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  1. Hi, Just wondering if anybody body has any tips on changing from a self build mortgage to a standard high mortgage once you are in receipt of your building certificate ? Thanks in advance Mac
  2. Agree with Big Jimbo, go for granite
  3. Not seen any, got not bad reviews on trustpilot, I always say go for the best worktops you can afford as this will make your kitchen and last.
  4. Protek was the cheapest quote for me too, came in around £2700 for scotland with 3 structural engineer site visits.
  5. Using fakro and currently more than happy with the roof windows.
  6. Ditra matting is the tilers and most UHF companies favourite or as they call it the anti crack mat ?
  7. You can create and save an application for upto 3 months before submitting. So you might get round it that way. probably depends if they accept the commissioning date . They were quite helpful when I rang them for advice though.
  8. Hi, Agree with Conor a MVHR will not provide anywhere near sufficient cooling for your equipment
  9. Must plumbers I know, ditch the sealing washers as they normally degrade and just use silicone and cut away the excess.
  10. Thanks for all the advise on this thread, just need to start posting more, so i can see more content and VAT info
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