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  1. Ian D

    Building. Plots with PP

    http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07efbt0c1njgcc5v01/a011jjh9bd1d9/questions Here is short survey to gauge what people would like from a custom build site 250_Site Layout_Option 2_ 200. GAs[1].pdf250_Site Layout_Option 1_ 200. GAs[1].pdf
  2. Have recently bought a renovation project a 1967 dorma bungalow,or removing the kitchen the floor was rotten I thought it was an old water leak but when lift the floor boards there is about inch of water , there is no leaks so it must be either coming from outside or raising threw the concrete . i spoke to a neighbour and he says his is the same but it usually drys out in summer and when the heating is on. as the house has been empty for 18months . amy one else had a similar problem and or what is the best solution to fix it?
  3. Did what you said some great prices QTF look a good company any experience of these ?
  4. Do you internal breeze block and external Concerete block with insulation in the cavity .?
  5. Have done loads of research but still can’t decide on a build method. so thought I would through it open as I know most of you have used either or both methods in the past. we like the idea of a timber frame cause it quick but what’s it like living in a timber frame I.e noise levels and heat efficiency. have looked at scotframe ,potton,buildAKit, borderoak and Flemings
  6. Ian D

    Should I Project Manage Build?

    I wouldn't PM your self , there is a lot at risk
  7. Ian D

    Should I Project Manage Build?

    it looks great to me
  8. Ian D

    Group self-build Bristol

    I have been working with custom build homes part of build store , they worked with French fields near Warrington.and sold all his plots within 12 months while keeping the self build ethos have you spoke to them ?
  9. Ian D

    Renovate or knock down and start again

    yes have had some roofers out today quote me on fibre glass
  10. Ian D

    Renovate or knock down and start again

    Yes thats a fair point , its the roof really am wrestling with inside is manageable and gonna get quotes on the roof and take it from there
  11. Ian D

    Renovate or knock down and start again

    Yeah we got a plot to build which had lapsed planning for 4 house on with an existing bungalow on , doing the numbers it would only work for us with 5 on , so we get planning for 4 on it and sell on
  12. Ian D

    Renovate or knock down and start again

    am gonna sell the other plot there only room for 4 and we wanted get 5 on , this house is in a better area and came up out of the blue at the right price