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  1. Hmmm, maybe, maybe not. I'd need to go back through them but my general recollection is that the cases are all a bit complicated by one thing or another, usually unusual build time lines or complexities between completion (I. E Building Control vs the rate collection vs Hmrc interpretation). I would only support such lobbying if we had clear, consistent evidence of unfair play by Hmrc and not a series sod examples whereby there were so many variables and subjective aspects and to make it dubious what and where fault lay. I would add to ensure my remarks are in a context that probably biases them that Hmrc (after an initial fair challenge around conversion vs new build ) paid out every single penny and in a very reasonable timescale. We had planned our purchases, temporary habitation cert and application for vat refund very carefully to ensure it went smoothly.
  2. Make sure you consider your future needs. In 15years there's a high liklihood we'll well on all be in evs. And possibly on more powerful than 7kW chargers. Make sure you factor that in as well - every house will have its own needs of course but as a whole, supplied should now be based on need 15+ years hence. Even with two eV charge points you may still end up in single phase, but maybe not. I told SP Energy a few weeks ago we had all electric heating, 12kWh immerse, plus two evs and they agreed 3 phase was required, esp as its very likely they'll all be on during the night concurrently.
  3. Quick update from me. Got a quotation back from SP Energy to provide a 3 phase supply. The gods are in my favour, when we paid for the new connection, they ran a 3 phase supply down and then ran a single supply in from just outside our boundary. We need to excavate that back to the joint + a metre and they will pull out the old single supply and run 3 phase to my meter box. They'll connect a single phase to the existing meter and then it's up to me to sort a new meter. So my plan is to get the Single phase Smart meter installed. Upgrade the supply. As and when we need to use the other phases + when 3 phase Smart meters are available, w upgrade and connect the the two phases. Cost for 3 phase supply - £900inc vat. Will get it done this year and am future proof.
  4. I've never really bought into the whole 'housing crisis' thing. For as long as you can struggle to sell a perfectly good one bed flat, in a lovely fully modernised, 5mins walk from a 35min train ride to Glasgow, for peanuts then I don't buy it. It's a narrow view but I'm fairly confident it's a pattern across the country. As my estate agent explained, young people don't want to buy old flats and would prefer a 2 bed to save them up sizing later. I sold my wee flat for 60k.60k! It cost 50quid a month in gas and electric. Was massive for a one bed. Own kitchen. That was two years ago, flat downstairs is in market for 62k. It will take ages to sell. What's my point? There is no barrier to getting a house. Not really. But so many people are so indulged, so spoilt, so molly coddled they create their own barriers because they want to live in a certain area in a certain house and won't be realistic. Look round any area of Scotland and there are plenty cheap houses and flats. You'd think Scotlands housing was unaffordable - it's not.
  5. To all Scotland based self builders - this is interesting - and very disappointing. As a self builder, it effectively says 'Self builders are a pain so we'll charge them more'. Maybe not the intention, but I think it's appalling - whilst paying an additional £350 more than a developer is not a lot in the grand scheme of things, I find it utterly perverse, not least because of the effort I put into my last two planning applications, which, by the planners own words, did far more than most other applications and made their lives much easier thanks to the extensive research and consultation I'd done to prove why it should be approved. I'll be responding to this - the more that respond as individuals, the better. https://www.gov.scot/publications/planning-performance-fees-consultation/pages/6/ "The Scottish Government recognises that, whether a planning application is for a single residential unit or 10, a large proportion of the work that goes into making a decision on the application is dependent on the initial decision on the suitability of the site for housing. With this in mind we propose that the fee for a single house should more accurately reflect the processing and advertising costs associated with making a determination on the suitability of the site. The fee per unit for the first 10 units will be £600. Between 11 and 49 units (inclusive) the planning fee per unit will be £450. Housing developments containing 50 or more residential units would pay £23,550 with each additional unit charged at £250 per unit until a new fee maximum of £150,000 is reached."
