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  1. Assuming the plasterer taped the joins, this is consistent with looking like shrinkage cracks? Is it the same pattern upstairs?
  2. jamiehamy

    Pleased & relieved

    Well done. As NSS said, he'll always be with you and that's a lovely thing I think, although might be hard at time. No better testament to him to live in the house he helped you build xx
  3. But make sure it's not TOO steep in case 'someone' forgets to put the handbrake on.. Whilst I don't like putting cars in a garage wet, reality dictates otherwise. After driving in snow is the worst -the amount of water once all the under arch stuff melts off is really annoying. A very slight V into the middle would be really smooth - then it all goes exactly where you want and no risk of rolling cars.
  4. jamiehamy

    Edpm at edges

    You need this one fixed properly - you really don't want to live with the worry that it will get worse over time - and you would worry. Were it me, I'd put the theory into practise on the other two sides - work out carefully what you want to do, do it and work out improvements as you do it. Folks on here will help with a design that ensures moisture is routed to the right area - I.e away and down enough not to penetrate the roof. Then, when you are happy, choose a long weekend (Bank Holiday) and get in there with a Stihl, Jackhammer (wearing all the right high viz and with suitable safety precautions for pedestrians), dig down, put in your water proof layer, backfill, tamp and then (somehow) retar it. Don't ask your council for permission (ask @AliG about that!) unless you decide to go 'by the book'. Only my advice - once you go down the 'by the book' route, you'll get buried in red tape. For now however, you could try some Bituminous paint at the wall/tarmac join and see what happens?
  5. jamiehamy

    Edpm at edges

    I have a feeling this is it... And there will be solutions, both short and long term. Fingers crossed you get the root cause and then focus on solution.
  6. Personally, I'd put in a gradient. Wish I had, although it would have been near impossible during build. Putting a wet car in results in a nice flat puddle of water with nowhere to go. Just a small fall would allow most of it to run off.
  7. If you still need it let me know!
  8. I've got some you're welcome to. I'm in Largs and in Glasgow CC most days.
  9. I'm interested in this. We have two windows where the airtightness tape is visible. As you say, glue is supersticky on the lacquered wood so I've left it for now!
  10. jamiehamy

    It's a bird? It's a man ? NO! It's a flying scaffold board!

    Ah! So that might answer a question I've had for a while. I remember reading somewhere that a certain type of sailing vessel was said to almost 'create her own wind'. That will be this?
  11. jamiehamy

    Edpm at edges

    Ah! I wasn't sure how fresh it was and just trying to cover bases!
  12. jamiehamy

    Edpm at edges

    Cut a patch of polythene in a square, say 300x300. Tape it on to a completely dry patch of concrete and leave for a day or two. You need to tape all 4 sides completely. Take it off after a day or two and see if it's damp - if so, the concrete is still curing (it always will but initially gives off lots of moisture). That could help narrow it down now to concrete giving off moisture or maybe tracking moisture from external?
  13. jamiehamy

    Wind proof lock

    @AliGIt's def coming through the cylinder, however there may be an element through the hole which I could sort when I replace the locks. It's this type handle. https://www.ironmongerydirect.co.uk/product/hoppe-tokyo-multipoint-handle-upvctimber-92mm-centres-60-70mm-door-thickness-silver-928001 @JSHarris good idea o the grease - if nothing it'll be a temporary solution for now. In terms of the thumblocks, I don't like the idea of these - I've heard various accounts of this being a method thieves liek to get in - smash a window, reach in and unlock the door properly with a thumblock. Friends had a Golf R and that was how they tried to get in according to the police. Whilst our doors having big glazing areas, I'd rather not add any 'easy method' to getting in. Appreciate your point @JSHarrisabout being able to exit - Craig is sick of me making a palava about keys going in the one place so we always know where they are in an emergency. That said, we can exit from most windows too if need be, Thanks @HerbJ - I'll check them out
  14. jamiehamy

    Wind proof lock

    Hi all, As Gareth approaches this reminds me to ask something I've meant to for a while. Our front doors face the prevailing wind - and right now that's a steady 30mph up to 50. The locks (Yale/Euro locks) let the wind through - I want to order new locks anyway and have them all Same Keyed, but do want one that has an inherently windproof design - the draught that comes through right now is unreal! I might not be seeing it for looking but not bene able to find a spec on this. Any suggestions gratefully received! Thanks, Jamie
  15. Oh! I passed right by you in November when we went up to Harris! Had a week keek at the S1 Land Rover further up the road as well