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  1. Building. Plots with PP

    We have just had back two site layout options not finalised ,next step is the speak to a planning consultant and then planning PT228-PTA-00-ZZ-DR-A-00102_P1_Proposed Site_Block Plan.pdf
  2. Custom build

    Hi has anybody dealt with custom build before or had experience with them.?
  3. Help

    As long as you have dug a strip footing and sent pictures and documented with the local authority i believe it is considered a material start and you can extend the permission
  4. Help

    That planning has lapsed we thinking we may get more on
  5. Help

    Thank you
  6. Help

    yep am think that myself
  7. Help

    Hi Yes thats correct , have spoke to a couple of architects and getting quotes for a design layout but its pricy
  8. Help

    Hi after a day of frustration am looking for advice on what we can fit on our 3/4 acre level plot to Maxamise the value so it leaves us with a plot to build and hopefully be mortgage free at the end. What we need really is out line plan of what we can get on the site while us regaining the existing bungalow PLOT and then re building it within that plot trying to maintain maximum seclusion for us. Looking at values it may make more sense to build small mews style homes if we are going to build out the whole site. Custom build would be interested in helping us develop the site if we were to go down the route of gaining planning for individual serviced plots using a government grant to fund the infrastructure.and also allowing each self builder to design their own home. Wigan.gov.uk All site planning details are here A/13/78779
  9. Feasibility study

    I was hoping to 4 on the site plus ours am thinking it maybe to small now for that
  10. Thank you who did you end up using
  11. Fair comment looks great by the way how did the costs compare
  12. Who did you go with and why ?
  13. Ha anyone built using Beattie Passive or can shed more light http://www.beattiepassive.com/casestudies-downloads.php