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  1. EverHopefull

    Savings to be had?

    OK, Southern Water say that "Wastewater is charged at 92.5% of water used" Waste Water rate 245.60p per cubic meter Fresh water supply 137.20p per cubic meter. The current property was built in 2003 and I have plans showing that a soakaway was specified 5M from the property and all surface water down pipes to be linked to that soakaway. I believe this should qualify for the "rebate" mentioned on the bill itself?
  2. EverHopefull

    Savings to be had?

    Hi, I have been looking at various ways to reduce the outgoings on our new build that will pay back over a long term. Insulation is obvious, heating and solar gain awareness is another but my current item under scrutiny is waste water. I read through my water bill for the house I am living in and notice that two thirds of the bill are for handling waste water the other third is surprisingly for sparkling clean drinking water! At the bottom of the bill it mentions that a reduction of the bill would be possible if waste water was handled with a soak away. What currently are the general thoughts about this? Is is a major expenditure to prepare the build groundworks for this way of working? As it stands I can see substantial savings to be had over the years but think to myself have i missed something obvious that makes it not worth while investigating further? Your thoughts and experiences welcome.
  3. EverHopefull

    Contemporary fencing

    The parts to create the "test" fence will be painted in a dark grey, rather like the on trend RAL aluminium window frames of the moment. SWMBO and the offspring cliam at this time that they will be able to take part in the "build" project. Personally I can see three pieces being painted and then me finishing the rest! Based on historic references of course.
  4. EverHopefull

    Contemporary fencing

    I have an opportunity to make a practice run on a section of fencing and gate at the rear of my plot and want to make an attempt at the new linear boarded horizontal narrow plank that seems very popular at the moment. I am thinking 4 inch vertical posts with horizontal 95mm wide planks nailed directly to the posts. The whole lot painted (probably before assembly). Finger gaps vertically. My query is would a softwood be worth considering for the horizontals?
  5. EverHopefull

    Saving Stamp Duty on Derelict Properties

    Sure, it was also non eligible for reduced stamp duty even tho marketed and sold as a development plot. Always worth a punt these things. As they say if you don't ask you don't get. Will demolish once planning approval obtained and just take it in the "self build" stride!
  6. EverHopefull

    Saving Stamp Duty on Derelict Properties

    I have purchased a bungalow that has no power due to dangerous wiring, water turned off due to holes in roof letting bird poo into water tank, no kitchen or bathroom facilities at all. The VOA were sent a pack of photos and my statement of fact as we're the CT office. Both replied saying that the property was capable of offering beneficial habitation and on that basis refused to remove the liability for council tax or VOA register. I tried, I do feel that there is a niche area that self builders occupy that all the red tape cannot deal with in a fair manner. So now left with full CT on the property until demolished.
  7. EverHopefull

    Sweat and Detail in Self-build

    My in-laws built their own place from a Scandia supplied frame only. The fit out was done by my FIL. He was a very deep thinking and logical person and posed the question regarding the insulation of what was a fully pumped circulating hot water ring around the whole house. Hot water was there at the turn of the tap. Unfortunately it was also there at the turn of the cold tap and although cooler obviously you could never make a cold water based drink without having a filter type jug in the fridge. The in-laws sold the house after 20 years and that issue with the non insulated supply pipes for both hot and cold annoyed him until he passed away last year. It does go to prove that the planning detail for even such seemingly mundane situations will haunt/annoy forever.
  8. EverHopefull

    Kitchen Island Philosophy

    Out of interest what is the distance between the island and the cooker units? I have been discussing this a lot lately and want to get that gap right!
  9. EverHopefull


    I will check the blog out, sounds like an option to me. Cheers
  10. EverHopefull


    We are aware of some of the "safer" variety of asbestos within the building as it was investigated by the vendor before being put on the market. I have been given verbal quotes from £3000 - £8000 from sources that know of the place but cannot work out if these were just "finger in the air" type figures or there was a national average. I do actually think that I would enjoy the demolition side of things but personally equally hate the rules around it!
  11. EverHopefull


    As things progress with the plans and spec with the architect my mind has allowed itself to let in a few more parameters to think about. The current property on the site is a wooden framed 1 1/2 storey clad with cement and pebble dash render. Unusually from what I read on BH our proposed new build is actually a smaller footprint than what it is replacing, although admittedly two full storeys. I am trying to get an idea for the demolition costs to add into the project totals and wondered if there was indeed a ready reckoner for such things or if it was location related etc? I was also contemplating doing the demolition myself but understand that there is now much legislation around processing materials, sorting grading and recycling that make things fairly complicated.
  12. EverHopefull

    Pleasant surprises!

    Ah but this is not a zero standing charge tariff that I am on. The daily standing charge is 28.4p That's the surprise bit. I was expecting to pay the standing charge for having the facility available to me. When I asked this I was told quite clearly that if usage is zero the standing charge is waived. Goes against everything a standing charge should mean really.
  13. EverHopefull

    Pleasant surprises!

    Now being the proud owner of a sad old house on a great plot I have been wrestling with the fact I have zero usage of the electrics etc. From Feb when it became ours the meter reading has remained static as power has been turned off. EDF have three times now assumed usage based on the previous owner and billed as such. After many frustrating phone sessions with them today I have zeroed my account balance, this has actually happened last month but this time I found out something I wasn't aware of. I was expecting to pay three months standing charge and happy to do so, BUT what I didn't know was that if your usage is nill then the standing charge is waived too! Who knew that? I feel like this is a diamond in the rough of the self build experience so far. Anyone else heard this fact?
  14. EverHopefull

    Solar panel bird mesh

    They are not ever successful in the attempt to nest as all the eggs drop onto the pavement below due to the roof pitch. I pick up at least 1 every other day at the moment.
  15. Has anyone had quotes for fitting the stainless steel mesh to prevent birds nesting under solar panels? I have a 4kw system that a dozen little noisy flying rats have decided to call home.