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  1. Simple, what are sap assessments costing people? I know exactly what games you can play with a mathematical model. I'm just interested in what people are paying for the pleasure.
  2. It's a poorly phrased question, I guess. What I am getting at is that a collaborative SAP can inform design and yield project savings. A cheap and cheerful provides one answer. A more involved process provides a real world solution. The use of standard values, "book" values and manufacturer specific values etc all change the results. Further, not all ICF manufacturers can provide full datasets. I see a number of sources saying as built is pointless and is just a sales benefit and due process. Understandable but it still has a cost and it is these costs that I am interested in.
  3. Not all architects undertake SAP, and those that do often show SAP costs separately. I'm interested in the range of those costs An assessor with ICF experience can produce a very different result to an assessor with no ICF experience. So I'm also interested in people's experience in this regard.
  4. Hi all, Doing a bit of research on the cost of as drawn and as built SAP specifically on ICF builds. Appreciate that cost generally varies with build size and complexity. I get the distinct impression there are two classes of assessment: a cheap, surface approach and a nuts and bolts, under every rock approach. I'd also be interested to hear from anyone that has gone down the DIY route. Thanks.
  5. I think the main emphasis from BC is maintainable. Types A and B tend to not be easily maintained/repaired. Type C should be a fail-safe. Most contractors we use essentially only guarantee type C.
  6. Offcuts, foam and builders band work perfectly. You don't need the dovetails. Timber can also be used to brace/hold them in place.
  7. Would recommend 47mm deep plasterboard boxes and all chases hot knifed and conduited between webs.
  8. Cut up your waste if you've got any
  9. Paperwork 🤣 Honestly, not really sure. Obviously Nudura are pushing their dryvit brand. Different adhesive properties on different densities of background.
  10. I would check that anyone providing warranty/BC is happy with k rend on Nudura. Seems to be a different edict every month on renders.
  11. Dryvit is a render system rather than cladding??. There is a lot of cross selling with "do it our way or else" flying around. Hence why I suggested warranty provider and cladding manufacturer as points of contact. Neither are selling something the OP hasn't the intention of buying.
  12. Three people to consult. 1. ICF manufacturer 2. Building control/warranty provider 3. Cladding manufacturer specifically with regard to ICF. Potentially not in that order.
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