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  1. I now avoid using plywood for showers due to movement that has resulted in cracked tiles. This is a huge pain if you havent got any spare tiles left over 12 months or so down the line. Previously I have not has a problem with ply for shower enclosures, but maybe quality has now dropped as the last three bathrooms I did about 4 years ago in a barn conversion have all suffered from cracked tiles due to movement. Cement board all the way now. Simon.
  2. Hi, I am moving forward with by Barn conversion and would like to get some quotes for a liquid screed over my UFH pipes. I have a floorspace of about 130 sq meters. Located in Northumberland, but very close to the Cumbrian border. Can anyone recommend anyone for this job ? Many thanks. Simon.
  3. Hi Rich, Like you I moved to a stone farmhouse in Northumberland with woeful night storage heaters and no access to gas. This was 15 years ago however. We converted the house and added 4 en suite bathrooms. We got an 1100 litre oil tank installed and an oil boiler in the kitchen. We then got a megaflo unvented cylinder, which went next to the boiler. The plumber had not installed one at that time , but has obviously done many since. It has worked superbly, never letting us down. I didnt realise they needed servicing yearly. We have never had it serviced ! I have since converted two smaller barns and use smaller electric megaflos in them which have also been great. Loads of hot water at mains pressure.I would strongly recommend this system. My plumber is in Haltwhistle if thats anywhere near you. Happy to pass on details. Good luck, Simon.
  4. Hi Olly. Yes it was RHS, from memory about 100mm I think. I am away from home at the moment but back Sunday so will double check then. Simon.
  5. I have just been quoted £10,500 plus vat for a 90 x 3 metre road that consists of 100mm sub base then 60mm of 20mm tarmac and a further 40mm of 10mm tarmac. So 100mm sub base and 100mm of tarmac. Im in Northumberland. Is that a fair price ? Happy to pass on details if it is !
  6. Here is mine. Height is 4 .5 meters to ridge. Bi folds at the bottom. I didnt want a chunky steel splitting the top and bottom section horizontally and it would have made the portal frame design redundant. The horizontal piece of steel used was as thin as possible and had a vertical piece of steel added in the centre to tie to the steel at the top and prevent sagging. This was clad in black aluminium by the window manufacturer to disguise it. Glazing was from a place in Middlesborough, and was 10 k less then my next quote. Happy to share details if required.
  7. I am really interested in this thread as the issue faced by the op is exactly the same as my own. My wife is a very light sleeper and heat pump noise will not be tolerated . My own build is a barn conversion in a silent bit of countryside and locating the ASHP away from bedroom windows- which are situated on east and west walls, is not easy. I am really interested in the comment from nickfromwales regarding only using the ASHP to supply heating , and using a separate system for hot water. I was pondering if this was a good option, and I was considering using a small electric megaflo on night rate electric to heat my hot water. This would allow me to turn off the heat pump in the summer months and keep things relatively simple when it was being used- I am not keen on constant tinkering with temperature etc. It sounds like another benefit is that by just using the pump to produce low temperature hot water there would not be a noise increase from boosting the temperature for hot bathing water every so often. I am just learning about all this heat pump stuff,- largely from this fantastic forum, so please bear with me, but I would appreciate any views on my thoughts, and hopefully they will benefit the original poster.
  8. I am in exactly the same boat as you farm boy and seem to have had the identical thought process. I just need to figure out the correct size pump I need and do some sums. I have a relative who installs aircon so may approach him if I decide to go DIY, which is now very likely, since I recently had a quote from an accredited company for a full supply and fit for well over 20K !
  9. Hi Dave, I am 12 miles West of Hexham in the Tyne Valley.
  10. Hi, my names Simon and my wife and I have been living on a Farm Steading in Northumberland for 13 years having moved from London with romantic notions of the countryside, self employment and self building (Thanks Grand Designs !) We renovated the Farmhouse first, then next up was conversion of a single storey byre which my wife subsequently ran a business from. After that as my building skills improved, I took on two bigger barns, both now rented out. The last biggest and best barn is now underway. It is what attracted us to the Farm in the first place, and with the farmhouse now being sold it will finally be our home. The shell is complete, new roof on and glazing in situ, but I am really struggling with the best way to heat it. I have been reading buildhub and learning a lot, but thought it only right that I show my face here before asking loads of questions. Thanks in advance. Simon.