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  1. We claimed and had accepted Vat back for our detached garage. Was in plans.
  2. If you can bag it somehow, the right wording on gumtree could see it gone in a day. I sold all my spare insulation in jig time? 'ceiling insulation balls free' should do it!
  3. Planning don't really care too much about internal layout so I do wo see whether this is being over thought? Looking at the issues, I doubt Planning would even care and were it me I'd put these in for non material variation after built. Just my tuppenth.
  4. Same here and I did 3. One is a tiny bit off level I think but it doesn't affect operation and you wouldn't notice u less you stared at the water and carefully watched the flow towards the outlet.
  5. The Moffett Mountie! The brainchild of my sisters husbands Aunt!
  6. jamiehamy

    Drive matting

    Plus the weight considerations - 750kgs! All the parcels go in there and we also have a letter box. Camera keeps and eye on everything.
  7. jamiehamy

    Drive matting

    We've just had our driveway finished with Bodpave. Very grippy. Was super easy to put down once the levelling was done. Quite a bit of it showing, going to give it time to bed in and maybe put some more chips on top.
  8. Hear hear! Had issue with them this week. A tracker that doesn't work. A pgone system that doesn't recognise postcodes or their own tracking numbers. A phone system that tells you the number has changed to..... The number you're calling on. Missing items. Dpd have had the same driver for over a year and its brilliant. Earliest delivery we had was our mattress - at 7am.
  9. So, because we were using a 2inch line pump and pumping up to 40m, we needed a good flow. Oversanded mix helps along with the 10mm aggregate (it also by default has more cement too) . Because of this its a fairly wet mix and simply didn't need a poker. It flowed perfectly into all the corners. I did some samples after by taking off small bits of icf and the cores were perfect. But that was for ours, with 'normal' mixes then a poker may be needed. BTW, I owe you a drawing. I did one but it was wrong and not sat down to redo it yet @vijay
  10. It was indeed. We didn't use a poker, we used a line pump with 10mm aggregate and an oversanded mix and advice was that is wasn't needed. The pump crew agreed as the mix was spot on and flowed very well.
  11. Agreed however were not talking about bursts, rather stability and safety during build and during pour. In short @scottishjohn is advocating building this type of icf without bracing, implying that experience makes this possible. Where we are we often get 30mph gusting 50mph winds when the wind comes from the east. Something to do with the warm air on the Moor gathering speed coming down the Glen. It happened on the day of our pour incidentally. It's careless and worrying to suggest something can be done a certain way without cautioning on the limitations, hence my question on windspeed. I'm confident that this particular product and many other icf products would not withstand a night of strong wind without either major damage or movement. That's not a criticism of any product either. And I'm certain that if it fell on you from the first storey just before pour, you'd get seriously injured. @AnonymousBosch will concur. Icf builders will weigh up the costs and risks when deciding on bracing. It didn't even enter my head to build our icf without bracing just to save a few hundred quid.
  12. Okay, clearly we're not going to agree on this or come close. For any icf'ers reading this thread I would suggest being very wary of building icf without bracing even if it's suggested. There are multiple reasons for this, from basic Health and Safety to implications for the subsequent concrete pours. Maybe 4 courses might with stand a strong wind but then you have two concrete pours not one. And how one keeps the walls plumb is beyond me - they are lightweight and have in many cases no inherent stiffness. And once you add in tons of concrete it's all magically to stay absolutely vertical? Each to their own of course.
  13. So what wind speed can it withstand unpoured?
  14. No bracing is 'obviously' not a problem? Sorry, but not only on the theoretical side, we have a builder here who has proven it. I wonder then what wind or force the unbraced unpoured icf can withstand? Its an important point and worth discussing. They appear not even to have a click lock or locking mould which adds to my concern over this particular product. Never mind gravity it looks like you could gently push the whole lot down.
  15. 'no bracing needed' - because UK self builders are able to summon a flat calm for the duration of construction. Tbh, if they are claim that, its utterly irresponsible in various ways. If they make that claim, they can claim anything. There's nothing to lock those blocks in places - wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.