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  1. In Scotland the SE is responsible for structural items. Here it's almost irrelevant what the Bco thinks because he's not responsible or liable for it. It's not really a case of who wins but who do you try claim against or blame if you didn't follow the SE design - the answer is No one. If the SE design fails? The SE. Personally I wouldn't go there. If its a small amount cheaper it's not worth losing liability. If its a lot cheaper somethings not right!
  2. For fixings, just use threaded rod from screwfix cut to size (you can get them in 1m lengths) . Resin bond it in to the concrete (pretty straight forward) and use decent washers /flat plate to ensure the load is spread. Counter sink the areas as Russell said.
  3. Of its just for show and no actual purpose, if probably fix 4x2 into the edge of the concrete (in an L shape) , then just coach bolt in vertical battens on the outer edge as required (to match the depth of the insulation less the osb) . Then sheath with osb or whatever and render onto it? The weight will be minimal.
  4. +2 - this problem is utterly trivial, it really is. It's a tiny area and will be super easy to rectify and not cost much. Waz down some insulation and concrete, job a good'un. Looking at the picture, it'll barely need a cube of concrete.
  5. The sooner you augment the drawing and provide a copy to the builder, the better. The basic nature of the drawing genuinely is causing more issues here than it creates - and will continue to do so. What's happened in the past is irrelevant - the drawing serves no-one. To get over the immediate hurdle, augment your drawing - and provide it to the builder - if nothing else he'll say 'yes, that's what we're doing'. If not, he needs to alter to get the desired FFL. I don't want to dwell on it - but you MUST have this conversation with him. It's not optional. Everyone, not least you will feel better once the air is cleared on this. Moving forward further, I stand by my comment - leave him to it, or get properly stuck in and be constructive in working with the builder. And if the latter but he won't accept it, then sack him. There are many other details you'll soon come up against, many are evident when I look at this drawing in more detail. I'm puzzled by the 2000 ceiling - but that's your choice - however the drop down 350mm will need to be a good metre before the extension ffl of you'll bebumping your head - hence comment on whether this is stepped or a ramp down (sorry if I've missed)
  6. Okay - as I say, it's only my view for consideration. I'm trying to find some stuff I drew for my floor build up - we built on our own but I did some drawings to make sure I had it right - shows the full build up from beams, insulation, screed etc. If I can I'll post, it should be helpful.
  7. Contradiction: "Thing is as much as I say I trust my builder(s).. with my experience here (nash xyz & bullying) its left me totally devoid of trust for anyone welsh its sad to say, but, only natural. So when my 2nd in command (one of the nicest people Ive met -tho f's & blinds like the wind- so there are exceptions thank goodness of course) says 'all fine/ will be rock hard/ see you monday' I just don't trust its true." Elaboration: You say you trust your builder and in the next sentence say you don't trust him.
  8. I have taken time to read the full thread. Forums are just that, so I don't see any reason not to - it's your choice whether to take anything from this or not. I think there are two simple steps to be taken. 1 - Mark the Finished Floor Level on the wall of the existing structure. That means quiet literally that - the level that you want the final floor to be. And communicate that clearly to the builder. Nothing else matters here - the FFL is the concern, therefore mark where it's to be and that supercedes the drawings. It's been stated the builder knows what he's doing - leave them to it. 2 - You should step back entirely from this build after addressing the above and leave them to get on with it - you've said they are the best out there - so leave them to it. I get a real sense you are causing more problems than you are solving. Having read this thread from start to finish, the sense I get is that you are not really getting to grip effectively with the technical design. I say that respectfully and gathered from your own words. It is full of contradictions and all sorts of anomalies that others have pointed out. That's a fairly blunt response but there is no sugar coating this - you're out of your depth, but you have a competent builder, so leave them to do it. Your drawings are not clear in the slightest (I say that knowing you think the opposite) and therefore you have no right whatsoever to complain about things not being how you thoughts they would be. That's a decision you took - you can't have your cake and eat it - you can't provide the most basic level of drawings and then think you have a right to complain when the actual build isn't how you envisaged it - you should have done full drawings. This thread is, as others have said, going in circles. It's no problem being out of your depth - many here will admit to that, and that's what we're here for - but most will accept advice, filter through the various views, and act directly one way or another. Reading through this thread, there's been much good advice that it appears you ignore and provide excuses as to why - mostly blaming the builder who one minute is great and next will tell you to f*** off and walk off the site. That's whats' lead me to make this comment. ANd that's probably why someone suggested it's a wind up. I say this with the best will in the world - lots of people have given great advice and for the most part, you won't act on it - if you won't sack this builder, then you must let them get on with it and stop interfering. There is no middle way as you are unable to work productively with this builder. All the best with the build.
  9. No need to be so rude mate. JS saved YOU the trouble. There's only one troll on this thread buddy and it's you.
  10. jamiehamy

    Gate Pillars

    Oh I knew who she was okay! Hails from Oxfordshire now and apparently holds events celebrating the lady part in question. But I digress....!
  11. We used it for our floor using a pump. Went in quickly and not a huge amount of effort to level. There were a couple of low patches but fairly minimal. The concrete went off quite quickly and cracked before we were able to make cuts. It's all cracked pretty much where we were putting in the cuts.
  12. Friend had a glass coffee table shatter into a squillion pieces recently
  13. I switched the MhrV off today and the house stayed cooler, under 26degreea upstairs and 21degreea in the back bedroom. As you say, once the outside temperature gets above 22, it's just bringing warm filtered air in. I've put it back on now and will switch it back off in the morning.
  14. I was refused entry to my local tip because it was closing in 15mins. (its only open 10 - 4). In this case I k my had two stinking bags. I blocked the gate, walked in to dump them. The guy came at me as if to stop me. I looked at him in the eye and td him if he laid a finger on me he would get a formal complaint and more. He backed off and I dropped my two bags. That sort of behaviour I don't like but in this case it was ridiculous. Stopping me dumping two bags? Utter power trip. The other experience I get regularly is when I take the wee camper van. They tell me vans are not allowed. I tell them it's not a van. They say it is. I say it's not, it has windows, kitchen and bed. Then they point out 'No vans'. Then I tell them it's not a van it's a motor home. Then they look baffled. It's one of the most bizarre things ever, visiting a tip. And of course where I live, we have a serious issue with Fly Tipping... Wonder why.
  15. We've got a Sage machine with built in grinder. Takes time to use and a while to get setting right but with the right beans, it's better than most coffee shops. Nespresso should be banned in my humble opinion. The sheer wastefulness of a global scale should be deemed un acceptable. We buy a large bag and grind ourselves. One single bag waste for around 100 coffees rather than one capsule per coffee. Sister says they can send them to get recycled but that rather misses the point. That rant brings me to mine! Lol. Beans to cup surely got to be far better for the environment? A coffee machine is a luxury but art what cost?