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  1. A bit off topic but what is the heat exchanger for?
  2. Like the top picture, with the screw head alignment detail
  3. Thanks Vijay, just bought 2 pairs for pick up tomorrow
  4. @Ed Davies Who do you believe is bullshitting about what?
  5. I haven't told them that but did say that we would both be working on the build to which he said we have to do the complete the total build ourselves
  6. Final update, I contacted Ceredigion head of planning this morning and he could not give any information to lead me to believe that they can justify £380 for carrying out what is basically zero work. I think Ferninand is right, that there is nothing to stop them from double charging, so they do and apparently always have. Thanks for all the help and advice. Geoff
  7. It's just for residential use during the build for 2 adults, both working on the build and a dog
  8. From what our Architect tells me we don't have to put a separate planning application in, they will just charge us twice the price on the original application.
  9. I think she did not know, she said it was not her area of expertise. I may try again by email and see what happens
  10. I tried these but they didn't have an answer, except to try a planning consultant.
  11. An update, I chased the Architect earlier and he states that the planners said that we do have to pay twice i.e £380 for the building and another £380 for the caravan. The only way around this is if we literally build every part of the building ourselves. They gave him no policy section to prove this. Hopefully I will be able to get through to them to obtain the relevant policy section. Thanks for all of the help. Geoff
  12. I will look into it further tomorrow but the planners (Ceredigion) do seem to do things differently to everything I read.
  13. Hi all, After waiting 6 weeks for our application to be looked at for the validation, we have been told that we will have to put a separate application for the static caravan. The caravan was on the original application and now they want a further alplication at a cost of £380. Is this correct? Thanks Geoff
  14. Thanks for your time and great information.