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  1. On same subject, has anyone any experience with the Dafi range of instant water heater? I still think it would be an option for a hot water outlet in the detached garage/workshop space. Are they even legal to use in the UK?
  2. Excellent, that has now put the weird idea out of the equation. We are primarily a shower family. The bath is really only for potential resale consideration and the odd Radox day after gardening!
  3. I am planning a TF house from kit company and have been thinking more lately about hot water demands. We will have one family bathroom with a bath and an en suite with a shower. My thought process is to have electric showers to avoid the hot water storage situation. Only heating on demand. I would be having a hot water store that would be fed by ASHP and a Pv diverter but feel that the demand situation will be more economical not running daily showers from the hot store. All appliances are now cold fill so the bath is going to be the only thing stored water will be required for. Hot taps in kitchen and bathroom i also wonder if instant under sink units will be more suited as only very small demands. Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks for all the replies. It is proving to be an ever growing list of "unknowns" for the build. Current panic thinking is that this build is something that we should not have even begun to think about. Sadly, I do think that we may just cut our losses and put it back on the market. We will see...........
  5. I guess this is a bit like the "How long is a piece of string" question but would anyone know the approx cost for a retaining wall that is 24m long and 2m high (highest point)? This element of the build is not being quoted by the timber frame guys for obvious reasons but none the less nothing build wise can commence until the wall is constructed.
  6. It can work in both your favour and against you. My conservatory roof has become more water tight with the increase of moss, opposite of the tiled house roof! 🤪 There was nothing visible lifting the flashing so I am having to assume that the moss was causing some damming of the rainfall sending it sideways and under the flashing. More days of heavy rainfall and bone dry in the original loft zone.
  7. As an update I managed to clear 90% of the moss using a combo of ladders and skirting board with a long length a bamboo screwed to it. A bit like dentistry from afar but after the momentus thunder storm overnight I ventured I to the roof space with a torch at 2am and everything was dry as a bone. Bucket still cobwebs, not a drop in it. So moral of the story is get rid of the moss if you can! Copper idea is one I may try tho to keep it at bay in future. Cheers for all the advice as ever!
  8. I have a bucket in position in the roof space, waiting for the moss to dry a little as sun has been out all afternoon here. Then I will attack the moss with a Dutch hoe and a patio block paver brush tomorrow morning. Will see if that stops the water coming in and go from there. I guess insurance may well be called upon to save further damage?
  9. Just been back in loft space and can see plant type roots, moss I would suspect under tiles when I peel back some roof lining, above the solid insulation panel in that area.
  10. Would the moss even be able to lift the flashing enough to cause an issue like this?
  11. True, good advice. Simple problems frustrate me when they should be so easy and I feel within my skill set.
  12. The windows are on the second floor in real terms. Roof pics taken from balcony on first floor. Ladder access from balcony pretty good. I thought about getting a climbing rope and anchoring it to my pickup tow bar mount and throwing the line over the roof to the side with the dormer. Getting a harness and belay and attacking the moss for a day with a paint scraper and wire brush.
  13. Here are a few pics. I can't see any tiles out of place or gutter issues.
  14. OK so after much heavy rain overnight I discovered a stain on the ceiling that is directly under a dormer window in the room above. After a 7am excursion into the roof space around the back of the dormer I am pretty sure I have traced the stain source. Following the water source is not so easy. From outside I can see a lot of moss built up on the roof and worse, along the flashing itself. My first plan when it stops raining is to try to clear the moss on the roof, starting specifically around the area pinpointed. I have ladders but no scaffold, am I being foolish to consider being on the roof at all? I would be happy to buy some climbing kit, harness etc to protect myself. I am not bothered about the height. What kit would be useful for this task?
  15. Due to location and orientation we have no South facing windows as all. We are situated on an East facing hillside with East facing valley views which are really "the view" that makes the house. The West facing windows are shaded by trees and the hill itself from around 3 pm in the winter and 6pm in the summer. We have an upside down config to the house with 26m2 triple glazed glass running the entire Eastern side. We are already aware we will require aircon but are planning a cross flow series of windows on the West side for natural ventilation when conditions permit. We will have PV & MVHR to assist but some times the view is the whole reason for the property in the first place. I have been quite concerned about overheating and looking into various shading options for the East side but as the sun hits the windows from sunrise it was 26c at 5.30 in the morning already in the East facing room, the shade above window option will make no difference until the about midday. Blocking the view is the only physical way to prevent the rays penetrating deep into the building. I still like the look of these and wish the kit form was available in the UK. Still dragging myself to France to collect these wont be that painfull! brochure_sam-2015---bilp_23.pdf