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  1. The tight arse I'm not spending any more money solution is to take some time and get the 40mm compression fitting and reduce the collar size by a few mm's with my multi tool 😁
  2. So got hold of some pushfit fittings from Screwfix yesterday and they are too big by 1mm πŸ™„ Geberit OD 39.8mm Floplast pushfit pipe OD 40.9mm the 1mm I thought would not make much of a difference but the Geberit exit pipe flaps around like a d**k up a shirt sleeve. My own stupid fault for not taking the Geberit with me, ah well. Does anyone have any other ideas please because I'm about to send this thing into the back field
  3. I must admit in the future I don't think I'll buy Geberit, I had to is this situation because the shower tray manufacturer insisted on this model
  4. Thanks for the info and fast reply peterW πŸ˜‰
  5. After your comment I wanted to find out the reg's for distance needed before a 90 drop ready for the perminant plumbing in the future but could not seem to find anything...what does MIs stand for in your comment please?
  6. It was a bout Β£40 and yes the reviews are terrible for that company but I was fobbed off by some dude saying they are under new management and all the problems will be ironed out...pah
  7. I got it from a company called Flush Bathrooms, ah well you win some you lose some eh
  8. Instructions are an absolute joke and had to search around on the stupid Gerberit website for ages to find the right info No pipe I'm afraid, maybe if I'd paid another £50 I might have 🀣
  9. No solvent due to the materials its made from. I''m the same when the pipe work is going to be locked away under a floor I like to use solvent but Geberit seem to think that other methods are fine on their stupidly expensive parts. Going to take it with me tomorrow on a day out in Banbury to see if I can find a good fitting push fit 🀣 From my experience of manufacturers the more expensive it is the less information is available and the worse the design is. Just a temp fit up until the drainage is sorted out in the room below but thanks for the heads up anyway PeterW
  10. I have a low profile Geberit shower trap and from the install instructions it requests that you do not use solvent weld so I thought a Floplast compression fitting would be fine but the collar of the compression fitting pushes against the bottom of the shower tray. Does anyone now of any waste compression fittings that have low profile collars? Stupid design :-(
  11. Mad Skillz in a street stylee 😎
  12. I must admit my neighbour is full of s***🀣 but he has a lot of toolsπŸ› οΈ for loan so I put up with it🀐
  13. Absolutely brilliant, thanks so much for the time and effort Temp I really appreciate it........Top Man πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ› οΈ
  14. I'm wondering how much gap I should leave between the stone resin shower tray and the bottom of the 1st row of tiles?
  15. I am not tiling the window reveal and only tiling a small area to the left and below the window as in pic below so I thought starting from the middle of the long wall was the best option even though it gives me 4.9cm widths at each end. Why are the tile leveling systems not good for walls as most demos have been on tiling walls?