
  3. thanks all for the invaluable input and advice, it’s very much appreciated. @AliG 👍 our plan is to have a plain white wall with the light washing down but will definitely update with pictures once it’s sorted. @Onoff Bathroom looks good!
  4. @AliG your lighting looks great! The bottom picture is exactly the sort of thing we’re trying to achieve.
  5. @Carrerahill thanks for these, they’re both really helpful ideas. I think the recessed profile is definitely a option that I’ll discuss with the builder. Still a few weeks from coming inside so at least I have a bit of time.
  6. Finally starting to look at our lighting now that the build has started. We have a 4.5m long wall that I’d like to wash with light using a hidden led light strip, ideally something like the image attached. Hopefully the buildhub community can nudge me in the right direction for what I need to achieve this or at least help me explain this to my spark while sounding as if I have a semblance of knowing what I’m talking about. 😋
  7. @DevilDamo why thank you kind sir!! Not a bad first week, setting out and levels sorted, drainage amended and foundations poured. Steel frame work going up tomorrow and weather permitting the block work at some stage this week. 🤞
  8. So after a lockdown, 3 absolutely crazy quotes and a few design tweaks our builders finally arrived as promised to start groundworks today! 😃 Today’s overwhelming feeling is off nervous/excitement ie a kid at Christmas!! apologies but I couldn’t rotate the image when I uploaded it.
  9. Spoke to our architect about 7 weeks ago when making the changes to our design because of our quotes being too high and he mentioned he had 3 jobs that he was having to re-tender because they all came in well over the clients budgets.
  10. @Dan_the_man yeah Carroll’s fabricate the frames themselves but unsure of the glass they use but whatever they do use we passed Part L of building regs along with other issues raised in SAP calculations. yeah costs have been crazy recently, our first 3 quotes were well over budget but found a very good builder that has worked with us to refine the design a bit to reduce costs without impacting the overall design of the scheme. we can only hope the rumoured VAT cut will materialise soon. 🤞🤞🤞 good luck with the build.
  11. I have a return aspect about that size on our planned extension going back to our house (fingers crossed we’ll be breaking ground next month). It’s 3950 wide x 2400 high, original plan was for a 3 panel slider but have now went with a 2 panel slider, less framework and better view. We’re based in Belfast and are using Carroll’s glass in Dundonald and using the SAPA/Confort 125 system. My builder has been doing the haggling on prices and has got me the following for £12,840 inc vat for supply and fit. 6100x2400 - DG 3 panel slider 3950x2400 - DG 2 panel slider 846x2000 - DG kitchen window
  12. Rendered block with a strip of red brick around the bottom a few bricks wide. Nothing out of the ordinary or non standard.
  13. @Temp we have one knock through on the gable wall through from the existing kitchen to give access to the utility room at the side of the house and we have an existing set of patio doors that are being removed with I’m sure new steels inserted to give us the access to the new living/dining area with another small bit demolition to give us a larger kitchen window but that’s the extent of the demo work. Corner of the house is staying intact, we deliberately tried to avoid amending the bones of of the house as much as possible to keep the costs down.
  14. @Tennentslager while I’m sure the combined consciousness of BH would definitely keep me right, knowing my limited DIY skills it could end up like the house that jack built. 😂😂😂 We’re now considering the self project management route with main contractor and self appointed sub contractors but we’ve a good bit more work to do on that front to tie down costs
  15. Nothing that we or the architect thought was overly complicated and it’s was deliberately specified to try and keep the costs down. It’s a flat EDPM roof wrap around extension giving us a small utility, new kitchen, moving boiler and living/dining room, quite a bit of glazing but that was coming in at £12.5k + VAT. We had budgeted @ £2000 pm2 including VAT and thought we’d be fine but obviously not. 🤷‍♂️