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  1. jamiehamy

    We have rooflights! (and some tricky joinery to do)

    The plasterboard one is on the left. As you can see, we still have some painting to do. 🤭
  2. jamiehamy

    We have rooflights! (and some tricky joinery to do)

    Hi @Onoff @Tennentslager @Weebles! I'm here, been so busy with other things recently I've not been on much. One thing I would say, definitely use the 6mm ply. I did one by cutting the plasterboard and one with the ply - the result on the ply is far superior. Our plasterer who skimmed both was wary about the ply in case the plaster didn't bond right, but a year later, it's been fine. He put on mesh and PVA. The Plasterboard one was a lot of edges and very hard to get a smooth curve - we might get it plastered again on top to try get it perfect, but plenty other things to be finishing (yup!).
  3. jamiehamy

    Sticking PIR to OSB3 on a flat roof

    We put tissue faced PIR onto the OSB deck - OSB>VCL>Insta Stik>PIR>Some super sticky-put-it-on-both-sides-contact adhesive>rubber. Not sure whether Insta Stick is compatible with the foil faced boards however. The insulation and adhesives were all recommended by the EDPM provider. We contemplated using thermal fixings but getting them long enough and actually just getting them was very very tricky - I needed around 200mm and no-one could provide them. Was very odd - the suppliers (Rawl I think in Glasgow) only provide them to roofers.
  4. jamiehamy

    What happened to this window?

    When I got double glazing in the flat, a pane cracked the next day. Was replaced foc. Parents recently got triple glazing and oddly, one pane cracked too (north facing). It was replaced. Unless there is sign of physical damage id fully expect it to be warranted.
  5. jamiehamy

    Direct approach for land

    Our site had been for sale through auction twice and never sold. A year later we decided to ourselves it, neither auction houses would help so we went to the land registry, found the owner, contacted, are an offer and the rest is history. Not quite the same I suppose but thought I'd mention. It was already a defined site having been bought and sold twice before us.
  6. jamiehamy


    Yeah, Bumblebee of sorts. They will have a best to rear Queens, but wiith entry and exit blocked, they can't get out or get back so will just die off. You're in a no win situation - give them an opening and they'll keep returning - but only for a couple of months tops. You could try make an artificial entrance for them possibly from the nest to the outside maybe be using 110mm pipe? No harm in trying? They are as Jeremy says pretty much harmless.
  7. jamiehamy


    Can you post a close up on the bees or a bee?
  8. jamiehamy

    OH F**K!

    Ooft! Finger crossed. It would make me wary - let's say you'd gone with that design and it leaked - which it easily would - how could liability be apportioned? They wouldn't be able to blame non conformance to the design spec and MIs but similarly, they could say that's what you wanted made. Hmm twice!
  9. jamiehamy

    OH F**K!

    Hmm. There is nothing 'wrong' with this if it's their design. In this case, it looks like a steel subframe that gets bolted to the vertical part of the upstand, not laid on top of it. This may well be their design. I can't see them having two different methods surely? This one, I'd never go with. A larger unit will be a totally different design Skylight.
  10. jamiehamy

    OH F**K!

    Just looks like a crap design not a mistake. Is that seriously how they fit their lights? Id give them a pass.
  11. jamiehamy

    It’s all getting a bit real now.

    Congratulations you two! Xx
  12. You're a star! That's exactly what I'm about to do and you've solved my problem before I got round to looking for the solution!
  13. We buy this https://www.gordonstcoffee.co.uk/product/glasgow-roast/ or Dear Green - always freshly roasted. Obviously quite a bit more than you are paying. I would be approaching the local company again and trying to get a better price - I. E no spend limit (it'll be a long term relationship so the £45 thing should be irrelevant) and bigger discount (Gordon St offer a free bag every 6) - you're hardly going to bulk buy and lose the freshness. Anticipate how many bags over a year and make sure they are aware. We have a Sage machine and have tried supermarket beans - Yeurch. And very hard to get it to espress properly. Anyone who likes a stronger flavour can have a double shot, any wooses like me can enjoy a single shot. ?
  14. jamiehamy

    New Privacy Rules

    It's a load of nonsense. I've have countless emails from companies I didn't realise had my details, but who I'd dealt with before. Why didn't I know? Because they didnt' abuse having my details. The new EU Law to help you reduce unwanted contact has directly resulted in a tsunami of - unwanted emails. In the past if I wanted emails to stop, I clicked the 'Unsubscribe' button and most companies stopped emailing - except one recruitment firm who even now won't stop. Based in...Dubai.... Bureaucratic nonsense. Our Beekeeping Association has become 'GDPR compliant', despite NONE of the ICO literature being fit for or appropriate for a group of 30 people who meet 6 times a year to talk about bees (apparently because we are constituted we must comply - as Secretary I refused to take the role of GDPR administrator). The long and short is that we're doing little in practical terms differently - I hope no members want to see what information we hold on them because it's - nothing other than contact details! Good old EU - if something is not regulated or regulated enough, then they force it on us. And it's all meaningless anyway because the good guys are not abusing the system, it's the ones who don't really care and spam or whatever regardless. GRrr...
  15. jamiehamy

    Air Quality

    'one of my neighbours'... Lol