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Over the years, 24 and counting, as a couple we’ve never settled, bought a house needing doing up, renovated it, lived in it, whilst bringing up our son.

Sold, moved to rented, bought and renovated others. Sold and moved on, but never settled.

 Thought about emigrating, a disastrous foray into overseas property and we still found ourselves unsettled.

The thought of doing something different with our lives and possibly working together was always there.  Over the years I’ve built extensions for families and seen the positive impact I’ve had on them.

The want to build my own house was strong, and when I say build my own, I want to do it all, and luckily Mandy’s onboard.

Fast forward a few more years, we re-model our house and sell. Move to rented with the plan of moving to the Highlands. We’ve got a very modest budget i.e. not enough (remember the overseas bit).

  So the land needed to help, we found a croft for sale with no buildings or services, and too expensive, but with a bit of negotiating made an offer with clauses for planning and services. More on the plans later.

Based in a small rural village of Occumster on the North East Coast in Caithness, Scotland, known as the lowlands of the highlands, our croft of 11.8 acres of grass, now has planning for a house and a couple of Glamping Pods.

The croft is fronted by the A99, part of the North Coast 500 route, so hopefully this is where our initial income will come from.  I’m more than aware that I will need to go off and earn money to live.

Eventually we will have Bees, and rare breed pigs hopefully boosting our income, and satisfying the croft requirements to work the land.  And here starts the adventure..


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Welcome, sounds exciting takes courage to do that and we look forward to hearing about your journey,.

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Big one off payments to plant trees coming (in England  not sure if Scotch farming is different). May be worth looking into circa £10k/hectare and £300/hectare.annum.

You must be up near Ed Davies.

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I dropped out of running my business in Australia 10 years ago and purchased a run down property in the middle of nowhere…. I work away for two solid  months of the year and make the rest of my income from renting out accommodation to visitors. I need to get another building finished and available to rent before I am of the breadline but the quality of life is excellent, I wake up and the day is mine, everything i do is about maintaining or improving the property I live on, if I work hard my goals get closer, if i work less then it’s more relaxing. It’s a good life and I hope I never have to go back to working 9-5. 

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27 minutes ago, Cpd said:

It’s a good life and I hope I never have to go back to working 9-5. 

Sometimes I miss it, but mostly not.

If I had a 'proper' 9-5 at the moment I would have been sacked for the amount of time I have had to have off this last 4 months.

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