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  1. iSelfBuild

    Basement - ICF vs Shuttered Reinforced Concrete

    I have absolutely no idea on price, it would depend on so many job specific factors. I know a few precasters welcome residential projects.
  2. iSelfBuild

    Basement - ICF vs Shuttered Reinforced Concrete

    More like this, you can see a T + G profile in the edge, these can have connection wire ropes embedded and filled with grout for high load situations which make it monolithic. Also exposed rebar can be left at the edges for additional casting on site to make it monolithic.
  3. iSelfBuild

    Basement - ICF vs Shuttered Reinforced Concrete

    Have you considered precast concrete? I built a very large reinforced block work retaining wall... never again. Took us months to get out of the ground, it burst on us in the first pour. Loads of photos here: I'm a consultant within precast concrete (the manufacturing side of things) and a lot of manufacturers are starting to offer retaining wall units with waterproof tanking pre-installed. Mainly used on commercial projects for now. That is the way I would go if I do another retaining wall.
  4. iSelfBuild

    The boys came round this afternoon.....

    I live near you and I can't ever make head or tails of these accents you take off! Where are you finding these people 🤣
  5. iSelfBuild

    Tenders are in...

    This is what drives me MENTAL about architects, why do most not have open conversations with the client in terms of their budget and use their commercial awareness to plan it accordingly. They must have added some pretty mental features to be getting that sort of price. I know they want to give the client all the features they like but they seem to forget the client has to pay for all of this at the end of the day.
  6. iSelfBuild

    Things going bump in the night!

    About 3 years ago I wedged an oak slither in a gap in our green oak ridge beam when we fitted them. It fell down last weekend and hit me on the head. Took me a good minute to realise what had happened, I shouted hello thinking someone was pranking me as I had the french doors open in the pitch black letting my dog out. Quite scary when your in the middle of a forest with no lighting hah. Creepiest thing was waking up one night to voices outside and opening the caravan curtains, some guy was just staring in. He got more of a fright than me though🤣
  7. iSelfBuild

    Oak Staircase Prices?

    £1000.00 😮 I have decided on a clear coat lacquer, I prefer the natural colour. Our windows are borderline too orange coloured for my liking.
  8. iSelfBuild

    Oak Staircase Prices?

    That's pretty reasonable actually! Ahhh architects... I am shocked how few these days even bother with a window schedule. Flat out refuse to supply me one so I have to scale off the drawings which of course we all know have their little disclaimer about not scaling off the drawings. Madness!
  9. iSelfBuild

    Oak Staircase Prices?

    My price includes osmo oil so just realised it's an even bigger saving. How much do companies usually charge for that on a stair case. We need to eventually treat the 3 feature oak trusses to match the windows and stairs... not looking forward to it and I quite like the natural look! ?
  10. iSelfBuild

    Oak Staircase Prices?

    Hope so! Here is where we are at with the design. Started with a none cut string (1) which is much more traditional in design and then my Mother found the staircase picture above in a magazine... So we went to a cut string (2) and we have just tried out design 3 which also incorporates the sweeping treads. What do people think?
  11. iSelfBuild

    Oak Staircase Prices?

    That's a beauty! Well I believe my father is wanting ceiling to string glass on one side (but not shaped to the string just parallel to the lower slope of the stairs) The other side is against a block wall so this will have a hand rail fitted. Makes no sense to me... I think it will look clumsy but that's what they want.
  12. iSelfBuild

    Oak Staircase Prices?

    This is pretty much the style we are going for (image at the bottom) But the glass will be more like: One of my suppliers in Eastern Europe helped me out and passed me someone they use locally and it has smashed stairbox out of the water. There is no denying, a cut string is a mega expensive feature but it's what SWAMBO wants.
  13. iSelfBuild

    Oak Staircase Prices?

    Stairbox have quoted £3515.00 + VAT For an Oak staircase cut string both sides. Strings are 32mm Engineered oak and the treads and rises are 32mm oak. 2910mm - 15 risers - 1010mm width. Can anyone suggest we try anywhere else?
  14. Yes that's correct, we have access to another 100 amp main fuser and meter. We install it's own split phase supply just fot the ASHP's and one goes to one property and one to the next. Each has it's own domestic hot water tank. I have a call with her scheduled for Monday So will be interesting to see prices.
  15. Correct. I'm a little concerned now that the commercial RHI ASHP arrangement and my log cabin which is for rental will interfere with my parents VAT re-claim on their lodge which is purely for their own use and retirement.