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  1. matt-shrops

    sole pate details

    that looks good stuff! Will try to find out how much it is.
  2. matt-shrops

    sole pate details

    Getting close to putting the sole plate down. Trying to work out the best method. 300mm I joists will sit on the sole plate. The sole plate is 150mm on the concrete slab and 150mm on the perimeter XPS insulation. Couple of details I am unsure off! 1. the level of the concrete and XPS differs by a few mm in places- what is the best way to ensure this is sealed and insulated? Have thought about something like compriband to seal it. 2 DPM- where is the best place to fix it. I have a DPM that the XPS sits on and comes up the outside of the XPS and I used a DPM under the concrete slab that comes up the inside of the XPS. Do I need a DPC under the sole plate as well? The sole plate will be 49mm LVL possibly sitting on 36 x 89 treated timber with insulation in the gap. Thanks Matt
  3. matt-shrops

    concrete looming!

    Good morning all. After a busy few weeks I now have the 260mm of insulation down ready for the reinforcing mesh and bars then the concrete pour a week on monday. To stop the insulation upstand from moving and while the concrete is poured I am considering moving some soil or stones against it. The DPM will be wrapped around the insulation. What is the best material to use to protect the DPM and insulation from the soil/stone? I have wondered about paving slabs, or some sort of weather proof board? Ideally once down in will remain in place! And is there a better method of keeping the insulation upstand (200mmx200mm) in place ? It will be stuck down using low expansion foam. I will upload some photos of my work so far! Many thanks!!
  4. matt-shrops

    XPS pricing

    Evening All, I have ordered Jackodur XPS PLUS 260mm which will have a 200mmx 200mm upstand foam glued on.
  5. matt-shrops

    NuLok and due diligence

    I have looked at Nulok to- also not far from Birmingham so might follow in your footsteps !
  6. matt-shrops

    XPS pricing

    Mine is 115m2 with 47m of upstand. Quotes below: Polarwall Atlas System (U 0.10) £7855. DIY (cut and glue) (U 0.95) £5370 but with "shaped" boards Kingspan DIY (U.10) around £6000 depending on supplier Fibran XPS DIY (u.10) £4680 ISOQUICK (U.09) £8053 (u.11) £6886 Styrodur DIY (U.10) £4628 DOW Floormate DIY(U.10) £6306 Stylite 300EPS DIY (u.10) £3962 Jackodur Plus DIY (U.95) £3792 AFT System (EPS) (U.10) £8082 All prices plus VAT(reclaimable)
  7. matt-shrops

    XPS pricing

    oh, did you have the ATLAS system ? Looks very good but unfortunately about 2K more expensive than cutting and glueing the upstand.
  8. matt-shrops

    XPS pricing

    Polar Quote was OK- £140 m3 for the Jackodur Plus board which has an excellent value of 0.027. Also found Jackon UK that has given good quotes on Jackodur XPS to. Insulation4less have Fibran XPS at a similar price to- 100mm at £12.50m2
  9. matt-shrops

    XPS pricing

    Unfortunately Insulation superstore have suddenly increased their price from £69.90 a pack to £141 a pack... blaming a price increase from the supplier. Back to the drawing board!
  10. matt-shrops

    XPS Plus

    did you buy anyXPS Plus?
  11. matt-shrops

    XPS pricing

    Evening all, Had a very (very!) good quote from @PeterW advice- thanks. However, what is the best product to use XPS or EPS or do they perform equally under a slab?
  12. matt-shrops

    XPS pricing

    Thanks, I am in contact with polar wall, he is sending prices tomorrow.
  13. matt-shrops

    XPS pricing

    Afternoon, My house has started- I have dug the hole and it has been inspected by BC. I need to order the insulation for under the slab this week. I have had around 10 quotes for EPS and XPS. The SE has said I need 300kpa which makes EPS very expensive. The cheapest XPS 300kkpa I could find comes from Germany and is about 1.5K cheaper than ones made in the UK?-DOW, Kingspan. Polyfoam. Plus a few others imported-Fibran, BASF. I contacted some of the manufactures but the all refused to sell to me and directed me to a distributer with their markup! Seems crazy to me and the Kingspan Factory is an hour away! The base will be have be U.10 and I will be cutting the gluing(or foaming) the 200mm upstand as this was by far the cheaper option. comes in at about £30.20m2 and £320 for the 200mmx200mm upstand (47m) Anyone found a good price/supplier? Cheers Matt
  14. matt-shrops

    DIY Insulated Foundations

    I noticed you used XPS in your photos. The slab looks very level! That is very similar to how I was thinking of doing the concrete.Was he on his own?
  15. matt-shrops

    DIY Insulated Foundations

    Just about to start on my slab... any tips? I am planning to use Jackodur XPS for the insulation as it works cheaper than EPS. I am worried about getting the slab level and smooth!