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  1. Unfortunately we have a HDMI cable hardwired in to the walls and the end snapped off. Has any body attempted crimping a new connector on to a HDMI cable? if so any issues with quality? TIA
  2. Howard B

    Which CCTV system?

    All these "connected" cameras/ apps have come quite a long way. We have a hard wired Hikvision IP system (running on CAT 6) along side a Ring doorbell. The Ring is great for general doorbell/ motion alerts at scheduled times and the Hikvision system provides a great overall perimeter system.
  3. Howard B

    POE over RJ45 Regs

    maybe a few conkers hanging near the cameras? 😜
  4. Howard B

    Floating shelf brackets

    Thanks for posting that link, exactly what I was looking for!
  5. Howard B

    Steel staircase on the cheap

    Whichever option you go for you may need to ensure you have a double joist on the landing at the top of stairs to help support it. How much headroom do you have down there? Also if it helps check out They have a nice online staircase design tool which will help you get a good reference for your space, even if you do not order from them.