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  1. I downloaded the manual and it gives options of external venting or recirculation. I did find a video online of some mad looking chef using one of these dubbed in German. The vortex it creates looks pretty impressive!
  2. Hi, i have been looking at the Bora hobs and had convinced myself that they were a perfect solution to a kitchen problem. Now I have seen this new item from Ikea and wondered if anyone else had? FÖRDELAKTIG Induction hob/integrated extractor. The spec looks ok but the price is temptingly low. Who makes these for Ikea, anyone know?
  3. While aesthetics and design are often make or break things in a house I have to admit that the implications of the passive house and the ongoing savings in the future and comfort living have grabbed the top position of our wish list. I could not live with an eyesore bolted onto the finished house but hopefully can source a suitably stunning compromise....
  4. TF company had done similar in the past but explained extra costs and isolating gaskets etc for steel beams and not perfect solution to maintain the thermal max spec. I guess with unlimited budget anything is possible
  5. Yes, something along those lines. Flooring to run at same appearance from interior to balcony, with glazed frame less type bulustrade. I think I prefer almost to keep the balcony and entrance bridge as separate structures to keep a near passive house as uncompromised as possible.?
  6. That is a proposed solution, just needs securing to the house itself, not affecting the thermal envelope. Are there pure balcony manufacturers, not found any yet. Bridge could be same but on smaller scale. I have seen juliet balconies on large developments but nothing the size required....
  7. Hi, having more or less settled on the dimensions and layout of our TF build and spoken to a few suppliers now we have without exception run into the thorny subject of the desire to have a glazed balcony that will be the length of the first floor, about 13m x 1.5m that cannot be easily an extended joist or steel situation, due to thermal bridge nightmares. Anyone used a balcony manufacturer in the past? We also have a need for a bridge from the drive to the entrance door, also on first floor, approx 2.5m x 2m wide. This could be possibly made from timber I guess. Anyone had a bridged entry with any advice or pointers?
  8. I was shown this product at Scandia HQ when visiting their show home recently. They are offering it along side the standard insulation, no mention of cost difference but the show home was filled with it.
  9. Oh ok, we did originally hope for a full "turn-key" solution but prices were astronomical and turned out wasn't have key walk in still. Since then we have decided to do more ourselves. I guess the best I can do is get full dimensions from them for the stairs and punt it around to staircase manufacturers.
  10. Hi, I am still in the final design stage of my build and have been working with TF company Scandia. I have prices from them for most elements but strangely not a staircase, amongst other things. If they have designed the place from the start would they not be the best placed to get a cost for them, seems odd from my newbie perspective. I know it will depend on materials chosen but a basic cost on the premise of a standard material must be possible. I find it frustrating that for such "Kit" homes not to have prices for what is an essential part of the build. Rant over, just that it took 6 weeks to get figures and then there are these odd gaps that are probably not small figures to now research...
  11. Relieved this is only a two storey extension! It's exhausting....
  12. Welcome to the best source of advice, inspiration and real life stories you could wish to find! I am hopefully a few months ahead of yourself. Owned the property/plot since Feb 19 and gently moving towards that new home as a goal. You are in fantastic company.
  13. Points taken on board. I will try to establish what the demo guy is proposing. He says it will save £1000s. Just to make it clear I am not going to be standing anywhere near this event if he still thinks its a viable option!
  14. If I plan to have pv monitors and other devices that have sensors on the meter would it be an issue to have meters kept at the edge of site? Moving the meter prior to or during demolition is something I have seen on someones self build blog but didn't think it was that safe to be honest.