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  1. Ian D

    new refurb project

    Once we have an a sale i will update
  2. Ian D

    new refurb project

    https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-56110503.html?backListLink=%2Fproperty-for-sale%2Ffind.html%3FsearchType%3DSALE%26locationIdentifier%3DPOSTCODE%5E519341%26insId%3D1%26radius%3D0.0%26minPrice%3D%26maxPrice%3D%26minBedrooms%3D%26maxBedrooms%3D%26displayPropertyType%3D%26maxDaysSinceAdded%3D%26_includeSSTC%3Don%26sortByPriceDescending%3D%26primaryDisplayPropertyType%3D%26secondaryDisplayPropertyType%3D%26oldDisplayPropertyType%3D%26oldPrimaryDisplayPropertyType%3D%26newHome%3D%26auction%3Dfalse&onetime_numPropertiesSentToFriend=1&onetime_friendsEmailAddress=QpeYzolj-XISjXe7n7SgUSqCMwpDW6Ua Complete
  3. Ian D

    We have a house!

    Looks great who did your design & frame ?
  4. Ian D

    Building. Plots with PP

    Thank you
  5. Ian D

    Building. Plots with PP

    Planning goes in on the 20th August all surveys completed and council was involved at pre app fingers crossed ,corner plot is ours rest are for sale with outline planning for 3/4 bed and plot passport with design code .all plots will be fully serviced final layout.pdf
  6. Ian D

    new refurb project

    Thankyou k rend on the front at weekend , an new drive way going in will post finished project , the twist could be we thinking of taking off the conservatory down and splitting the plot to create a building plot
  7. Am going to use timber frame possibly sips
  8. Ian D

    Building. Plots with PP

    http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07efbt0c1njgcc5v01/a011jjh9bd1d9/questions Here is short survey to gauge what people would like from a custom build site 250_Site Layout_Option 2_ 200. GAs[1].pdf250_Site Layout_Option 1_ 200. GAs[1].pdf
  9. Have recently bought a renovation project a 1967 dorma bungalow,or removing the kitchen the floor was rotten I thought it was an old water leak but when lift the floor boards there is about inch of water , there is no leaks so it must be either coming from outside or raising threw the concrete . i spoke to a neighbour and he says his is the same but it usually drys out in summer and when the heating is on. as the house has been empty for 18months . amy one else had a similar problem and or what is the best solution to fix it?
  10. Did what you said some great prices QTF look a good company any experience of these ?
  11. Do you internal breeze block and external Concerete block with insulation in the cavity .?
  12. Have done loads of research but still can’t decide on a build method. so thought I would through it open as I know most of you have used either or both methods in the past. we like the idea of a timber frame cause it quick but what’s it like living in a timber frame I.e noise levels and heat efficiency. have looked at scotframe ,potton,buildAKit, borderoak and Flemings
  13. Ian D

    Should I Project Manage Build?

    I wouldn't PM your self , there is a lot at risk