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Foam in the ventilation space: do I need to trim it off?

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Have a look at this.

 Just about finished insulating between the rafters, and putting on the counter-battens. There are bits and bats of foam in the 50mm ventilation gap.



Do I need to trim the foam flush with the top of the PIR?

Thanks in advance.


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2 hours ago, Ian said:


Quick question as I'm not familiar with the Nulok system that you'll be using for the slates. Do you need to ventilate the gap between the breather membrane and the u/s of the slates?


@Ian, @PeterStarck's answer is the one you need. 

And here's part of the explanation: the tiles have marks on them to ensure you leave an appropriate gap for ventilation

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5 hours ago, Onoff said:

What's the lifespan on the steel battens out of interest? Are they galvanised?

They are galvanised and when I did mine it was possible to get a 50 year guarantee on the whole roof.

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