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  1. jamiehamy

    Just another damn error...

    Done this too! 10 studs at 2570? no bother. wham bam. Huh? Eh? Oh.... 2750.
  2. jamiehamy

    Just another damn error...

    Been there, know the feeling. I gave up bothering for a week or so until I felt like it. Guilt free, conscious decision not to go or try. Did things a liked including bugger all. Plus some vitamin B50 tablets helped.
  3. jamiehamy

    Housing market outlook worst 'for 20 years

    I'm not disagreeing, in fact, you highlight my next point. Where are first time buyers? I sold my 1bed flat through luck and didn't have to market it. If I did, I knew I'd be lucky to sell. How on earth are we at a place where a nicely slecced 1bed flat in a nice area with great connections at 60k is not snapped up? I don't know, but as you say, first time buyers are not there. A friend of mine is 26,good job, stays with parents, goes following football every single weekend round Europe. No inclination to buy his own place. I know other people who will only rent. And complain incessantly about things that wouldn't be an issue if they owned. If house prices stall or fall, that IS good news for some people but they appear not to want to capitalise on that. So the whole thing stagnated. Is is a generational thing? People no longer aspire to own? Why not?
  4. jamiehamy

    Housing market outlook worst 'for 20 years

    Exactly, worse for whom? For those lucky enough to be in the ladder and worried about a hit on values? Or worse for those who can't get in it's because of inflated prices? Whoever its worse for surely that means it's better for someone else?
  5. Worth a try? Not sure if heating it before applying will make it easy to apply? Will still need squeezed but maybe easier. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Silicone-Sealant-Clear-Waterproof-70g/dp/B0036GEK9W I would also say that in terms of applicator guns, the Heavy Duty ones are the best, require significantly less effort. We have two, and I can barely use the 'standard' one. It's too hard even for me. I used this one as well which is actually quite good too. https://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-foil-and-cartridge-applicator-gun/133fr
  6. jamiehamy

    Plot Access for Fire Engine

    What you do after sign off is pretty much your own business. This whole planning/BC malarkey can be interesting. From what I can see! Pp is already granted so this is purely bco related. Keep them happy until Phase 1 is complete then go for Phase 2, hopefully without bco involvement! But absolutely don't mention a possible garage again...for the time being!
  7. jamiehamy

    Plot Access for Fire Engine

    I thought about that after posting. Keep quiet to any of the authorities about a garage, make a turning circle your solution and hope bc is happy Def an option anyway!
  8. jamiehamy

    Plot Access for Fire Engine

    How about you put a 'turning area' in as cheaply as possible. Then once you're signed off, build your garage on this prepped area..! Thinking about it, I'd do that. Just play the game a bit.
  9. jamiehamy