  6. It's a good point. We're buying the car to commute - the instances of us returning home near empty should be fairly few (60mile commute vs 120m+ range) It will get charged each night regardless so probably 7/10 times 28kWhs will be enough. For weekends when we're often all over the place we've got the *cough 2.7Bi Turbo V6 petrol Audi... 😉
  7. That's a really useful insight. I'm on Octopus and aiming for their Smart meter to get the 0030-0430 cheap period for car, immerser etc... At the same time I'm getting a firm quote to upgrade our 100A connection. We have a fully electric house, a Nissan Leaf on order (and probably another EV in years to come) and second house to be built in garage - so 3 phase is only realistic option. But that would scupper the cheap leccy plan! A friend is going to lend me a load monitor to see what we actually draw /when. If 3 phase rules out Smart meter then we'll need to work on a Plan B. The market and governments are so far behind the curve its laughable. Lucky that neither Boris nor Nippy will be in power when it's becomes clear net zero can never be met because their governments were so slow to act.
  8. What eV are you thinking of going for? If I'm not mistaken, most provide the ability to set charge times anyway, negating the need to to it at t he meter end?
  9. For around 210m2 of 150mm insulation and 5 and 5.5m beams, we were £55m2 exc VAT. The long beams added a lot, but as the sleeper walls were down we had to go with that. So that was beams, closer blocks, insulation and gap strips - delivered to Scotland. It's a super easy system to install - I'd use it again for sure.
  10. I'll have a dig around when I get home. I'll have our actuals that I can send you (although we had 5 and 5.5m spans). Spantherm and Jetfloor wouldn't quote. Tetris made a cockup by not reading the requirements right but massively to their credit, they did everything they could to get us a working design. They went over and above when they could quite easily have said 'can't be done'.
  11. We used Tetris. Avoided having to carry thousands of blocks up the hill and fitting them. Nice thermal bridge free joinds with the ICf walls as well. Very easy to do.
  12. Hi all, Thought I'd post it in here - I've been on and off since we finished building our house - today we got granted planning permission to build a house on top of our garage. The plan is to run it as holiday accomodation - there's a real lack of high quality, detached self catering accomodation here, despite being 45mins from Glasgow Airport, Loch Lomond, umpteen golf courses, 4 ferries and some of the best scenery in Scotland. Where the garage is situated was actually a former filtration tank - part of the wall has been retained. Roof was rated back when we built it at 10kN loading, so more than enough for this. Walls are 250mm reinforced concrete - could probably put a good few stories up! Put in plans in December and got the outcome in a month flat - pretty impressive. We will likely be building the walls with Polarwall ICF again, with posi joist roof - I have some learnings from the main house in terms of detail, but overall will be very similar - I think we'll do the EPDM roof again as well. It will be triple glazing but most likely going for uPVC triple glazing from a local supplier. Will post updates as we go along. We don't know if we'll start this year or next - would rather have all the funds ready. Last house we did for around £900 m2, and aiming to get this one much lower than that (we do most of the work except electrics and groundworks). My biggest worry will be the electricity supply - I think we'll need a new one to the site - I wanted 3 phase originally but wasn't permitted - will need to try get one this time - one phase for house, one for garage and one for new house.
  13. As Peter W said, make some timber discs angled to straighten them out. (assuming a shiplap style cladding?)
  14. I would say that you need to step back and consider the development in the context of the Local Development Plan first (you've not mentioned this) . If you believe that your proposal accords, or could be in accordance (because often its subjective), then you are off to a good start. If you can then find other similar developments, then whilst it's not necessarily a material consideration for the planners, it's important to reference. Precedent is more important in my view if you go to appeal - when the government reporter comes, they are interested in that. If you try reply on precedent alone, you're on weak ground gas said above, what applied for one may now not be suitable. Also, consider national policy frameworks too - local authorities are not obligated to follow the LDP - the more justification you can find from a variety of sources, the harder it is to refuse. (btw, the LDP being out of date is irrelevant, they still have to use it - and any new plan that is not yet adopted. A local authority near me has two that didn't get adopted (2015 and the current attempt) therefore any applications need to refer to all three for decision! That can be a good thing or a bad)
  15. I must have missed the 'when Onoff fitted a toilet to his stairs... 🤔