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  1. A bit off topic but what is the heat exchanger for?
  2. Like the top picture, with the screw head alignment detail
  3. Thanks Vijay, just bought 2 pairs for pick up tomorrow
  4. Thanks, We will have "A" & "B", good point with the VAT. It does seem a ridiculous system.
  5. Hi all, We will be applying for planning permission in a couple of weeks time and not wanting to fall into the trap, can anyone let me know the correct timings for what I believe is a 4 part document. Form1: Assume liability form Form 2: Claim exception form Form 3: Commencement form Form 4: Confirmation of details form. Thanks, Geoff
  6. Thanks everyone for the information, a bit more for me to investigate.
  7. Hi all, We are looking for recommendations for Facia and soffit board materials and suppliers. Ideally little maintenance needed, not uPVC and not gloss painted. Thanks, Geoff
  8. Hi John, It will be a pretty standard build, just complying with building regs. Unfortunately there is no gas in the village, we could get LPG but the neighbours have an agreement with the oil supplier for a discount.
  9. Recovering Academic, I agree that the PV seems the obvious choice, with no real science just gut feel and appears to be most people's choice. It was our Architect that suggested Solar thermal. It will be interesting what information comes back from this post.
  10. Hi all, We are looking for some help with the best configuration of heating and hot water system. We will likely have oil on site, a wood burner and solar thermal panels. How would we put these together for the best system. We will have under floor heating. We could make room for a storage tank but we're thinking of just having an oil Combination boiler for the hot and heating until the Architect came up with solar thermal panels for SAP. We will only use the wood burner on occational cold evenings. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks, Geoff
  11. Thanks everyone, it looks like in screed wins. I will pass your comments onto my son, he was the one that suggested over screed. Geoff
  12. Hi all, I have searched and have not been able to find this question, although I am sure it will have been asked previously. The question is is it better to have the UFH in the screed or on top, like the Wunda system which is installed on the finished screed. The main advantage seems to be the quicker warm up time and I cannot see any downsides. Thanks, Geoff
  13. Just a thought, is there any length restrictions for the tails between the meter and consumer unit?