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  1. Need more time to work on your house? "This summer sit back and let the grass grow, as a new campaign called No Mow May encourages gardeners to leave their mowers in the shed and transform their lawns into havens of biodiversity."
  2. Keep us informed if possible, its on my list of things to do/ can only be better than the existing 'cold' external solid walls and the reviews seem good, as long as you don't expect to match the levels achieved with 50+mm of Celotex insulation!
  3. Not neighbour who has a similar 'period' house to mine, which would be difficult to insulate to modern Building Regs requirements without ruining internal or external 'period features,' is currently giving it a try and is impressed with the results so far....but he really needs to go through a full winter season to confirm that it at least improves comfort levels of the rooms with 'cold' solid brick external walls.
  4. Yes I read the reviews so used ordinary kiln sand in the end at half the price, just posted it for reference....but some people rate the weed resistant stuff.
  5. I went for close fitting blocks with sharpish edges and very small gaps for weeds or debris to collect. The blocks with larger edge chamfers or a cobbled look tend to leave wider joints where moss and debris can take hold. Marshalls 'Savanna' is an example of a close fitting concrete block, but after laying take care to make sure the very narrow joints are filled with kiln dried sand with a soft brush on a dry day, I found it took a couple of weeks to top up the joints as it slowly settled down:- You can also get more expensive weed resistant block paving sand:-
  6. Any recommendations for good quality reliable 15mm Full-Bore Isolators, the type with a screw driver slot? Screwfix stock these unbranded which look better than the cheapo ones which soon seize up in a short time or leak through the screw when turned which rather defeats the object of fitting them. Pegler make good quality full-bore 'lever type' isolating valves but their compact 15mm screwdriver slot isolator does not seem to be available as a full-bore type. Is the only way to stop them seizing up in hard water areas to remember to turn them on/off regularly? I usually forget and then when I do remember much later decide to avoid touching them for fear of just starting a new leak....
  7. Anybody used this or any similar 'Wallrock' wall lining products for use in rooms in older housed with cold exterior walls? The reviews in link below seem good and one of my neighbours has used it recently with good results. Seems a good compromise where installing thicker insulated plasterboard would involve removing/damaging original 'period' features of an older house like skirtings, etc, and much better than the old polystyrene wall lining rolls my dad tried back in the 1970's, which was not very robust with us as kids in the house..... Product description Wallrock Klimatec KV600 Thermal Liner – put simply, ‘The Big Brother of Wallrock Thermal Liner’ is a new and improved thermal lining paper that draws on all of the successes of Erfurt Mav’s Wallrock Thermal Liner, but provides even greater insulation benefits. The most effective place to place any thermal barrier is on the inside of the coldest walls which is why we have developed this product especially for use on the inside of your home. It is especially effective on external walls by which we mean walls that are open to the elements on the other side. When a room has been lined with Wallrock Thermal Liner it separates the cold mass of the wall from the room environment and reduces both the cooling effect of the wall and cold air currents in the room created by the differential temperature zones within a room. Therefore, the maximum amount of heat is available to heat up the room air. Rooms thus become warm and cosy up to 65% more quickly and energy consumption is reduced by up to 35%. Any room will benefit from the use of thermal liner, the biggest benefits however are in older houses with solid wall construction. Wallrock Thermal Liner Wallrock range:-
  8. Welcome! Looks an interesting project, can you show us the plans for your build?
  9. For me it was just 'belt and braces' really for the small extra cost, just in case any tiling grout or sealant joint failed/leaked in the future the cement board backing would remain intact. I had tiling grout fail in a tiled over plasterboard shower enclosure in the past and by the time the leak was noticed the wet plasterboard behind had to be replaced which turned a small job into a major job. Maybe not essential in the upper wall areas of the shower which don't get very wet. Only drawback I can see is water resistant cement board is not as easy to cut and work with as plasterboard but the extra time and cost involved is not such an issue if you are installing DIY.
  10. I went with green moisture resistant plasterboard in my ensuite and Aquapanel/Hardiebacker cement board (tiled) around the walk-in shower area and also laid the tray using the 'Nickfromwales' bomb proof method.
  11. 1930's timber is often slow grown and in suprisingly good condition even if the paintwork is a bit flaky, are they in poor condition as plastic can look out of place on older properties? I would not use a large national double glazing type company under any circumstances, use a local installer who has recommendations and examples of many satisfied customers.
  12. Professional Electrician & Installer magazine have a regular feature called - Caught on Camera, of something shocking, funny or surprising seen by electricians while out on a job. Scroll down in the links below sent in each month to be shocked....😲 You can also view an archive of PDF versions of the full magazine here:
  13. You might find some of the info on constructing gravel driveways on the Paving Expert website below useful. Construction of Gravel surfaces:- Cellular Gravel Ground Reinforcement Systems:-
  14. Thanks for your thoughts, I will pass on and report back. I think due to covid restrictions no 'more technically' minded family member has been able to visit to investigate further and removing a screw to investigate (which is what I would do) is not something non-technical safety minded people do if they think something is electrical. Looked like a skirting board to me too but I will check if it is on the ceiling!