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  1. New entrance over council Verge

    @Jml Thanks will follow that up tomorrow with the council here- hopefully as straightforward as yours was!
  2. Anyone had any experience of crossing council owned verge to access the road? I have planning permission to build a house and make an entrance onto the road but this will mean crossing over the verge-approx 1 metre deep by 8m long. I have emailed the council for advice but no response yet. Any ideas of the best way to get things moving? Thanks Matt
  3. Matt- Shropshire/Powys border

    Moira- Good looking windows- who did you use? Cheers
  4. Matt- Shropshire/Powys border

    Moira- looking great! I have visited PYC including their new factory in Welshpool. Unfortunately their quote was the most expensive. @ProDave- sorry I did not explain properly- my stud wall will go to the outside of the oak frame, essentially a separate structure (but will be tied in). I am looking at smartply passive OSB or a similar product for the internal air barrier. MBC quote was a competitive quote from the ones I had but still expensive and did not include the slab (20k). Matt
  5. Matt- Shropshire/Powys border

    Evening all. Thanks for your comments. I understand that I am potentialy doubling up by having an oak frame and then a stud wall. However the oak frame was was a very good price (built reasonably locally) and I have time at the moment to give to the stud wall. I have had a good quote for warm cell and will act as labourer to save a few more ££. The MBC frame quote has gone up by about £20k in about a year. Otherwise I might of gone that route. Understand it is the attention to detail that will determine the overall airtightness. However it is going to be my house so I am prepared to spend extra time on airtightness and details. I am just in Shropshire, so no sprinkler system required and CIL exempt which was remarkably easy to apply for. Cheers Matt
  6. Matt- Shropshire/Powys border

    Good Afternoon Buildhub. After researching on EBuild and on now on here I thought it was about time I joined. I have planning permission to build a house for myself near Montgomery on the Shropshire/Powys Border. I aim to build to Passive standards- raft foundation, 300mm warmcell, and triple glazing. I have designed the house to face south with large windows passive gain. I have had a few quotes from timber framers, including MBC, but they all were too expensive. So I am going to have an oak frame built and then I will build a twin stud wall or IBeams to hold the insulation and windows. Thanks for all the amazingly interesting and helpful threads so far.... I am sure I will have many questions very soon. Cheers Matt