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  1. Not all woodcrete or EPS or XPS blocks are born equal. As someone has previously stated, the devil is in the detail. @JohnMou Surely the presence of rebar is a structural discussion almost entirely unrelated to the block type or manufacturer?
  2. Only trying to help and advise. Mostly to protect our industry and the people working with the products available. Apologies if this thread sailed too close to the wind.
  3. Original post hidden at poster's request I have been advised, and rightly so, that some of my comments could be construed as deliberately denigrating a single product or manufacturer. I stress here that all products can be used to successfully achieve the desired goals but if self building, everyone should seek full guidance at every stage being aware of all risks. Risks that vary with every product. I have tried to edit my post but been unable to do so. ICF is a trade in itself and anyone undertaking an ICF build for the first time should treat it with the respect it deserves. On reflection, the main reason ICF and solid wall construction is niche is actually down to risk appreciation in the finance and insurance world, compounded by a lack of experienced professionals. Both of which all manufacturers are trying to address. The oil change analogy stands. With respect to Durisol, I have personally a greater number of poor customer experiences than any other product HOWEVER this may or may not be representative and it is unfair and wrong for me to say otherwise. The same can be said for any other ICF system.
  4. I was being as facetious. We get called every week. I get a sore neck shaking my head 🤣
  5. Take a trip to any of the half dozen or so Nudura builds in St Agnes. Pretty sure at least on is in progress
  6. You using v clips on that? Often find that concrete will hit the edge of the beam and splash outwards. The extra pressure increasing the chance of a first course blow out.
  7. Get him to design a slab and cut out loads of stages? ICF rising walls? Trench fill is just a waste of time and materials. So are starter bars. Can recall seeing starter bars on timber frame or masonry builds. Obviously ICF building like to slip off their footings 🧐
  8. An EPS ICF should be below £170/m2, based on external dims and for the sake of it, include all openings in the area calc. This would be supplied and fit, Inc concrete, rebar, pump, labour, props etc. Render on the outside may reach £50/m2 of wall. Plasterboard and plastering to finish internals, £40/m2. Of wall. Your 17x8 building is going to be in the region of 125m2 of wall so all in, less than £35k. Groundworks excluded. Shell is then £277/M2 of footprint. Or less than 15% of your 1800min budget. ICF over sips: one main advantage is that it doesn't support mould like timber does.
  9. If it's above ground, it really shouldn't get tested. Prolonged hydrostatic pressure would be required. The range of belt and braces options is huge.
  10. I would also look at the actual real world cost of the OneSeries versus a more traditional shuttered system. Ultimately if you throw enough concrete at it, the EPS/insulation becomes less relevant to the overall performance. The OneSeries is not a particularly first time user friendly product and complicated designs make it even less worthwhile in your scenario.
  11. The word is that the Nudura xr range is designed for a 70 Deg external temp swung between coldest and warmest! Bit over specced for the UK's temperate climate. More cost effective options are offered by Nudura.
  12. The paradox is always the 200mm of pokered 10mm c35 is waterproof! Just an excuse to relieve people of money!
  13. Sika and others found out that for some icfs, the self builder is getting a warranty by the back door and then, when anything goes wrong, the warranty provider goes looking for someone to blame. For example, one product essentially lets you be a qualified installer after two pours. That's gf and FF. Get your product sign off, sign your own warranty, still not knowing top from bottom. And then expect the warranty provider to play ball. It's all good until it goes wrong. Similar to the responsibilities under the h&s for all those labour only self build jobs. Great until something goes wrong. A peruse of the HSE website and legal gazetteers shows this to be the case. Sika just got fed up with it and required extra back up. Fair enough if you're going to get sued all the time. Building control, engineer and the local environment will determine footing depth and rising wall height. @Tosh you get your cube samples assessed? Pretty sure that's the only way to confirm specification. Another reason why sika et al have restricted warranties.
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