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  1. Didn't think it was complicated, blockwork could never be described as cladding, it would be the outer leaf. What i mean is timber, slate, metal -zinc, lead or steel, render board and thin coat render etc Has any one experienced funding problems without the outer leaf and just cladding as described.
  2. Good evening this is my first post and hope to secure PP within next week or so and, have been considering the structural options on how to build. My preference is no masonry above DPC, so all Lt weight cladding of some form ( planning aside) but my concern is the long term sales potential , in as much as the mortgage companies/ banks etc that accept this option I believe are fewer, so what would be the consensus. Have members experienced problems selling there home who have used this method and regretted it , or should I not worry about it. Its not our forever home, just 2- 3 years. I did one for client about 8 years ago who was not concerned about this matter. Would appreciate your thoughts/ experience in the matter. D.
  3. We haven't put a spade in the ground yet ..... Im just trying to be as organised as possible.
  4. Hi, please could you add a link to the guide. Thank you/
  5. Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I shall certainly be following these suggestions up.
  6. Hi Does anyone have any advice on how to start the whole process of reclaiming VAT. When to start ? what to record? when to submit ? etc Any advice welcome