    Plot Access for Fire Engine

    As per @JSHarrisHave you been down to your local station for a chat? This will have been completed very likely by a form filler. I've never met an unreasonable fireman, I'd be interested if you showed that response to the station chief what the response would be. In effect, its saying that in the extremely unlikely event of a fire, after the event, a fireman can't reverse his truck. Its I think what's called 'gold plating requirements'. You have to install a sprinkler to save someone having to reverse. There must be other options!
  10. Ah! Excellent point @ProDave! We've mulled one or two beds. Was swaying to one, but I do very much take on your point. We want it to be small enough we don't attract - party guests... To be polite. I have some friends that whilst lovely, would never want t hem as neighbours even for a week! Regarding retirement, probably worth saying we'd like to retire much earlier if possible,or at least,part time working. Once we got older, we did actually discuss whether, years down the line, we move into and sell the big house. Really interesting thoughts. BR exemption isn't a deal breaker, just a bonus.
  11. Thanks folks - interesting! Rich will message you shortly. Have done some research this morning - we are inspired for this idea of high quality self catering as I say by @Crofter, having stayed on Eigg (Sweeney's Bothy) and recently on Harris in a stunning self catering house. So figured we may offer something similar here - Largs is a perfect base for tourists - there are ferries for Arran, to Bute, to Cumbrae (Millport) and to Argyll all within a 20minute drive. You have Ayr, Prestwick, Turnberry Golf Courses down the coast. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs are not far. You have the Arrochar Alps within an hour, the Country Park starts in the back garden. Largs is a nice place to spend time as well. So overall, it seems logical there *may* be demand for a nice, high quality self catering house. So I looked on AirBNB, Booking and Visit Scotland (which uses both the aforementioned + others). And found not a single place offering what we would. There are some hotels locally - a couple of good ones - plenty of old fashioned Guest Houses, and LOADS of - to me anyway - rather horrid offerings where people have turned their bog standard 1 or two bedroom apartment into a holiday offering. But no self contained, modern and dedicated tourist accomodation. None I would ever stay in. I've looked at the local plan - oh how I remember that well - I'll need to meet planning because like last time, we're in the Country Park but that doesn't neccessarily rule out development. Will be tricky, but I see some opportunities. Interesting around the RHI stuff. We are fully electric and I'll be honest, hating the bills - I like a warm house. That said, I did again do a quick look at ASHP and some other options and remembers why I ruled it out at the time - large capital outlay we didn't have. But I digress! ANy issues building on top of a garage? Would need to be well sound insulated - not sure what requirements there would be for Fire? It's a sheet metal decking roof - the undersode will eventually be insulated with rockwool, with battens and plasterboard.
  12. Thanks @Crofter. I've started looking at the local market. We're just outside Largs which is a popular tourist place in summer, 3 marinas within 10miles, airport 40mins and the whole of the Clyde, Argyll and the west of Scotland with all its delights on the doorstep! In terms of going BC exempt, I think I've seen what you and others have done and like the idea - potentially a cost saving on architect fees/bc fees etc. It will also help keep the design more simple I think, we'd be building it ourselves. There is also an element of the 'doing it that way because we can'. I like that, I'll admit! Let wise, we are always flexible and can work from home when needed, which is good. Theoretically there could be a market for some sort of longer term let due to the power station (esp when they start decommissioning) - friends did similar and often had pilots stay for 6 months (they were next to the airport) . Tonight is the first time I've given serious thought to his idea - previously we'd thought of buying land on the west coast and having our own wee holiday home we could rent when not there. Second home style... But I do have concerns on various levels, not least being a poor neighbour! It's not a great model for Scotland or communities so think I've talked myself out of that!
  13. Hi all, Been laid up feeling sorry for myself with a cold or something. Fed up with job and wondering what the next project should be. At the back of my mind I've always thought we could build on top of the garage and now I'm seriously thinking of it. Would like to hear thoughts. I've got nothing firm other than the below: Garage roof is reinforced concrete and was rated at 10kN loading by design. Area is approx 7m x 11m Walls are 250mm reinforced concrete Thinking we could build a single bed apartment on it. With a view to a retirement income, we could build to a high spec as per a few of the folks in here and let it out. I've not done detailed study of the Local Plan yet so clearly absolute condition on that. Would be single storey with same pitch roof as main house (5degrees I think) to keep a low profile,possibly sharing the drive or steps from layby with option of wheelchair access using the main drive as required. Could I build it such that BC regs do not apply? I could use icf, would be really easy but permenent. If I did timber framed, could I build it in two sections such that it could be craned off if needed? The thinking behind it is as much around trying to generate an income that could support us in retirement as much as anything else. We have no plans moving so making an assumption we will be here when we retire. I've attached pic of garage. As you can see, driveway is not finished - if I was going to attempt something like this, I would try incorporate 'things' into the drive, like possible soil drainage to the existing outlet (water run) possibly different levels to support true level threshold and disabled access, maybe prefab concrete steps up the side(assumption is entrance from this side) Thanks, Jamie
  14. jamiehamy

    Tiling...many questions

    Er, I did the floor last on all mine! Didn't want it being made a mess during the works! I missed THE August episode!
  15. jamiehamy

    Tiling...many questions

    Has he even started the floor yet? A good 6months still to go...?