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  1. We are looking at Hanley Economic Building Society for our self build mortgage they do offer for renovations too, I would love to hear from anybody with experience of using them?
  2. What sort of cost are you looking at for an Air Test on a single house? Am I correct to think you need below 10m3/hr/m2 for a building regulation pass?
  3. I would have a discussion with your ground works contractor to make sure he is happy with your proposal as he may choose to add in a risk element to his priced offer if you spring it upon him at the last minute.
  4. Thanks Jack and yes I am although never residential schemes.
  5. Hi Everyone, Just introducing myself to the forum as I have been lurking for a week or so now. We have a Garden plot adjacent our current house, the design is moving through planning presently. The design is for a 4 bed detached, 2 story, of 210 m2. We have experience of refurbishments and extensions we have done over the years but the information on here is a real help. The plan is to use labour only trades for much of the work and I will pick up the Plumbing, Bathrooms, Kitchen fit, 1st fix wiring. We will live in our current house whilst we build the new one which we intend to move into upon completion. looking forward to joining in the chats with any help I can offer and more likely receive! Cheers CP.