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  1. Advice on DHW & heating please.

    It's generally the contrast between cold and hot that causes chilblains. The cold makes blood vessels contract, the warm makes them open up too quickly bursting vessels (that's why they feel warm, look red and swollen). Given your house's designed performance I really don't think this will be a problem for you in the future. UNLESS you do a lot of outside work or you have some condition e.g. Reynaulds. Even then can't see it happening. I'd be tempted to go for plug in heaters but you have to consider re-sale... no-one will believe you that they are sufficient.
  2. Windows

    @Moira Niedzwiecka Will PM...
  3. Windows

    @Moira Niedzwiecka Interesting, was your BC Melton? Might be useful to trade some advice in the future!
  4. Windows

    Is that ironstone @Moira Niedzwiecka ? Are you in Leicestershire?
  5. Windows

    Seems to be putting a fairly high price on installation, or am I wrong?
  6. Windows

    Is this higher figure because of the smaller amount of glazing required?
  7. This technology continues to advance. Use the plug in ones. For a new build wire up properly with Ethernet, obviously.
  8. Advice on DHW & heating please.

    On the gas grid?
  9. RHI - Ar*e about face?

    It's odd they think that DHW will be more efficient than the lower temps required for UFH?
  10. What's to the left of the picture? Could you build around it, having it encased in another house? My old Uni did that in one of the student bars, quite an interesting effect. On the other hand, you end up with a pretty large dwelling which might not be what you want.
  11. RHI - Ar*e about face?

    Yeah but there's a maximum of 20,000kWh you can claim for I think... we're over that. After that it looks like it's just the SPF that can alter the payout, which apparently is calculated by the installer. Sounds like no opportunities to game the system whatsoever.
  12. RHI - Ar*e about face?

    Apparently according to we can claim £8,400 over seven years on the installation of an ASHP (not including inflation). My guess this round figure is because we're at some sort of maximum. What's the premium on an MCS install of an ASHP? Edit: looks like I can increase the amount if we get an ASHP with a better SPF.
  13. As Built SAP

    My understanding was that, even with a high performance fabric first design, it was really difficult to achieve "A" without renewables (which is a weakness of SAP imo). How did you manage it - do you have a heating system which ticks certain boxes? Or installed a bike rack? (only joking, I realise we're past CFSH craziness).
  14. Well done - office reclaim places can be goldmines, similar savings with decent desking too.
  15. Log burner

    Right, but that's because the burn is more efficient for a number of reasons, I get that. I'm just sceptical that the result of the burn doesn't just go up the chimney. I'm probably discounting the effect of radiated heat and conduction through the metal, but it would be good to understand the science a bit. And do all stoves have the heat exchanger mentioned for the Springvale? Mine doesn't - I take the top fire bricks up and there's just the flue. And yet it claims 75% efficiency!