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  1. Thanks for all the replies, I think we are going to end up ripping it out and putting in HDMI over Ethernet so save from future issues.
  2. I have helped install a few extenders and repeaters for friends and family. Recently installed the Tenda Nova MW3 and have to say it is probably the best bit of kit <£100 (~£50 for 2 satellite version). Everything is configured and controlled via a neat little app. Was so impressed I ended up changing my netgear setup over in my house.
  3. We are currently looking for an Oak staircase for a new project (need it in about 2 months), have used mrstairs before and it seems they are still coming out cheaper than others for the design we need (half turn). Just out of curiosity what was the price difference from Estonia compared with the UK? Only issue I can imagine as you said is transporting such a large staircase over.
  4. Unfortunately we have a HDMI cable hardwired in to the walls and the end snapped off. Has any body attempted crimping a new connector on to a HDMI cable? if so any issues with quality? TIA
  5. All these "connected" cameras/ apps have come quite a long way. We have a hard wired Hikvision IP system (running on CAT 6) along side a Ring doorbell. The Ring is great for general doorbell/ motion alerts at scheduled times and the Hikvision system provides a great overall perimeter system.
  6. maybe a few conkers hanging near the cameras? 😜
  7. Thanks for posting that link, exactly what I was looking for!
  8. Whichever option you go for you may need to ensure you have a double joist on the landing at the top of stairs to help support it. How much headroom do you have down there? Also if it helps check out They have a nice online staircase design tool which will help you get a good reference for your space, even if you do not order from them.