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  1. works fine on chrome , FF , duckduckgo , and Kali too ,
  2. The problem remains yours, as you have failed to contract someone to take on the role, just because people refuse to accept the contract doesn't absolve you of the liability of requiring the position to be filled. And, therein lies the crux, if you use more than one contractor, you cannot then have a main contractor, You can have several different contractors, but if you have obtained their services individually, as many self builders do, then you no longer have a main contractor.
  3. Showers are a bit different, You can 'assume' a shower wouldn't normally be on for more than 15mins, an immersion heater could be on for hours.
  4. My bad,,,, C50 is a 'make' of breaker, as opposed to a 50a type C My upfront is a 50amp type C, C50 breakers are notoriously unreliable, ie, they never trip,!!!!!! A 6a could probably hold in at 80amps,!
  5. That's pretty good One thing a lot if people seem to not realise is that An 80a fuse won't simply blow at 81amps, Depending on fuse type etc, it may well hold in excess of 100amps for some considerable time, 5-10minutes, or more. Sub main at my house is protected by a C50 iirc, 9.5kW shower, 20a welder, oven on and wife boiling kettle when the 2kW compressor kicks in, not had the C50 trip yet. Obviously the 2x6kW immersions will be your largest continuous load, (no diversity for water heating iirc) , any other significant load is going to be short period, so I wouldn't worry too much.
  6. Personally if it were me, I'd price having the DNO move the whole meter etc to an outside position, as said above, also allows for future proofing.
  7. If you have multiple zones wired through a 'standard' ufh wiring centre, then 2 port valves can be used to close off separate zones for cooling, By wiring centre I mean a proper proprietary type, not simply a box with a load of wires joined, if the latter, then you can configure the wiring any way you want, and the valves are often not required.
  8. Depending on manifold configuration it can be done, Requires another stat (or multiples thereof) , set at the temp you want cooling to take effect, this simply opens (all) the manifolds and fires the pump/s , It all depends on how it's been plumbed though as to whether it can be made to work. EDIT : usually also requires additional valves (sometimes) to shut off tank circulation,
  9. I've sort of come to the conclusion, for my purpose, is simply a load of black hose coiled around the roof of the shed, perhaps a thin metal sheet on the shed roof first, then hose, then perspex, would it be a benefit (or negative) to have the perspex black.? A lot of my thinking is based on weight.
  10. And, unless you appoint a main contractor, who in turn, appoints the rest of the subbies/trades , then you , by default, become the main contractor, If you want to appoint all the separate trades yourself, how do you differ yourself from someone who appoints an actual main contractor,? You cannot appoint multiple main contractors, no matter how much you may think you can, the clue is in the word 'main' .
  11. Whatever way you want to cut it, it doesn't matter, Ignoring CDM is fine, like a lot of things, it won't matter until it goes wrong. Do you think your insurance company will be bothered then,? They will leap at the opportunity to walk away. People will continually ask the same thing until they get the answer they want, like a child asking for ice cream until the parent gets fed up and says yes.
  12. So Business is trade, business or other undertaking So tell me, how can building a house not be an undertaking? It is after all under the auspices of the vat man, who is only interested in businesses, that's how he makes his money. Or are you trying to say anyone can get their vat back,?
  13. And your project manager would become what,?
  14. How does a sole trader operate,? He doesn't come under the companies act,. And, a previous quote from another poster, @JSHarris iirc, stated as such, that business was carrying out business and not necessarily being in business, I think you are confusing the two terminologies. If you buy a car, you have carried out business, Everyone seems intent on treating business as an entity, not an action.
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