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  1. I was quoted £1200+VAT for a fairly simple land purchase, but got a referral discount down to £950+VAT.
  2. @Russell griffiths Interested in what you are saying with tape and jointing. When you say FST do you use the Fermacell stuff but just on normal plasterboard, or can you get similar stuff in another brand? Do you use this over the whole board or just the joints? Wondering whether this would overcome the issue with wallpapering - if you wallpaper straight onto a taped and jointed wall and then decide to change it in future you basically have to remove the plasterboard entirely...
  3. +1 for the concrete screws, these are the best option you have. Full details here if you need Express nails are ok, but more light duty, more suited for battening etc. and aren't as easy to remove should you need to reposition.
  4. The way the trade would fix this is with plastic tube washer and concrete screws, this gives a thermal break and a fairly easy application compared to using resin overhead which isn't great fun. 250mm version of this 100mm version of this Fixfast have an Irish branch if that is where you are from memory? If you are struggling from them there's other sellers online.
  5. Thanks again, I'm thinking the same on solar...if it was a 'forever home' it would be obvious but I can see I'll be struggling for payback in my scenario. So UFH downstairs - but upstairs: I've had prices on the Omnie TorFloor and equivalents where the pipes are routed in chipboard and then have a structural ply over the top, and it seems quite expensive - around £5k for my first floor (after adding cost of 6mm ply on, and deducting what 22mm chipboard would have cost). There's also Pug screed which is cheaper but I guess the weight will cause extra structural costs, plus it looks a real hassle to install. A couple of friends have said that I'll find the upstairs heating rarely comes on, and recommended just having an electric UFH for bathrooms and just some 'backup' heating in the bedrooms (radiators or electric heaters etc). Be glad of anyone's experience on this? If I have to just bite the bullet that's fine, but I'd hate to spend £5k to find it only comes on in the very depths of winter!
  6. OK, very interesting. Could you give me a pointer where to start looking? Presumably it would be only worth putting on the south facing section of roof?
  7. Possibly, just used generic calculators online. Where would be a better place to get an estimate?
  8. Thanks all for your replies. Solar - all the calculators I've played with show a payback time of 20 years so I'd knocked it out? MVHR - thanks for confirming this is a must. Heating upstairs - ok, I will wait for some heat calcs Wall u value - hmmm, I'd been assuming I was well within regs but will have to check with the architect on that one... Good point on designing a system that is ready for ASHP even if I go with gas, I will bear this in mind with pipe spacing etc. From what you are all saying I think I will cost up ASHP especially as I have the choice atm to make a gas connection or not.
  9. Hello all. I am currently awaiting planning permission on a new build in Derbyshire, trying to make some decisions on my heating source and emitters, and how it works with MVHR. I'm looking for a sensible, economical solution but will pay a bit more for a clear benefit. I intend to move out of the house in 5-10 years so can't entertain anything with long payback periods. Plans are attached to hopefully give context. Intended build method is ICF, so the walls will have a u-value of 0.19. Likely to have either block and beam (maybe Tetris), or a concrete slab ground floor. Upstairs will be a suspended timber floor. Heating source - I'm guessing with gas (in the road but would need to make a connection) I'd be silly not to get a gas boiler? Or would an ASHP still be a sensible option to investigate? Heating emitters - With a solid floor, would UFH be an obvious choice for downstairs? For upstairs I've looked at Omnie TorFloor and Pug Screed, otherwise just radiators? Is forced air another option worth investigating? MVHR - it would seem this is an obvious thing to have on a new build? Should I look at an inline heat pump with this to provide some additional heating and cooling, or is this not really worth it? Be glad of any advice. Thanks! 19-003-20-E Proposed Floor Plans-[A1].pdf 19-003-21-B_Proposed_Elevations-[A1].pdf 19-003-22-B Proposed Section A-A-[A1].pdf