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  1. I only need it for water heating as it is actually for a commercial setting to replace a direct electric water cylinder. Thanks for the help. The Joule one seems hard to source and doesn't seem to be online to buy but I will ask around. Thanks!!
  2. Thanks for the replies! @Thedreamer - great to hear a good review about that model. The Joule one does seem to be very good quality. I will look into that one further. What max temp do you let the heat pump achieve?
  3. Hello, I am looking to install a heat pump water heater and I was wondering if anyone uses one in their home? I have looked into a few different options but not many local wholesalers have any experience with them. I have looked at the likes of Dimplex Edel, Valiant AroSTOR, Ecocent or Clivet Aqua. Would love to hear your thoughts and whether they are reliable etc. Thanks