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  1. EverHopefull

    Council Tax

    Planning permission has not been granted as yet and the new house will sit in the same area of the plot and hence be totally demolished to allow for foundation works to commence. The Valuation Office Agency appears to have an office actually in Worthing which seems almost like too much of a coincidence but it does not have a contact number other than a main GOV.UK website displayed UK switchboard number. I guess that Planning Approval will give the zero rated trigger to demolish asap and then de-listing from VOA and CT should be possible....
  2. EverHopefull

    Council Tax

    Hi, I am ok with the new build property stages and the liability CT wise but I am trying to reduce the CT burden of the current property on the plot that we are going to demolish. The changes in CT in the last year or so make the old property class as a "Second Home" which actually is just pending demolition. I guess the obvious choice would be to demolish it and then get it scrubbed from the Valuation?
  3. I am mid purchase of a bungalow that I will be demolishing to make way for a new dwelling. The property will attract a 2nd home rate of CT rating initially on the purchase completion. I read with interest that new builds have to reach a point in development that qualifies them for Valuation and subsequent CT. Based on me planning to demolish, is there a like for like level of services I could remove from the property to make it fall below the requirements for Valuation? This would be a stop gap until demolishing when I presume the CT liability will cease anyway? Anyone had a similar situation?
  4. EverHopefull

    Top up heat sources

    I also discovered that the filters were original items! 😷
  5. EverHopefull

    Top up heat sources

    My only experience of UFH so far is with a 20 year old ScandiaHus. It had a floating solid wood floor which seemed to be very "bouncy" and a heat recovery system that was either badly commissioned or designed that spent most of it's time switched off. It's main feature was to make every obnoxious smell available in every room of the house! Hoping that these days things have improved greatly with both systems.
  6. EverHopefull

    Top up heat sources

    Thanks guys for your input. I knew it was the forum to be joining! Once I have the architect back on reigns i will see what budget is left for the fabric first approach.
  7. EverHopefull

    Top up heat sources

    Hello Jack, I take your point about the "dryness" of aircon supplied heat and yes it can be very uncomfortable. I guess the MVHR with built in heater is an option. There does seem to be a very high level of satisfaction with the capability of MVHR combined with UFH with ASHP combinations to provide a background level of heat for the whole house. I think it boils down to having a source of instant heat that is not overkill in KW to allow for those occasions where temp drop externally and occupants allowing heat to leach out cause an uncomfortable lowering of room temp. I also imagine that if such a perfect device existed it would be a "golden egg" invention.
  8. EverHopefull

    Top up heat sources

    Cheers Dave. In my scenario the aircon unit would be quite a small unit that would probably sit in the main open plan lounge/reception area to address the "chill" that maybe some would sort out with a wood burner or similar. The MHRC would then distribute and balance things. It would not be excessive heat required, just localised instant gratification. I was myself quite keen on the wood burner from an asthetic stance but also now realise that there is overkill in such insulated buildings.
  9. EverHopefull

    Top up heat sources

    Hi I am currently at the purchased land stage of a build and just starting secondary talks with architects, so just getting started I guess. I read through the many articles on this and other forums and have jumped in with both feet and signed up to this one as it feels honest and varied enough for most outcomes of build choices. I have a simple question to kick off with and that is "Has anyone here ever used/considered using a traditional split aircon unit with heating capability as a "top up" heating source for a highly insulated new build". I have not seen anything on my ride around the internet so far but as heat pumps are being touted as a great core heating source it seems odd that the smaller devices that have been around for many years and presumably having a great COP spec have been largely ignored. They are instant and do not punch great holes in the air tight envelope of a building and would on the face of it, appear a great solution to what I read is a fairly regular issue with supplementary space heating? Interested to hear your thoughts/experiences as I am at this point considering their use in my build.