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  1. EverHopefull

    Pleasant surprises!

    Ah but this is not a zero standing charge tariff that I am on. The daily standing charge is 28.4p That's the surprise bit. I was expecting to pay the standing charge for having the facility available to me. When I asked this I was told quite clearly that if usage is zero the standing charge is waived. Goes against everything a standing charge should mean really.
  2. EverHopefull

    Pleasant surprises!

    Now being the proud owner of a sad old house on a great plot I have been wrestling with the fact I have zero usage of the electrics etc. From Feb when it became ours the meter reading has remained static as power has been turned off. EDF have three times now assumed usage based on the previous owner and billed as such. After many frustrating phone sessions with them today I have zeroed my account balance, this has actually happened last month but this time I found out something I wasn't aware of. I was expecting to pay three months standing charge and happy to do so, BUT what I didn't know was that if your usage is nill then the standing charge is waived too! Who knew that? I feel like this is a diamond in the rough of the self build experience so far. Anyone else heard this fact?
  3. EverHopefull

    Solar panel bird mesh

    They are not ever successful in the attempt to nest as all the eggs drop onto the pavement below due to the roof pitch. I pick up at least 1 every other day at the moment.
  4. Has anyone had quotes for fitting the stainless steel mesh to prevent birds nesting under solar panels? I have a 4kw system that a dozen little noisy flying rats have decided to call home.
  5. EverHopefull

    Should I fit solar panels

    I have a 4kw system on my current house and it has paid for itself in around 6 years. (outlay recoup via FIT & usage assumed 50%) The new place, although only at sketch stage will have PV even though FIT is ending for the following reasons. It will contribute to the usage needs of the ASHP (heating & water) during the day. I will fit a power diverter (iBoost or similar) to add to the hot water where possible. At some point in the future it will be paid off and I will feel as good about it as I do with this house. If the budget didn't stretch to the cost then I probably would not fit them. I watch with interest what will happen with the gov schemes that "may" replace FIT at some stage to encourage take up.
  6. EverHopefull


    It would be a side balcony. Probably no gable end as such due to a mono pitched roof. I have seen quite a few kit style home with an "internal" balcony area that is sheltered from the elements from all sides. Drainage, thermal issues can obviously be countered.
  7. EverHopefull

    Glazing position on ICF

    That's fine but the wide track for sliding units in my present house cause a step of 10cm high and 35cm wide between inside and outside. More step onto the track than over. New house has to be flush tracking.
  8. EverHopefull


    If designing in a balcony from first floor lounge that spans the length of the house approx 12m What would be the optimum method to prevent cold bridges. 1) external hung style 2) inboard so as it sits inside the dimensions of the house. It would be 1.5 depth.
  9. EverHopefull

    Glazing position on ICF

    Makes sense. I was concerned about putting weight on the outer I insulated layers but am determined to have level thresholds on the door system.
  10. Thinking as you do at 3am this morning. If you were building with Nudura and the house was "upside down" with lounge upstairs and were planning wide opening glazed units. Would the really heavy glazed units have to sit centred on the concrete middle of the ICF? Is this the same for all windows and doors? I was thinking of the visual appearance as well as the structural and thermal issues. Would you be able to have block and beam floors on the first floor?
  11. EverHopefull

    UK Map Centre - accuracy question

    I could do that of course but I am applying for AP1 on a small area of my garden plot that appears to be inclusive to the plot on the plans I can download from this company's website. The process of AP appears to be more a case of having the boundary certified/amended by Land Registry rather than full AP. I am not sure at this stage if it would be best to continue with AP with the LReg and wait for them to refer to OS (that is what they seem to do to clarify matters) or just go for a amend to the boundary with LReg making a reference to the mapping OS have?
  12. EverHopefull

    UK Map Centre - accuracy question

    Has anyone on the BH forum any experience of the maps available on the UK Map Centre website? I notice that the maps are certified "Land Registry compliant" "Council Compliant" and licenced from Ordinance Survey themselves. My concern is that the boundary show on the Land Registry documents differ somewhat to the ones available on this website. Clearly the website purchased ones are usable in a planning process and produced under a third party licence from the OS themselves. Anyone ever experienced this differential before? I have been told that Land Registry are trying to "upgrade" the property boundary nightmare whenever a property goes through the process of conveyance and that they are using OS data to perform this upgrade. Anyone herd or experienced this?
  13. EverHopefull

    Is the whole building industry overpaid?

    The allowance for the car opens up a world of choice but BIK is where the real deal is won or lost in my book. I work with a guy who has chosen a Discovery Sport as a company chariot and he still cannot see why his take home pay is hammered as it is because of the percentage charge on the Co2 against forecourt price! 🤣
  14. EverHopefull

    Is the whole building industry overpaid?

    Strangely I drive an i3 (non extender) and my lease expires in May. I have a fairly healthy budget from my company that would let me drive a lot of very upmarket cars. My personal aim is to make my BIK payment as low as possible. At renewal last time whilst driving a Bluemotion Golf the i3 was being offered and made my BIK liability less, so that's the way I went. Free installed £2500 BMW wall charger Plus. This time around the lease guys have no glut of e vehicles so I am going in to direct opposite now and chosen a NIssan Navara 2.3 Diesel of all things!! Cutting my BIK by almost 4/5's Crazy world eh. Like others have said what people drive these days is often nothing to do with wealth or desire of the car itself. Mine is a method of pretending I have had a pay rise as I have not actually had one for more than 7 years. The Navara will also come in very handy for the project ahead too.
  15. EverHopefull

    Check mate!

    Hanse Haus are my preferred if I had to choose but they all look very "German" not that I dislike that but the reason we thought a architect might take ours out of the pigeon hole. We would be going for an almost turnkey service due to work commitments so accept that we will be paying a premium.