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Kitchens, Utility Rooms, Pantries and Appliances

Sue B


This week is half term in school so I have had two days at work, in splendid isolation, making the many many changes to the timetable ready for the first day back.  Today we have the architect round to do a proper start on the plans and while I'm waiting for him to arrive, I started to do some batch cooking of things to last me through the next 6 weeks or so.  Being in the kitchen, turned my thoughts to what I really wanted out of the new house in terms of cooking, eating and washing.  This blog entry is likely to go on the longest - after all, the kitchen will be going in quite late in the process but I don't want to forget what I really want.  I remember the further into the build we got last time, the easier it was to lose sight of the end goal.  The photo attached is the kitchen oin our last house, 3 years after we started building.  I've put it here to remind me of just how dog tired of the whole process you become.  We just stopped for about 2 years and regained our strength to get to the final rooms.  How we lived like that for 3 years is a mystery to me now.  We had family parties and fed 20 people easily (slow cookers and large BBQs are wonderful things),.


So here goes another thread in this very unusual way of blogging.



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Things to remember in a couple of years:

  • I want a pantry
  • A second dishwasher (which is on someone else's wishlist) sounds a great idea - I want it in my utility room for the large items that never fit into the dishwasher first time round.
  • A large stainless steel belfast type sink for oven racks to soak (great to bath puppies of course too) in the utility/plant room.
  • Indoor drying area in the plant room - in the last house it was too small to have the item that I wanted hanging from the ceiling to hang the washing that couldn't go in the tunble dryer.
  • Induction hob or gas hob?  It will be the only gas in the house and is it worth having a little LPG cylinder just because I love my gas hob?
  • Somewhere to have all my lovely gadgets (Kenwood Chef, Magimix, Bread maker, Actifry, Grill') where I can use them easily - storing in a cupboard will mean they don't get used. 
  • A pantry 
  • Drawers, deep pan drawers for easy access to the various sizes
  • Somewhere for the bin to go (so easy to miss that part out)
  • Somewhere for the tea towel, hand towel and oven gloves to hang 
  • One of the new fandangled hot water taps for boiling water
  • Where is the water softner going to go?
  • Somewhere for the vegetables to be stored from the kitchen garden, cool and dark, where puppies can't get in to nab the produce!
  • Did I mention a pantry?
  • Where will the dogs get fed?

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Have you had an induction hob? I never thought I would be a fan of cooking on electric but I love induction and much easier to clean than gas. 

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Re the pantry. Plan right at the start where that is going, and DO NOT put the under floor heating pipes under that space.


Definitely worth having a pair of LPG cylinders just for a gas hob.  I say a pair, on an automatic changeover valve, because they last so long  (>1 year) you will forget about them so you need the spare full one sitting there ready.


Everything else you mention you will get from a Howdens kitchen. 

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8 hours ago, newhome said:

Have you had an induction hob? I never thought I would be a fan of cooking on electric but I love induction and much easier to clean than gas. 

Plus one to that.  I've used gas all my life and would never consider electric - until induction.


It's quicker than gas

It's more controllable than gas - I have never been able to get a proper simmer on gas without moving the pan half off

It's much much much much easier to clean

It looks so much neater than a gas hob

It's safer - it only heats the pan so the surface only gets hot where the pan is and even then it's nowhere near hot enough to burn if just touched.  You have time to remove your hand before you are burned

It's safer - when you remove the pan it automatically switches off

it's safer - handles don't get hot, even metal ones.  When I used the same pans I am using now on my gas hob I couldn't pick the pans up with a holder, now there is no problem.

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Oh well - looks like we will have a 5 burner SMEG gas hob with lpg jets currently attached for sale in probably 5 years (judging by the time it took to get a kitchen last time 😂).


Thanks chaps - good to know that gas hob lovers took to an induction hob easily.


The pantry will be without the underfloor heating but I think it it going to end up in the middle of the house unfortunately.  

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